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  signals (2)
Where does everybody get there signals from?
Hello my dudes. I'm backtesting an expert I created, and it doesn't seem to change CCI and RSI..? Left side is the coded, right side is the backtest. The code is within the OnTick scope.
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/[...] I wonder if I must verified seller status to buy a signal here because last time I tried to buy the signal above but It's nothing happened when I clicked on Subcribe button in Signal tab in MT4. The signal is from ICMarket and my MT4 from Exness so is that the...
in the HELP there are some nice pages explaining the different steps, On HOW to test and optimize an Expert Advisor, BUt the results needs to be placed into the advisor!!!! This last step is not explained or even written about, anywhere. All the HELP pages and faq about this subject end abruptly....
Scalping, Levels, Indicators, Grids, Manual, Other /pls comment/
I subscribed to a signal, and it is link to a trade account. And I just purchase a new vps, and login the trade account, it seems that I cannot use back the subscribed signal without paying again??? How can I use back the signal without paying double subscription fee?
Hello, I am moving from mql4 to mql5. I was wondering does pragmatically spread check works on mt5 strategy tester?  What will happen if I use a spread check? And how the experienced traders cum programmers see the spread check phenomenon? Is it worth it?  If it is what should be the usual spread...
Hi, I've been searching the forum but can't seem to find a topic that answers my question, I cannot believe that this was not answered before so I hope someone can help direct me the correct article/post. After an iCustom indicator was loaded on OnInit(), the start of the EA, is it possible to...
Hi there, I have purchased an EA, and I cannot install it on MT5. When logging into the MQL5 community from the file menu, I enter user name and password, then the login screen goes away. And does not appear to be loggin in and cannot download. Also the same happens, when clicking on the Install on...
Hello, I would like to know the price and the details of how to buy the Metatrader 4/5 server & client SDK please if someone could pass me the details. Thanks.
I just renewed my signal subscription on my MT4 platform. It is showing as renewed (with the new expiry date) on my MQL5 page but not on my MT4 platform signal page, where it still has the old date. Is that a problem? Thanks
Hi, As the subject suggest, any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks
Hello MQL5 Community! My name is Tom, and my background is computer science. I began to study and practice trading Forex since 2012 as a Part-Time Trader. Trading is a very hard game so I always study, update my knowledge and trade based on my own analysis and my proven trading system. My trading...
I copy a signal. But your soft is using rong lot size. I even set al to maximum risk used for my account is under 50% from Master Signal risk! Why and how I can fix this?
Hello, I am new it using Mt5 I have just logged into my trading account, and for some reason the time and data change to June and the charts etc are all wrong, anyone know how to fix this?
Can any body please help me by providing code for drawing arrow on each bar by looking into previous bar. If previous bar is bearish then sell arrow will be appeared on start on next bar if previous bar is bullish then buy arrow will be appeared on start of next bar if previous bar is doji then no...
Like title. Do the orders rest at the exchange or broker?
You can download hundreds of forex trading ebooks for free from this site. Enjoy reading and happy trading ! Phildunn's Forex Trading Library
I am renting an EA, and I still have 3 weeks left on this rental month. Yesterday, there was an update for the EA on the MQL market, but there is no update for the EA in my terminal. How can I update to the EA in this case?
Hello can anyone help me to understand how can i setup automatic trading robort which can do all the trading on my behalf with profitable strategies ?
  50k dollars a month (367   1 2 3 4 5 ... 36 37)
Hello forum Has anyone met or contacted those successful scalpers who make fictional figures of profit per month? im starting to think its a myth, haven't met anyone real who can scalp for those high profits, using a small account as a start!
hi every body Please suggest some good and update technical analysis profiles which I could check my analysis with others. thanks all of you.
  auto trading (1)
i have another question about vps , i have trade manually until now i bought a vps today its synchoronized with my charts and experts and the status is started  auto trading is on and every thing is ready so  how should i do then ? just close mt5 and leave it ?
Today I have noticed something strange, for some tests of an expert that I am doing. I wanted to print a value of a double, but to my surprise, you can not. I explain what I have noticed: only if the value of the double is in the declaration of the variable, it is printed Before this did not happen,...
Two trades not copied on 28/1/2019 and 29/1/2019. Hosting server MQL5 New York 4 5981587. MT4 trading account 615117. See signal trading history and hosting terminal journal below. Not sure if this is a VPS hosting problem or a Broker problem. Any ideas why these trades were not copied? 2019.01.29...
How can I undo or "de-selected" after wrongly press the "to selected" in the Freeelance placing an order and under discussion 
  pips (6)
How many pips do beginners tend to start with?
  VPS Question (4)
. I would like VPS only for continued electricity supply, internet connection andMT4's trailing stop. 1]  Does this mean I migrate only my local terminal? 2]  And out of interest, does my chosen VPS provider have fullaccess to my terminal? Thank you. .
Hi, Iam a newbee on this platform and trying my self forward... I would like an Expert advisor that only buys/sells on a specifik time on the day. any tips on this? Thanks?