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  Times wrong? (6)
Hello, so I am from the UK so my time zone is GMT however when looking at the graphs that I have all my indicators on etc. The time is 3 hours late? And as it is sending me alerts to my phone i'm worrying if these will be hours late also? Is there anyway to change the time zone on metatrader?
Comments that do not relate to the "check if pending order has opened", have been moved into this topic.
I would like to buy a (paid) signal, but it would be good to test it first on a demo account, for a while. So If I subscribe first to the demo account, I will pay for the subscription (of course) on the purchase. So when I subscribe again, now to the real account, I will have to pay again for the...
Do you know of a NON-US broker that accepts US residents? And has some flexible deposit/withdraw options. [deleted] and [deleted] suck unfortunately. Lots of limitations.  I know that majority of the brokers don't accept US residents. So, if you know something helpful, please share. Thank you! Vlad
Hi, Attached is my code for plotting a basic histogram of the candle body ranges and their averages.  However, the histogram itself (nor the average line) will not plot at all.  What is wrong in the code? Thanks, renner1984
I need your wisdom. I have an account with Oanda (USA). They do allow signals. However, when I try to sign up for ANY signal, I get an error. This is what I see in the logs:    '931187': Signal - error subscribing signal [129797] - subscription prohibited Oanda says all's good on their end. MQL5...
Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this so hope someone can answer a general question for me. When a paid product says it has 5 activations, it's explained as you can activate it on 5 different computers. What I'm confused about is the following. Let's say I have one computer but two Metatrader...
Can anyone please advise me on how to set the autotrading button to come on and off when I want it to? is this possible I have tried one script/file but it flickers on and off too much inbetween the on and of set times???? Thanks in advance Nick
How do i get the number of deals closed per second? I want to write an EA to monitor volatility, so that, for example, it gives me a warning when there is a fast growing candle spike Is it possible in mt5?
Is Anyone knows it? How to Delete Optimization Cache?
Hello everyone I read about signals and get more interested in working with them and making money with the help of experience traders. I trade manually at the moment, but my income is not very large, cause I haven't enough experience, but I need more money  Hope, signals can help me But I've read...
depending on the timeframe, some setups can have total different accuracy, even if all the logic is the same, why?
Hi, ‌‌I am planning to use mql5's virtual server as a signal provider. My signal includes an expert advisor (EA). I‌ am a new person in here. And, I have a question. When I set virtual server, it is necessary to use my local metatrader. W‌hen I do not open my local metatrader, I wonder if my ea can...
  VPS (3)
Hello Guys, Please, anybody is using the VPS proposed here? What is your opinion please ? I want to use it but, I'm afraid of problems. I have never used any VPS inn the past. ‌Thanks for your opinion and share of your own experience. ‌Good trading ! ‌
Hi all, I have a few basic questions about VPS and hoping someone out there in MQL land can help :- ‌ 1‌) I have several signal subscriptions running, can they all sit on the same VPS location or will I be charged for each one ? 2‌) I appreciate that trades will no longer appear at my home pc but...
Trying to do analysis ADX (which I see) and PPO which I do not see. Anyone know an equivalent to PPO? Thank you!
I could have sworn I saw in the notes from a recent release that function pointers had been added to the language, and now I can't find it anywhere. I didn't imagine this, did I? ‌‌Thanks!
I've been testing a well known free Trade Copier on my PC, and it works fine - every trade executed on the primary account (which is signal following) is duplicated on the secondary (that broker does not allow signal copying, but I want to retain the account).  However, I don't want to have to leave...
Hido this before you read or restart MT4I have just had some updates happen and lost quite a bit of my files.Please Immediately make a copy of all your MT4 files before you lose them.I am not entirely sure what has happened but hopes this saves you from getting the same thing.A lot of my work has...
  Psychology of Forex Trading (85   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
Here we will talk about how to plan your trade and what to do before, during and after
i have a micro account i want to copy the signal of standard accound  (equity, laverage is the same). Must worry for volume problems? ‌
Hi: I have this first loop which scans for open orders and pending orders. If there is an open order and a pending order, I want to delete this pending order. What codes should I use below? int PosTotal=PositionsTotal(); int pnd=0,opn=0;   for(int i=PosTotal-1; i>=0; i--)...
Hi All, ‌‌I am subscribed to a signal provider and am using a Demo Account (1009321). I‌s there anyway I can change the signal to reflect my real account (1210394) or do I have to resubscribe to the signal provider? A‌ny help would be appreciated. ‌ T‌hank you,
I need add much more friends to my profile.
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hello, ‌ recently i had to install a fresh OS in new hdd as my previous one is crashed. after re installing everything i tried to install my ea to my mt4 but cant find any product their i can see signals on signal tab but nothing is market section.  image attached with this msg. ‌ any one can help...
Sometimes MT4 decides to close a copied pending order and re-copy it with a comment that looks like "from #1234567". I think this has something to do with the account balance changing, but it's causing me problems when the signal is attempting to hedge positions. I‌s there a way to turn this off? ‌
My Signal's name is Avatarz Fx. I am signal Provider in MT4. But i unable to find my Rank in MT4 Signal's List. Please help me
Is there any means of reflection (such as on C# or Generics on Java) in MQL5 with OOP?
Hi, ‌ I‌'m just looking at a signal using the currency CBC. What currency is CBC? What's the exchange rate with the USD? T‌hanks ‌ A‌lan