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Hello, First time post! I have been trading for awhile and have a few strategies going really well! I am looking for simple scripts that I can shortcut to execute either instant Buy or instant Sell order which also sets SL to a multiple of the ATR. So I can shortcut i.e. ctrl+b for a buy and have
Hi, I am trying to test an EA for 2 years but strategy tester only gives results from June 2019. Have tried it a few times. Is there an issue with the database at the moment
Hello All, I have an iCustom call in an EA. Trying to run backtest but ran into read error as shown below. 2019.09.26 11:50:03.334 file Indicators\Quantile based signed volume analysis 1.1 update read error2019.09.26 11:50:03.334 loading of Quantile based signed volume analysis 1.1 update
Hi, I am new to MT5 and wanted to know if MT5 is capable of taking advantage of multiple-cores on the CPU while running EAs or does it bind itself to a particular core on start. I can see using the PID of terminal.exe that the processor affinity is by default set to all processors but I'm curious if
Hi, I am having issue with my iPad. I can’t log in to any of broker when I try to add account. There is just a blank pop up(the one where it suppose to let you choose a broker) when I try to add account. It has been a month and it seems that there is no fix to it
I guess this is a feature request, as I would really use one of these 2 objects. Do you think it's possible to add one of these objects in the future?
i am trying to withdraw with cardpay, but this is the error after confirming telegram code : and this is service desk answer : anyone can help me
I have one EA that I would like put one routine when Equity < SomeDoubleValue not just desabilit the EA, but remove from the chart, like Pressing "F7"->Expert->Remove, but inside my EA code. Tks guys, Marcelo
Hi all, Two firends of mine have suffered same situation after Meta 5 release 13092019, their MT5 app working as it is a tablet. They have the same brand of phones Samsung A70. Will somebody help me how do they change the tablet view to mobile view
If i dont have the market tab on WINE (mt4 for desktop) am i still able to purchase an indicator and use it on my WINE (mt4 for desktop)? i know you can log in to MQL5 on WINE (mt4 for desktop) but will the purchased indictor show up on my "indictor folder"? im also using LMFX for mac if that helps
  Mt4 on iPadOS (2)
My mt4 is not adding any new accounts. When I click on the add account option it shows a blank page. When can we expect an update from metaquotes that addresses this bug on the latest iPadOS?
Please send me a new login and password
i have an EA sending push notifications to my phone. it is hosted on mql5 vps. it was working fine and i was receiving all the push notifications. then out of the blue it stopped sending notifications and the journal has many of these messages "2019.02.12 16:03:31.642 Notifications: failed send...
Hi there, Every time I click to copy my signal on MT4 is requests me to download MT5 platform for no reason. Could you help me complete my subscription? Thanks Charles
I have a script which is giving me the following error: unknown resource type 'C:\Users\CLAIRE\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\F5EC6124DFC414901C9F2B0C5815057F\MQL5\Scripts\test.tpl' Templating.mq5 9 1 The script is: #property version "1.00"#resource
Hi folks, https://www.metatrader5.com/en/releasenotes/terminal/1898 states that there is basic .NET support since this release. But is there a bit more documentation? Which .NET flavour is supported? Framework, Core, Standard and the corresponding version? Any assumptions regarding namespace etc
Hi! Each time I try to download an indicator from the market, I am prompted with a message that asks if I already downloaded MT4. I press yes and nothing happens. Would anyone have any idea why it may not be working
Sure it doesNope it doesn't
OrderSend ( _Symbol, //Pair to use OP_SELL, //buy or sell operator 0.15, // how much Ask, // price to pay 3
Hi I am getting this message when creating my own signal. The account in questions has been unsubscribed from said signal. How can I use it? Thanks
i need help <3 i found this indicator, a symbols dashboard. i want it to change the symbol on all open charts so i added "#include <Charts\Chart.mqh>;" but it doesnt work. do i need to ad more codes or am i on the wrong path? can't find a similar script in the codebase :( #property
hello i would like to compare the for example 4 last price of one candle in a symbol. the last price is easy to abtain,but how a bout the prices of before last price in one candle ? does anyone have an idea
I bought USA / JPY in the evening I gained 588 profit. after closing treding, only 5.88 received my account. I don't understand why this happened. maybe there is someone who can explain it to me
Please I need a help on the programming of a simple EA for trading binary options
Hi all, I tried to make a payment 2 days ago to renew the rent of an EA and suddenly got the message "financial operations are limited" and could not complete the transaction. The money has been deducted from my bank account and credited to my MQL5 account but I could not use the fund to rent the...
Hi everyone! Any one can share link to checkout detail rules for How New Member can generate his First Thread
Here is the situation I had an old Paypal account. Then I realized that there was incorrect information in the data and I deleted this account, creating a new account with the same email. After that I requested a MQL5 withdrawal here for my Paypal account, on 09/19/2019, but soon realized that my
Hi...... I want to change my mobile number and the old number is not work know, and when to I try to change it the system told me that two code will be sent to the old mobile number and the new one, the proplem is that old mobile number is no longer work it disconnected know. what should I do to
Hi, I am using the below code for TP and SL. I don't know why my stop loss is more than 100 pips but my take profit all the times are 100 pips like my code. Do you have any ideas why my SL not calumniating correctly? The below code is for Buy order: request.tp=Ask+100*_Point;