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  error on tester  (3)
i'm having some trouble with the tester terminal, i've searched for it and cant find what exactly is happening i keep getting, over and over, this error genetic pass ( 10 , 511 ) tested with error "critical runtime error 517 in OnInit function (module -1 exception 0xc0000005)" in 0 : 00 : 00.181 can
  One Click Trading  (11   1 2)
When I select "Sell" or "Buy" the trade triggers without a Stop or Limit attached. This is very risky as price can move against me. I have to very quickly take my mouse over the entry and move the Stop into place. How do I set One Click Trading to have the default settings changed to add a Stop...
Hello - I often have this problem where I run the strategy test optimizer over, for example 10 steps of one input and the tester immediately says that 9 of the tests were run with 0 results and then runs only the final step/test. Does anyone know why this happens and how to make it work as expected
Hello, I have an expert advisor which uploads a report (About 5 megabytes) at the end of the day to a URL using WebRequests. How much bandwidth are we allowed? It does not mention here:
I discover suddenly my mobile mt5( which is android ) not showing current status of trades in corner . it suddenly disappear Anyone facing same problem . Any solution
  Very Urgent  (1)
Hello I am trying to subscribe to the MQL5 service However, the platform does not accept my transfer of the purchase step to complete the VPS subscription process "please help
hi what can cause this , when i download a script or indicator from market for a few hours it work then if i decide to attach it to a chart i have to delete it and re download it from market in order to make it attachable to my chart again
Hello. There is a bug when I disable and enable Strategy tester by using CTRL + R command after doing the optimization. When I run a single test from the optimization and disable the Strategy tester and then later enable it again the values from the single test are not applied anymore. I am using
  MT5 Font size  (3)
HI is there a way to change font size on the toolbox and chart prices??? thanks
Hello ! Today i lost another activation because i had to reactivate windows license, the first one was from windows update , until now i have only 3 activations left if i use this one it will become 2 , and the product is not in the market anymore , so i need these lost activations back ! What
Can i use the ichimoku (Tks,) or any MA. With RSi indicator in same window For instance ichimoku (teken sen) crossing RSI Is it possible ?? To code this If it possible what do i need to learn to this .. Can it use as custom indicator to trigger signal ? What do it need to learn to do it
Hi, I'm trying to subscribe to a signal and I've topped up my mql wallet, but now mql5 community is not logging in on my mt4 terminal
Good Day Guys. is there anybody who can help me to instal rented ea in vps. i have successfully installed in my latop but i am unable to install in my vps . Thank you Guys
I made real acount in MT5 but can't find deposit button How can i deposit real money?
I complete coding the step-by-steo EA of moving average for beginner (url: and compiled, show Ok. But when testing in on my Demo account, it inccurs following error. Please anyone can help. The whole situation took place like below: After using debug I found
is there a way to show the indicator on chart when the indicator is being used as a resource in the EA
Hi to all, Being a person who has never studied a programming language, I want to master MQL 5 on Windows platforms. And .. I've decided to study C# as my first language, as I think that C# is the current state of art for Windows platforms. My question is, can I easily jump to MQL 5 from C#? Or ......
  MT5 to MT4  (1)
Can one transfere or change an EA designed to work on MT5 to be used on MT4
While analysing CFTC report, which data is more important , the current long, short bias or the change in each section ? Of course Non Commercial section is what we look at, anyone here does the inverse or something else? How do you all take cftc data into consideration while trading
  netting mode  (1)
Hi, i dont understand why my metatrader 5 is on netting mode can you please help me take it back to hedge mode
the indicator shows in the terminal /market /purchased but there is no install button option???? Am I doing something wrong here ? First time user, help please
I want to trade manually on the same Acct that has been subscribed to a signal. Is the synchronization issue a big one, the pop-up window that will come, if I select I will check manually, will that solve the problem once and for all
I purchased an EA from the market but cannot install it. Went to the terminal > market > download and pressed install, a pop up came up prompting to type in my password for the community which I did and clicked ok but nothing happens
I have set up a demo account and getting to grips with the figures and calculations my demo acc has $100k and a leverage rate of 100:1 does this mean that although my acc has a balance of $100k im actually utilizing up to $10m
The bar also does not turn red while in draw down. It is just blue with no profit or loss showing. How do I fix this
Hi , I would like to publish a new EA in the Market. BUT I get this : Version name is not specified. Please specify it by setting #property version in source code Do I need to use only this ( After changing the name of course) or not please ? #property copyright "2012, Mikhail Antonov" // copyright
I'm using a robot in forex through a third person. I Just put the money and i need to pay him part of my gains weekly. I would like to know How do i Discover which robot is It
Hi everyone, I'm have a MQL5 VPS and I want to run more than 32 charts on it. Here is the rule about it : During the synchronization, the client terminal's active environment migrates to the rented Virtual terminal. The client terminal's active environment includes: active symbol charts...
Hi , I subscribed for a month VPS and have already subscribed to a signal before and would like to have it on VPS rather than my laptop. But I can't turn on migration and its totally disabled on my MT5. The one that I subscribed to his signal using Algo trading , so not sure if its the cause or not