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Hello, I have some EA running on VPSs where I set push notifications on transactions, to display in my mobile app. It worked fine for many time. At past month I started receiving push notifications also from any new VPS reconnecting to, as "New authorization on" subject. I have all
why i can not insert a picture when i start a new topic or reply a thread
Hi, I run all of my EA's and signals on a server - about 20 different instances of mt4. This has never been a problem before. But tonight I was trying to make a post to forum with a question. When I tried to make the post I got "403 forbidden" error. Then in my mt4 instances all of them
I'm trying to update my phone number from an older redundant phone number under my security settings to a new current phone number. When attempting to do this it asks you to confirm a code sent to the old phone number as well as the new phone number as part of the security check. I have no way of
Hello to everyone. I want to create an indicator by combining two indicators. I do not know the variable types of the indicators I will combine. How do I select the variable types of the indicators with a dropdown (int, double, string, bool)
Hi guys! I'm having a hard time with MAXLOTSIZE.. My broker does not allow Lots greater than 200.00. So, when my MM calculates a greater lot than 200 would give me error 131. What i Really would appreciate a help is to split the order about to be sent in as many as my margin and risk factor allows
Quick question. I am trying to write an EA that will record datetime and bid price data at each tick tick, and store this data only for the most recent x number of seconds. (IE the ea uses the tick data from the previous 20 seconds to make decisions on trading.) Since I do not know how many ticks...
What I mean is counting peaks. I know zig zag is widely used for this. But I find the depth setting a little too inaccurate. They can find good peaks but they also miss peaks even on the lowest settings. Does anyone know a better way? I have a very good trading strategy I want to code, but it
im looking for a very simple indicator, one that puts a small dotted line for the current week hi and low and previous weeks, any suggestions
hello anyone here trades using pending orders only
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Hi I have the following function in the Expert, which begins to write the values of some indicators, when I open an order, but the problem is that while the order is open write line by line until the order is closed, I am trying to use the OrderOpenTime () = Time Current, with the intention of Write
i need to measure a distance from a peak on a custom curve the problem is that the curve value changes with the parameters i use. sometimes it can be from -50 to +100 or from 1.213 to 1.214 for example so my question is : how to compute a value that would be visually the same distance from a peak
Hi, Recently started looking at my EA's after a few years break and struggling a little with some of my code. When I switched from using a Standard account to an ECN broker I remember having to add extra code into my Market Order process, where I needed to place the Market order and then Modify the
Hi today i post here the heiken ashi smoothed tape that is the tape version of the heiken ashi smoothed indicator, while there is only a comparison between heiken ashi open value and heiken ashi closed value there is a loss of data and so the heiken ashi smoothed tape looks just a little bit...
Dear sirs/madams I need to logarithmic moving average for mt5, how can i download that? plz help me. best regards barad
hi anyone has this expert "Close at Profit - expert for MetaTrader 5"
Question: Run terminal and open multi charts with EA settings by command line. I need to deploy the EA on many terminals, each terminal open several charts with EA and different setting files. For example, run EA on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF .... in different charts and with different set files
I've been practicing on demo for awhile. How do I delete my demo accounts from Web Terminal
I want deposit amount in MQL5, When i tried to deposit through Mastreocard the payment were declined by Bank, What is procedure to deposit amount since I am from INDIA
hey guyz this indicator tested by me in tf m1 and h1 it not repaints....... enjoy braintrend2sig.ex4
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Could I attach two expert adviser's to a single chart? Because when I try to attach the second expert adviser it asks me if I want to remove the first expert adviser. see attachment
Dear MetaQuotes, it's been a good idea and high time to include additional columns for the Market Watch-window, probably most importantly the daily change- and delta-columns (I hope both in points and percent), but unfortunately they don't work, have a look: Can you please fix this
Hello everybody, I think I found a bug in the tester about the 3-day-swap. The 3-day-swap is Wednesday. If the day changes from Tuesday to Wednesday I am charged the triple swap and if the day changes from Wednesday to Thursday I am charged for the triple swap again. Is this a bug or correct? If it
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Hi, Bro... Can anyone help me by converting ex4 to mq4 and send it to my email <Deleted> Here is the attachment Thanks & Regards Suchandan <ex4 file removed>
Never had a problem in 10 years downloading indicators on MT4 Carry out usual procedure Have you got MT4 answer YES Then I get this window Open URL:MQL4 Buy Protocol This is on free indicators But nothing loads Driving me nuts I am logged in to MQL5 and profile shows ok No reply from service desk
I set ZigZag settings on H1 12,5,3. If I want to see ZigZag H1 settings 12,5,3 on Daily chart, how do I configure that settings? 12,5,3 * 24 ??? or 12*24,5,3, 12,5,3 settings for Daily chart, that points too far each one. So I want to see many points on Daily chart (for H1)
Signs of my phone breaking down, and I was wondering of how to backup my MT4 account? Searched google and all it gave was solutions for the PC version. Please help
Hi, Is possible create an app with button "Copy" and this button open a mt5 mobile app and autocomplete a new trade information? Thanks
Hello Forum Members, I am totally new to programming and trying to learn it to test indicators with expert advisor. I read the article step by step guide to writing an expert advisor in mql 5 for beginners and mostly copied the code from it. Below code doesn't do what I intend to do. I think it has