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  Heikin Ashi ZMA  (2)
hey guys, just wondering if anyone can make this indicator show on the bottom of the screen instead of on the chart itself, the settings will be used on this indicator are 66, 8888, 1, 3, 0, 0 the indicator goes off the screen when there is volatile action and you can't see it... the results are
hello every body i'm MR.JPY , I work in the World Trade currencies from 5 years ago I will make recommendations free for all during the month from now I hope that impair like THANK YOU ALL
Yes, this is the same post as before. Metaquotes deleted my previous posting. But what now concerns me is that my Expert is actually profitable over multiple currency pairs, having tested this with numerous backtest, forward test simulations etc and running it on a demo account for 3 months. And I...
  Triple Screen EA  (5)
has anyone ever tried to develop an EA based on elder's triple screen method? if anyone is interested in developing such an expert, i'd be willing to work on the rules.
  time frames  (2)
hi all kindly explain to me if it is possible to custome the timeframe for charts for example 5 hours 6 hours 720 minutes etc. thanks aftab
Hi All, I'm looking for Email and sound Alert when SMA50 Start rising. Any One can help please. Thanks an advance,
Hello, Can someone tell me what language the advisors are written in, I think there C++??? If this is the case does anyone know the functions/parameters used to call the code for input? Please excuse my wording, I'm not a programmer... Thanks for any help!!! James
Could some one direct me to a thread on this indicator or any information SSL
I'm getting strange history from download before 2007, the M1 bars appear bigger at about 3 pips, are they including spread or something? The closes are discrepant with brokers history too.
Hi, i got a problem on how to code area for 20 and 80 level on stoch. anyone can help? i want to code : AREA1: >80 AREA2: 20<AREA2<80 AREA3:<20 then , all activities buy( main>signal) and sell( signal>main) are within AREA2...please help..many thanks.
  MTF WPR Bars  (36   1 2 3 4)
I tell you everything is back to front with the %R as far as the numbers being all negative, you really have to watch it when you are coding. This indicator has some features that the other Bars indicators do not have. #1 Adjustable TimeFrames - You can now set the TimeFrames for each column of bars...
Hei all, i always stick wit the trend, just follow up your trend
I have seen people post 90% modeling. The best I get is 40%. How do I make it that it tests at 90%??
Hi all, As I have heard that MT4API is included in the developers version of the MetaTrader4, which costs about $100K, I just wonder how to get this API. Has anyone ideas about this?? My idea is: In order to get MT4API, I should be looking for a job as software project manager at a brokers company
i am a junior member, i have been on forex trading for more tahn 5 months. so far i do manual trading , please , anyone can help me to make EA from this template
  Catching big waves  (20   1 2)
what is the maximum way to cash on moving waves? how can we pick out the absolute top and bottom? so far i found HAMA PAD + buy sell generated by MACD very very good. its able to catch easily 3 digit pips. im looking around to see what other ways there are to maximize on catching big waves. i think
taking a long position for TRY/JPY will get you $40 a day in interest. That is 1200 USD per month. Does anyone have any idea about another per which can be hedged against the TRY/JPY so that one does not lose if TRY/JPY went down? Regards Yanni Welcome to My Fx Report - Live Forex Trading
Hi, I have this (T_S_R)-Daily Range Calculator v1.6, now i removed some of the calculation and some text lines, Now i compile it and save it, then i uploaded the indi to my chart and its still the same, ???? mainly what i need is to remove only the lest 4 text lines from the TSR, I also have this
can anyone help me to find this indicator? Thanks..
I need help. I am working on a version of Cyberia, and its complex. I'm not a programmer and I have memory problems. Therefore I am renaming various things so that I can instantly know what they are without counting on my fingers and tearing my hair out. For instance, I have renamed 'DisableExitBuy'...
Hi I ordinary use metatrader help window ,when i write new experts and indicators codes. but yesterday when i want use it, i see the help window fonts is very large, unexpectly. When i want read a full sentence, i should scroll left to right and up-down. I re-instal the metatrader but the...
Hello, my english very bad i wish a sma (simple moving average) Expert ,see below,: buy pos : when candle close above sma , buy 2pip above this candle high. sell pos : when candle close below sma , sell 2 pip below this candle low. close buy pos when candle close below sma ,close 2 pip below this...
Hi there, I am trying to send an email from MT4 in this format but am unable to get it to work <Header> ProviderName=CTSFOREX SignalSubject= EUR NumberOfSignals=1 </Header> <Signal> SystemName=Forex SubsystemName=Oneway Command=Open Order...
  Stupid Question  (2)
This is a real stupid question and I feel very dumb having to ask it. I'm going through the MQL4 Course, typing in My_First_EA and came to an OR function ...... and I can't find the symbol on my keyboard!!!!! So ...... my very stupid question is how do I type an OR (two vertical lines) in...
  unable to log in  (1)
Hi I am not able to login, my username is samjesse, can you pleaes help. thanks
It has come to my attention that MetaTrader 4 handles and plots fibs a bit differently than other popular platforms such as eSignal, VT Trader, TradeStation, etc. The attached document will show you how to customize fibonacci settings within MT4 so that both extentions and retracements get plotted...
Hello All! We're looking for a program/software that can take mt4 expert advisors and convert them into java or C++. Please let me know if you know of some one who this this technologie. Thanks in advance, James