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Euro zone money market rates fell to six-week lows on Thursday after the Federal Reserve unexpectedly stuck to its $85 billion-a-month stimulus program, easing pressure on the European Central Bank to relax policy. The Fed's shock decision on Wednesday means global liquidity conditions will stay...
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HELLO A thread about oil . analysis and trades ,
Ben S. Bernanke reinforced his standing as the most activist Federal Reserve chairman in history by doing the unexpected: nothing. The policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee yesterday refrained from reducing the $85 billion pace of its monthly securities buying, sending stocks to record highs...
Looking for help to create objects in MQL5 using less lines of code. I keep getting a "doesn't not have body" error. In MQL4, I can do this /// MT4 lets me do thisint FunctionLabels(string LabelName, int LabelCorner, int LabelXValue, int LableYValue, string LabelText, int FontSize, color...
My operating system is Windows 7, beforeMT5 work well, since Microsoft windowsautomatic update today, connect to the server MT5 failure all times, but my anothercomputer is Windows XP, MT5 work is well, this mean is not the problem ofbroadband. Such problems has been occurred before, I put my...
eurusd small ball in blue or in red with a sheet why, what it means ? on the toolbox menu
Dear users MT5! I propose to vote for the need to add functionality: Using your own stories quotes (similar to MT4). Thank. + yes - no  
The U.S. Federal Reserve said on Wednesday that it would continue buying bonds at an $85 billion monthly pace for now, surprising financial markets that were braced for a reduction in the central bank's economic stimulus. Citing strains in the economy from tight fiscal policy and higher mortgage...
Metatrader 5 & a Broker for Canadians, you know a good one ? --Jon
Yes will increase No willl drecrease No will not change the interest rate
Hello, Would you please explain me what are the conditions and the needs to connect a Forex Company's server using MT4 to Stock Markets' server in order to allow customers all the tradind functions worldwide? Thank you for your help. Best regards.     
The July statement from the FOMC presented the following snapshot of the economy, "Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June suggests that economic activity expanded at a modest pace during the first half of the year. Labor market conditions have shown further...
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Is it usual that some brokers blame MetaQuotes saying that there are MT5 failures when the reality may be that are brokers themselves who manipulate their customers' operations? What can traders do in these situations?
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How signals rating is calculated?
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Hello friends, I have just joined this online community. I am here to learn and share some business & financial and Forex trading tips.
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Ii want to make a for loop, which searches all symbols in marketwatch and return only commodity / FOREX Pairs or Shares .
Hi Just quick question, when buying indicators/EAs what is the monetary equivalence to a credit?
Hi colleagues I gotconfused with the purpose of magic number when make order. I wantedto open two orders at certain time - one of them with little (close to market) take profit and the other with much larger. here issammple code...
In MQL4, indicator can draw in future time coordinate with shift parameter. now In Mql5, is it possible to draw my forecast values in future time coordinate ???
Traders are betting the Federal Reserve will keep policy easier for longer now that former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is out of the running to succeed Ben Bernanke as chairman of the U.S. central bank. Summers, a former top aide to President Barack Obama, was widely regarded as likely to be...
Hi guy ! Does anyone know if the time shown in "Market Watch" window is with "Day Light Saving Time" ON or OFF ? And just to confirm, the time zone is GMT+1, right? Thank you.
Here is a way to pick price targets based on past price action.