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Hello everyone, I'm trying to migrate from MetaTrader4 to MetaTrader5. To do that I have created a custom symbol on MT5 and imported M1 and Tick data from Dukas. (Custom symbol named EURUSD_DUKAS) Everything seems ok, I can see the data on my graph and the ticks are correctly saved in the...
Is there any program which allows you to copy directly from a signal provider with an mt5 account to your mt4 account? I know that a demo mt5/mt4 account can easily be created to serve as the compatible account and copy into incompatible account but this way often ends up in errors and major price
Hi All, The freelancer accepted the 'Work Agreement' but after three days just filed an 'Arbitration', reason that he doesnot have time anymore. Is there a way I can get my blocked money back and how to file a complain so that Developers like this don't waste time/ money and make fool of the...
#property strict //USER STUFF #define minutesToLookBack 15 int minBuySpikeSize= 50 , minSellSpikeSize= 50 ; //SYSTEM STUFF double bidsArray[]; int pulsesArray[]; datetime timesArray[]; int spikesArray[ 15 ]; int ticksArrived= 0 , ticksInArray= 0 , timeBetween, lookBackSeconds
I am using MT5 on ubuntu with Wine, I cannot install any from market. Suggestions are welcome
  signal group  (3)
hi today i joined to a signal group and group master automatically open trades in my account but i want to know when i shutdown my computer, can group master open new trade in my account
I have subscripted a copy signal for very short term trading. The ave. holding time is 2mins. When I copied the signal, some of the trades closed negative while the signal owner has postive. The signal owner host on a Malaysia Broker and google found it not very reliable. I don't want to use the
It appears that MT5 is not compatible with the latest Android release, has anybody got it working with Android 4.2.2? I have raised a service desk request but I have had no response to this or for another issue I which raised in October hence I am asking the forum... Thanks
  VPS frozen  (2)
Hello, I paid the VPS for 3 months, I have just read that you have frozen my VPS service, I don't think that's a good thing, especially since I want to do a test with a robot for the last 14 days. I expect you to take back the frozen ones. Best regards, Heinz Kampff
Some of VPS services that I use, stopped connecting to trading servers. VPS logs attached. And some other VPS services now misread opened positions on the trading account, it looks like this: 2020.12.14 23:03:18.430 '500041376': Signal - local position [#1607730724 buy 0.00 Tr3Ü at 0 sl: 1], does
I use the indicator attached to show a H4 moving average in H1 Chart.[by setting the period parameter to H4 in a H1 chart.] But nothing is shown in the chart.  The function call BarsCalculated() returned with error code 4806. What is wrong with my code? How should i tackle this issue? thank you time...
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Hello All. I am new to MT4 and VPS so I am a bit confused as to how things work here. I apologize for any silly questions I might ask, for proper understanding sake. I signed up for mql5 and it's free trial vps yesterday and installed it on my mt4 platform but it doesn't seem to send any
I have rented a VPS from mql5 for three month until Dec 23. How do I extend the term for another 6 - 9 months? I have looked at all the mql5 VPS information but can not see anywhere on the website as to how to extend an existing VPS contract Anyone have a link
Hi All, I have 2 active VPS server subscriptions linked to my Oanda accounts. Suddenly VPS servers disappeared from my navigator window. Servers are still running but I can’t see them in the navigator window - I can’t switch them off or on, I can’t synchronise them with my EA's if I change them. I
Hello everyone, for days I have been trying to load the cover in my profile, the loading starts but does not complete it !! Has anyone had the same problem? I tried with various Broswer but nothing
Hello all, I have recently subscribed to a signal and VPS. When I 'enable realtime signal subscription' and in VPS 'Migrate all' , I get an error and upon checking journal, there is a error as attached. If I click in VPS 'Migrate signal', migration is successful, but environment of signal becomes
I am trying to log into mql5 on my mobile terminal so I can receive push notifications however it keeps saying authorization failed. I'm logged into my trade account on my mobile and on desktop, however it just is not working on the mobile app?!! Very frustrating please help!!!!! Thanks in advance
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What is the formula for signal rating
I've got multiple python programs that connect to Mt5 terminal using the following code. # Establish connection to the MetaTrader 5 terminal if not mt5 . initialize ( "C:\\Program Files\\ICMarkets - MetaTrader 5 - 01\\terminal64.exe" ): print ( "initialize() failed, error code =" , mt5 . last_error
Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day. Sorry for my english, i do not speak this language natively. I'm looking for a way to split a string like it would be done with the classic StringSplit function, but i would like to know how to use a string as a separator, and not only a character. For
Hello community, I tried to create a custom synthetic symbol but I think that something is wrong because EUR chart that I created is identical to EURJPY :-( I used these 2 formula and always same result :-( (bid(EURAUD)+bid(EURCAD)+bid(EURCHF)+bid(EURGBP)+bid(EURJPY)+bid(EURNZD)+bid(EURUSD)) / 7
I subscribed to a signal but after 2 days trading he removed all his funds from his account and hasn't done any trades for over 8 days now, I've sent messages but no reply, is there any way to report or flag them? its unacceptable that a provider receives for a service and then takes off
I'm trying to integrate Python into MetaEditor5 following the exact same steps from the documentation . I've tried with Python v3.9 and v3.7. All the pip install commands execute successfully. However, when i try to execute the following
I cannot install MetaTrader 5. A few seconds after I open the installation file, it just exits with no warning. I tried to open it with admin permissions but it didn't help. I have Windows 10 installed, i7-9750H CPU, 32 RAM and 60 GB free memory on SSD
How many pairs or symbols can one chart accommodate
Hello All, I got thos error while backtesting a code on MT4 strategy tester. I will appreciate any help. The code is attached also. Thanks. Below is the error: 1 16:45:05.015 2020.01.03 09:42:01 Access violation write to 0x3FF1C139 in
Hello all I was interested to use Metatrader for trading in India and wanted to know guidance of any broker supporting BSE trading
  VPS question  (4)
Hello there! 1) Is there any way to retrieve the screen config from a VPS I deployed? I forgot what trading pairs I had published to the VPS and was wondering if there was a way to get that from the VPS? Thank you in advance
I remember looking for this "InstanceOf" function when I just started programming in MQL. I have created a macro some time ago to simulate this function and share it here. Enjoy it. #define INSTANCE_OF(object, classname) ( CheckPointer ( dynamic_cast <classname *>( GetPointer (object))) ? true
Hey guys, I have a problem with ChartScreenShot(). I want to save screenshots from a specific time. I use ChartNavigate() , it works fine, I can see visually in MetaTrader5 that the chart is shifting, the EA takes the screenshots as well, however, when I look at the pictures, they always show the