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  TSD Forum (7)
This board has the potential to be a great and easy to use forum. I sincerely hope that people use it. It would be a shame to see such a nice asset fade away due to lack of use. Cheers to the creator of the forum for your work and contribution. If enough people come over from the Yahoo group to work...
The demo server has been down twice now within the past 7 days. I can't test my theories if you guys are down. Have you thought about setting up more than one demo server?
There is next situation: 1. I connect to server 2. Start pumping mode 3. If I stop pumping mode I'll be able to start it againg, but only with that instance of object I used first time. So if I want to connect to other server or if I have distroyed the first instance of object I'll not be able to...
Ive been using this for some time and have never had it go down much less in twice.
TSD Starters Pack made by Martin
  Line limit (1)
Hello, I would like to know if there is any limit to the number of lines drawn in the subgraph in MT4? (i.e. is it possible to have more than 2 lines drawn?) Thanks
Hello! There's another bug similar to this one: "praise, one possible bug and some suggestions" iCustom indicator are also loaded on each call, if there is a string parameter present in the parameter list (string provided for input via "..." in iCustom). Regards Markus
On InterBank's demo server, my script is trying to make a trade and I get an "ERR_NO_CONNECTION" error. I'm able to login because I see my open orders. - Vooch
From what I read, with this EA I don't have to attached it on the weekly chart but just the daily chart. What I am not sure about: do I need to attach the OSMA,MACD,index force or WPR indicators on it too? Thank you for your help Sada
hello everybody, i have a problem with Ema of Cross in the mql4. i want to konw how could i realize when the two Ema lines had crossd then appear a sylbol in the chart like following picture. thanks a lot
  Expert/Indicator (24   1 2 3)
Hi Guys, I have started developing my Expert as indicator so I can see and study all timings and functions as I would be looking at digital scope. Now I have my points were I would like to open/close my order and I am not able to do it from my indicator. Is there any way to run an Expert with...
hi im building EA the gets data from several Custom indicator , can i get vars value from the CI that are not saved in a buffer??? thanks
How can I get the system to reverse in the same bar?, when i exit the position, enter it in the opposit direction?
Would it be better to use scripts to send alerts from an indicator rather than imbed the alerts inside an indicator..? Or would having a user defined function imbedded inside the indicator be better... thanks in advance david
  Programing (3)
Hi, How can I contact some one who can help me write a code (expert adviser?). Thanks
I added an Alert to an indicator and it loops continusouly... Is there a way to add an Alert to an indicator using the Alert function without it looping or do you have to use it in experts only... thanks david
  MQ4 to EX4 (1)
I want to protect my code and distribute my EA. How can I turn my MQ4 EA to a EX4 EA? Please help.
hi, i have problem Indicator code hangs with caculate !! why ?? ExtMapBuffer2[shift]=(B_t3 - B_t3_1)/B_t3_1; hangs with caculate !! why ?? ExtMapBuffer1[shift]=(A_t3-A_t3_1)/A_t3_1; hangs with caculate !! why ?...
hi All, I'm using TSD v34 with 1hr timeframe, Osma and WPR, and everything else set to default. I'm curious about the result next week, maybe you have better setting, please let me know. thanks, noegrahaz
Here is what i ran onto on one forum, i would like some of the code understanding people expllain this to me, what is the buy criteria and what is the long criteria ? Tha code : if (h[1]+l[1]+o[1]+c[1])/4open[0] then buy if (h[1]+l[1]+o[1]+c[1])/4>(ask+bid)/2 and bid<open[0] then sell
The numbering from the "Bars" function is not in sequence sometimes.
I have tried to use the tags [code] without success, help please. Also the BackSpace key kicks you out from the mini editor back to the forum!
  Tick chart (1)
I noticed something strange when looking at the tick charts. According to the tick chart, GBPUSD was trading around 1.8210 for some time, but according to the M1-chart GBPUSD never traded at this level. Is it me or is it a bug?
hi tnx for reading this text i downloaded metaquotes from and i used to use this platform now i want to open real account with demo conditions <like swaps and speards> and i dont know which broker support this demo account ..who knows which broker support this demo account .........
When I try to copy from MetaEditor and Paste to other application (Word Pad) it will change to chines font and I get graphical characters. However, when I copy from Word Pad to MetaEditor or within the MetaEditor it works fine. Current build 182, but it was always like that. What am I doing wrong...
The reason why I'm asking this is sadly I've now resigned to the fact that I will, in good time, not be able to use the mt3api. As such I would be grateful if anyone can offer some help with this. On another note, I've been using a number of strategies that I've picked up from various places and...
  TSD-v11 MT4-JB-OsMA (102   1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 11)
This version is used by Ross and he triplied their account in only one month. Attached is statement and version. He uses it only in four major currencies and only in daily charts (attached to every one ... not like in Mindaugas version).
Can anyone help me with these code: To close the buy order when price drop to the low of two previous days. To close the Sell order when price raise to the high of two previous days.
Version 0.34 of TSD from Mindaugas
Intructions to Install TSD from Mindaugas.