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Hi! Is there a script that automatically cancels the order, if the order volume is above a certain threshold? You know what I am talking about, if you ever accidentally raised the volume instead of the stop loss in the order mask. Best Regards, Tom
in negative(means signal provider loose your money) less than 50$ less than 100$ less than 250 less than 500 less than 1000 more than 1500
how long b4 my new metatester nodes appear in the agents list?
Hi everyone, My local network runs on 192.168.0.XXX IP range but MT5 Tester Agent setup is offering an IP address what is outside my local network, as seen in the picture below. The actual machine IP is Could you please help me to change this to 192.168...
This journal is about my 5 pip Ridiculous Scalp. Every day I scalp the EURUSD pair for 5 pips. My lot size is set to gain 5% for every 5 pips. So far it's been going great! Below is my achievement and analyses via myfxbook. I'll post weekly as I progress and grow my account.
Hi, I've been looking for mt4 brokers that allow you to trade the Dutch, British and French share CFD's but so far i have found none. Does anyone know of a broker that allows you to do that on metatrader 4? Thanks in advance,
agung suprianto
we make more indikator to view daily trend MA, BOLINGER BANDS, PARABOLIC SAR, FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT and more indikator i see GU at up trend about you ? please comment
Daily price is ranging on the middle of bullish/bearish reversal for crossing Sinkou Span A line which is the border between primary bullish and the primary bearish on the chart, with the followings/r levels: 1.0915 support level located below Ichimoku cloud in bearish area of the chart, and1.1243...
Code examples for Enumerated lists of currency pairs. Mods and admins, if there is a better place in code base for this, please feel free to move it (other than to the trash can). I did not see one specific section that stood out to me, and I also think it doesn't belong on only MQL4 or only MQL5...
Dear ! I tried to fix my trailing stop function but i really don't know how to make logic without error  "OrderModify error 1".I hope someone can help. for (int j = 0; j < Total; j ++) {            if(OrderSelect(j, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)==false) continue;      if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol() &&...
Hey guys! I have this Linear Regression Channel Breakout indicator that i would like to have an alert added to it. Can anyone please help me?
Hi there I wondering if I can find an way to my question, mt point is: can I make the MQL4 Or 5 read the string as a code? example: this string "High[1]" can I make the program read it as High[1] and return the High of Bar 1 for me??? thank you.
Hi everyone! Thank you for all suggstoins on good EA:S and programmers. I have found a skilled programmer to help me with my trading strategy. All the best to all of you! Most kindly, Daniel
Hello i need any script to close trade have same comments ?as you see in the image attachment i have trades with comment H1 and others with comment H2 What i am looking for to close all trades with comment H1 only and keep trades with comment H2 open
hi. i have a good Profitable ea. but i want to modify the ea with trailing stop and take profit . anyone can do this work ? thanks advance :-) waygrow_edu.mq4
In EA testing, the data can not be written to a CSV file?
I'm a little new to all of this currency trading. If I subscribe to a signal, do I have to leave MetaTrader up and running on my computer to receive signals? Or, does the signal provider communicate directly with my Broker? Thanks! TRayD
Hi team, I was wondering if anyone has tried the virtual hosting option in MetaTrader 4? I have been using a VPS from CommercialNetworkServices (CNS) for years and never really had any issues. However, the low price of 10 USD a month for virtual hosting through MetaTrader 4 made me give it a go....
Hi All, Please advice, how can I find out the brokers server location? Example, I am trading with abc broker, I need to know, where is abc broker's server location? Can you please advice about this? Thanks & Regards, Pankaj D Costa
I have multiple for loops in my EA program and while the first for loop works as designed the second for loop does not increment as stays stuck at zero. Both loops are in the OnTiick() function.  Any thoughts as to why this is?   CopyBuffer(RSIHandle,0,0,9,RSI_ARRAY);...
I have made profit I have lost
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Hello All, I am looking for a price by volume indicator, I know there is one (or more) available but cannot find. Can anyone point me in the right direction - please.
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can mql5 be used in metatrader4?
i subscribed for a copy trade kleomartinmedium on my demo and it worked perfectly, but when i funded my account and decided to subscribe for the same copy trade signal with the same platform, liteforex, it refused to subscribe. it gave me the message below the mql5 password.
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Hi All is there any broker available for india market on mt4/ mt5. Also is there any indicator can be used there thanks Sid b
what_are_the_differences_between_the_scripts_and_the_experts_when_you_create_a_job???? any_body_hear_me
Trading Signals - it's a convenient and easy-to-use service for traders. We have already published several articles in the past, explaining how to subscribe to copy trades from more experienced traders and how to become a signal provider in our service. Due to the growing demand from trading...