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  Scalp'ing (24   1 2 3)
If anybody interesting I will translate this indicator to english. For Paramon trading system for MT3 go
Hi How does one use breakpoints in ones code? What is their purpose? I see one can toggle them, but they don't work when I attach the EA to a chart. Are they there for debugging - as that would be great if one could step through the code - as in a microsoft IDE, and see what values the variables...
Hi I am trying trouble with the following piece of code. .. static double firstbuysl, firstsellsl, firstbuyprice, firstsellprice; static double mylasttradeprice = 0; double sarCurrent, sarPrevious, momCurrent, momPrevious,x,y,t; ... x = mylasttradeprice - (Bid + Ask)/2; y = MathAbs(x); t=...
I downloaded and installed the demo here. Although I really like the charting package etc, the connection drops out a fair bit. This evening has been horrrendous. It may very well be an interbank fx issue as several traders in my chatroom are getting dropped from Interbank. Is there a way for me...
I have successfully created an expert using ZeroCode. Unfortunately, it seems my expert can only be used on one currency pair at a time. I would like to use my expert on three pairs simultaneously. I have read this thread and I don't think MetaTrader's 5 sec rule will be applicable in my case based...
Hello I have been trying to implement the Schaff cylcle into my system. I have it in MT4, but cannot get the 20 or 80 indicator lines to appear. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. Matthew
  Starter EAs (52   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Here is my statement of starter v6 since the 24 oct to 7 nov. As I stopped demo testing all my EAs on IBFX mt4 platform, I had to create a new account for Starter v4 on Alpari. Furthermore I am using 2 lots for this setup. Warning: I had an internet shortage for 3 hours or more today (7nov) and it...
Hi, Please ignore my previous post, I just found the sample exampledll.cpp file and made an example appropriately. When I try to reference my DLL on MT 4 build 184, i get a 2005.11.05 23:43:46 printme USDCHF,M1: cannot call function 'ShowMe' from dll 'Printme2.dll' I am only testing and I have a...
Hi, When I try to reference my DLL, it causes MT 4 build 184 to crash. I am only testing and I have a simple DLL that I am compiling in Visual C++ .NET 2003. Here is my simple source code: #include "stdafx.h" #include <stdio.h> extern "C" _declspec(dllexport)double ShowMe(double myNum); BOOL...
Is the trail stop (rightclick on the order, Trailstop, 25) server based or client based? I.e. will the server move the trailstop if I close the terminal? The question is basically for MT3 (I'm with FXDD at the moment) but would also apply to MT4. Markus
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New logo designed by Alex.Piech.Finger. Also added a navigation bar in the top of forum. Post your opinions about new logo and nav bar here. Enjoy them! Best regards
I guess I found a detail about the wrong point value that makes it reproduceable 1) Add an Indicator to a chart with Point = 0.0001 (EURUSD) 2) Save template 3) Switch to a JPY chart 4) Apply Template Point value for the indicator will be wrong. Also works the other way round (storing from...
Hi, Where can I learn to creat an expert ? I read things on different sites but I really don't understand anything. I would like to learn each step.I asked on different forum and nobody can help me. thank you
i have this failure cmon error with neurex again now it says no connection only Jannik
  Learn mt3 (3)
Hi, I would like to know where i can learn the mt3 language.I ask if someone can do one for me and nobody can do it.So if someone can tell me where I can lear it would be very appreciate.I went on the mt site but it doesn't work Thank you
  Lesson 9 - Preprocessors (13   1 2)
Hi folks, Welcome to my last theoreticallesson in this series. In the next series of lessons we will start to build our first Customer Indicator, So I recommend you to read all the nine lessons carefully before the real work starts. Please download the lesson and enjoy it (I hope)
Hi folks! I want to thank you all for your kind comments. This is the eighth lesson. it's about MQL4 Variables, I hope you enjoy it. And I hope to be a useful for all of you GREAT TRADERS.
Hi folks, I hope you enjoyed the Loops & Decisions lesson and the previous lessons as well. In this lesson we will know how to write Functions in MQL4 and how to call(use) them. and... Why don't you download the lesson , it's FREE I hope to see your comment.
Hi folks, Today we continuethe study of -what I consider it- the most important MQL4 lesson. Loops & Decisions for Loop while loop if statement if..else statement switch statement I hope you enjoy the lesson and waiting your comments.
Hi folks, Today we will study -what I consider it- the most important MQL4 lesson. Loops & Decisions forLoop whileloop ifstatement if..else statement switchstatement I hope you enjoy the lesson and waiting your comments.
Hi folks, I hope you enjoyed my last 3 lessons. I didn't hear questions from you yet. I don't think that everything 100% understood in my lessons. so, Where are the questions? I hope to hear you soon. Download this lesson & Enjoy it.
  Welcome to the MQL4 course (163   1 2 3 4 5 ... 16 17)
Hi folks! With you Coders' Guru , your MQL4 trainer for the the next few months. Welcome to the MQL4 course. In this series, I will try to strip the mystique and confusion from MQL4 by giving you comprehensive tutorials with a straight forward example. In this series of lessons, I will show you how...
  coding error? (1)
I would like to create a simple expert advisor using ZeroCode that opens and closes orders at the cross of two moving averages. The moving averages I have chosen are EMAs 2 & 20. I believe I have written the correct buy and sell logics using ZeroCode: Buy logics: MA (1) Previous < MA (2) Previous...
  TrueScalper (7)
How the testing going?
  Silver Trend Trader v3 JTPO (53   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Silver trend trader using JTPO Indicator. Attach to GBPUSD and EURUSD 5M.
  Ask! (1810   1 2 3 4 5 ... 180 181)
Hi folks, I've got a lot of private messages asking me for helping with some pieces of code. Here you can post your questions related to MQL4, and I'll do my best to answer them.
can anybody help? Why do I get this error ?, what can I do about it? and why do I get it in backtesting?