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I'm getting an "'}' - not all control paths return a value" error with my code but when I take out a for loop its fine. Here's the code: #property copyright "Copyright 2015, Forex Software Ltd." #property link "" #property version "2.00" void OnStart () { Comment (
What is more important in strategy tester for speed of backtesting in visual mode.. Single Threading Rating or  CPU Mark? this is not a critical question, but in a way it is because it helps determine the type of CPU I use backtesting.. I appreciate any kind of answer and if it goes unanswered it's...
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First and foremost I'm not asking for anyone to code this if it is possible, I can get someone that is experienced to do the coding in the freelance section. I have come across some renko chart creator which u only need one chart to open several renko charts thus avoiding the traditional method of...
Hi guys! I have a problem with my EA code. In my code I create and delete objects many times. so when I test it , It's blinking too much. Is there a way to fix it?
Hello, I have heard about the risks associated with allowing Dll imports for untrusted expert advisors. But I really need more details about how bad this could there a chance to copy trades, copy files from hard drive? The reason is that  I am using a dashboard EA coded from FF so I have no...
Okay so im a total newbie, i did my research did some demo for 4 months straight but i didnt know what i was doing. someone suggested i should build a strategy, how do one go about building one?
Spiritual and peace of heart , mind , sikology greatly to the success of our trading . So what friends to improve the spiritual and peace of mind , soul ? let's share . Because controlling the passions and emotions is a difficult thing .
I am new here and I can't see anywhere to ask a programmer to do a job for me. Can someone help please? I've actually seen a completed job which is exactly what I need but can't see how to order that either. Thanks
I have purchased an indicator - how do i install????
I think about a market  quality tester in mql5, but have no exact idea to do it. It should show when the market is very nervous and tell you when it is better to stay out of this market. I lost yesterday in the nervous market (Friday 12.10.2018). My shorts got stopped out by the big rebounds, ADX or...
Hi newbie here, say current timeframe is H1,  I want to get past 500 candles close price, how can i do so? do i need to add some calculation to skip the weekend 2 days in order not to get wrong close price? Thank you.
Is it possible to connect two different Metatrader application to the same Excel by using DDE ? How ?
Hi, I'd like to copy a signal which is relatively new and not yet available in the list of signals in MT4. But when I am in MQL5 and I click on the button "buy for 30 Dollar" I get the info that I have to buy this in MT4. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks for your help
Hi! Can you please help me with the following? 1) Can I export Closing price for the hourly candles from MT4 via DDE? 2) Can I export last 10 candles via DDE? Dor now it just allows to export the latest daily high and low
1. Does Hedging fund help to make money for people? 2. Who is invest to hedging fund? Billionaires and millionaires? 3. What's difference between Signal providers and Hedging Fund. 4. In future, traders don't work anymore in New York stock market, brokers use great EA Robot. But still doesn't create
Dear Friends: How do I change the lot size of the account I am mirroring? I dont want the same lot size as the strategy provide. Thank you
Hi, I subscribe one provider for 10 days. The provider opened an order around 10 orders but my account opened only 3 orders. My account has balance hit minimum amount that requested. Please advise. Thank you
Why is it allowed for graphs not to correspond ( Review ) to the performance of the EA? It is false presentation. Just another way of manipulating Buyers to buy the EA. A better way is for every EA to have an active Signal . This graph should be included in the preview page of the EA. This way an...
Hello,  I would like to rent a VPS from MetaQuotes, but I still have a question. If I create an offline chart that is manipulated, i.e. where instead of the normal bars e.g. the Renko chart is displayed, is this chart also transferred to the VPS? Thank you for an answer.
Hi, I'm new using MQL4, for instance, current gold price is 1200, I would like to place an sell order,(maybe called pend order), when the price going down to 1190, should I use ordersend, OP_SELLLIMIT or OP_BUYLIMIT or OP_BUYSTOP or OP_SELLSTOP thanks in advance.
Hi People This is a first post and I am ever so new to MT4 .  Pleae be kind!!  I set up a Profile of 6 charts I want to open every time I open MT4 and saved it but it does not seem to save it.  Lets say I delete a few charts and add a few more while trading and EXIT the MT4 for the night. When I...
Can someone tell me where I can download these indicators?? With kind regards
There are a lot of EAs we can hire or purchase at the market. From cheapest amount to highest amount selling EAs failed to profit from 2nd of August until now. I've tried more than 20 EAs which is for sale with four different brokers. All those brokers were ECN brokers with less than 8 usd per round...
I am willing to capture the complete data of 1 year till the last minute today. How it can be possible? I tried it using the strategy tester but it is missing the current day. I am getting the PERIOD_M1 data using the strategy tester.   Kindly, help me in understanding.
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after update, my MT4 won't open on windows 10. any help?
Hi How long does it take to confirm a "seller" registration? I'm waiting for that a week or more.. I have sent everything of they wanted but i am not sure everyting is ok Because nobody answered me. is everything ok ? if not, i can complete missing someone should answer me.  Thanks
Hi, Im new doing mql4,  for instance, i have opened a Buy, willing to TP 50% of position when price going up to price_1, and TP the rest of 50% when price going higher to price_2. but if the price not reaching price_2, coming back to price_1, then TP 2nd 50% at price_1. please help.  many thanks.
hello  is there any way to convert mq5 to mq4  thanks