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I've subscribed mt4 signal for next 3 months and  when 30/4/2017 signal will be 2 month left. So If I dont want to use this signal anymore, Can I refund for 2 month that i paid before? Thanks,
During the withdrawal last week, the system suddenly sent this message, and then the withdrawal amount became 0.01 usd per day online. Days have passed without any response. Have you ever been in this situation How do you do?We need to perform additional verification on your account. This is a...
Hi The financial operations of my account have been limited and I don't know why. I can not do deposits or withdrawals. Nor can I perform work in the Freelance service. Can someone help me with this? A week ago I contacted technical support but they have not given me an answer. Thank you very much
Hi, My name is Abdirizak, I bought an expert advisor here at MQL5, after that, the product had 5 activation codes. I only used for two computers yet it used three activaiton codes. One of the two computers, I have used the robot for two different users. according to my knowledge the activation are
Can anyone help me solve the problem? the platform no longer opens. Thanks (Edited with translation tool)
Hi all, i'm a beginer at mql programming, so i'm sorry in advance if i missed something, but i need to build an EA that works on support/resistance lines. Basically, i need to draw 2 horizontal lines for the first channel, and draw a new one at the channel size every time the next candle closes
The developer on this project ( is wasting my time unduly . He's not even responding to my messages . No response from service desk yet too. Please any service desk rep. on this forum
Hi, I get this weird error in MT5 that while trying to setup email via Options-etc.., the settings are never saved upon clicking OK, additionaly there seems to be an issue with input row "From:", that keeps staying red. This happens in both the latest build available from MetaQuotes and also, on my
Hey/Dear MQL community, I have to extract MetaQuotes historical Eventcalender into a CSV file (together with the dates of course). How do i best grab every and i mean really every event there is (together with its nation, importance etc -> every information i can get about the event ). I thought of
Hi, does anyone know about any free and reliable mirror trading service over the internet? Tried a couple but don't work properly with my current MT5 broker
Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to have an EA running on MT5 and connected to <broker name removed> so people can follow the EA's performance? Any information would be valuable. Thanks! Martin
I have read many threads on this, on this forum and outside of it, but haven't managed to solve it so far. I have an EA that sends an email on a new bar. The email function in Options works fine from my desktop. The emailing function in the EA works perfectly from my desktop. Applying exactly the...
Hi, I can log in the community with my browser without any problem, but I cannot activate the MQL5 storage. I tried MetaEditor by enabling the storage and tried with the same credential as the one used to log in the community. Basically the credential is not accepted, ie
Good Day I would like to ask Egyptian Coders and sellers if you managed to withdraw successfully from MQL5 via Cardpay then please tell us which bank credit card did you use! kind regards
Dear, Before MT5 build 2170 I compiled files outside MQL5 directory normally, then I was doing my develop work in a external directory as my git repository. Unfortunately, now (after build 2170) when I try compile a file outside MQL5 directory I get several crazy erros. Sample code: #include
Here is the code that I am trying to modify:   #include <MovingAverages.mqh>#property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 6#property indicator_plots   3#property indicator_type1   DRAW_LINE#property indicator_color1  Yellow//LightSeaGreen#property...
Hi Guys, I have a question on following a signal. Mql5 always sync the positions between the provider and follower and mt4 will cut trades when i) I withdraw my balance or ii) provider increases the balance. I can control i) but what if ii) is sometimes taking place, the system could cut my
I have a few questions regarding my copy trade. I notice on your trading history my lot sizes are different to the copy trade despite me having the same equity balance as the copy trader. My settings are at 95% risk on this account. I have contacted the provider and he informs me that the system
Hello all I was interested to use Metatrader for trading in India and wanted to know guidance of any broker supporting BSE trading
Hi there, Im trying to install MT5 in my Ubuntu 14.04 (32bits) but it cant connect to the server correctly. I took a pic of the problem i get: I get lots of fixme's but i think the one that causes the problems is the fixme:iphlpapl.... with its correspondant error err:winhttp.... I upgraded the...
Hello all, A couple weeks ago, all was ok with EA account history, but recently, I noticed a number of anomalies(?) (see image below): A. History from 2018.01.12 to 2018.09.04 missing. It was there a couple weeks back. B. A "PnL.Arch..." appears that seemed to have been placed manually. But I never
Hello, I have created a function to calculate the price´s changing rate. double Delta(const double &buffer1[],const double &buffer2[], int N, int index ){ double var=0.0; var = ((buffer1[index]-buffer1[index-N])/buffer2[index-N]) ; return 100*var; } but depending on the the buffer that I use to
Hello, I tried to find contact for MT5 dev team to report the bug but could not find any. So here : As the title says, if I open a position (in this case short), then a transaction happens (another sell at the bid), the candle on the chart updates down (because the candles show the LAST transaction
can i get the url for set up the subscribtions renew
Hi, On the web platform demo there is no options trading
I am an experienced EA programmer (100+ working EAs) and not so novice indicator programmer , and this is just a outbusrt. Everytime I try to learn or re-learn something in MQL5 I face the worst possible reference/help explanation text with worst possible reference/help examples. I have been trying
Dear Traders, Lets discuss about how much people understand Money management accurately? Very rare % people can understand i think. Even after 20 years of trading someone can't calculate his money management precisely, why? The calculation of money management is not same for all . It depends on some
Hi fellow traders, I need assistance regarding to the registration for a seller status in my profile. I tried multiple times already to register as a seller so i can published the signal i created to be a provider but after completing the registration and need to send the code for confirmation the
I open and close positions by myself (trade manually), I use Expert Advisors to trade for me (trade fully automated), I subscribe to trading Signals (copy trades placed by others), I do not trade (yet)