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I think - yes. It even has support and resistance levels. This graph is from dataset of coin tosses provided by mrluck. Tried to post these pics in his topic, but anyway I find his question interesting - if we can predict the future data based on previous data of stochastic processes(which he calls...
Hi All Looking for  Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Broker that does straight buy/sell without margin. Any suggestions ?
hey guys can someone give me a forexfactory user name and password, my ip is banned, thanks Im the guy that got the sonic system closed down!!!
Hi I am looking to export the major swing points given to you by the zig zag indicator on to a file so I can run some tests on retracement and extension points. Just wondering is it possible to edit the code so that I can get all the extreme point values on a data file, thanks.
i have problem with my EA, can someone hel me with this problem? i want send variable from mql4 to php, i use webrequest. but when i comple it. the problem like that. how i can fix it?
I have all the script and code and parameters that i want the EA I am working on to abide by. Only thing missing is the most important part, TELLING IT TO OPEN/CLOSE A TRADE! Lol Does anyone know where i can find this information? Thanks
I've been a manual trader for the last 3 years and have recently become obsessed with automated trading. After doing a fair amount of research, a method caught my eye: Latency Arbitrage (AKA HFT) I do understand that not all brokers allow this. I've done my due diligence and identified a couple that...
Anyone know how to apply a background color to the Market Watch window (the symbol list)? I see many who have their's with background colors set. Thank you.
Hi There. Please Help To Solve This Problem.
Hi people and friends. I wanna to use another programming language to my algorithmic trading, How? Help Me..... :-(
https://www.metatrader5.com/en/mobile-trading/android/help/push said 'Push notifications are received by the device, regardless of whether the application is running MetaTrader 5 or not. All that is needed is the mobile Internet.' I tried to set Push notifications and closed my desktop MT5, but no...
Is there anyone interest to work in any forex company? Offer only available for Malaysian only
Hello! How can i set the system, via code or via configuration, to give me a signal just in the same candle that occurs. I have created a simple two ma cross, but the signal is send to me only in the next candle. How can i fix it?
Hello, I've released a free EA few months ago. Now I would like to add additional features and to make it paid. But as its main usage is in tester mode, I have to restrict programmatically its features in tester mode, when it is a demo version. This has to be incorporated in the new version. But I...
  Taxes (15   1 2)
can anyone tell me if and how you can wright off the cost of EAs or off set you gains on your income tax? thanks Gary
Hi, What mistake do people normally make when they are trying to connect a signal and a VPS? I have tried everything I know to get it to work, but it doesn't seem to. The signal isn't working and the VPS consequently isn't working. I have tried subscribing, favoriting, ticking the four boxes on the...
As the title says, I have an open position I want to close but it wont let me stating invalid parameters? Any help or advice to resolve this is appreciated as I would ideally like to close this position ASAP
Hi, i have an EA and in the process of making a second one, two different ideas that are not related and made by 2 different developers, now i looked on both and im thinking why not use the rules from the first EA as well to enhance the strategy Second thing i thought about enabling this option on...
The popularity and turnover of mql5.com paid services keeps growing, which is undoubtedly a positive trend. Traders are willing to pay for goods and services in the MQL5 Freelance, Market and Signals, and the revenue of successful sellers, signal providers and application developers is growing....
Hi ALL Post FOMC, $$ weakness is on the wall, Furthermore Geopolitical situation is a sword hanging on, I have firm view that, Buy GOLD and HOLD,,,  2018 is said to be a year for commodities your valuable comments are welcomed please
all my agents are showing as disconnected. I have started, restatrted, refreshed uninstalled reinstalled. what can i do?
Hi, how to retrieve Hardware identifier (motherboard or other unique identifier) with MT4?
Looking to trade <> signal that requires >< account for symbol S&P.  <> does not accept US clients and i am having difficulty finding a broker that will trade the same symbol so that i may use <>. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! Please help!!!
Does anybody know how to add a sound alert for trade entry and stop ?
Hello, I need to know what functions of MQL4, I could use to perform the same task as BarsCalculated and CopyBuffer of MQL5 Thank you
I would like to know is it possible to increase the fast genetic iterations when backtesting to a greater number? I would like to increase it to 100,000 or even better 300,000Thank you
Hi  i've a request , could some on help me ? i want a script , that when i Draw a Rectangle box , it show automatically like this photo :  and alert me when price reach it with a custom pop up message like : price reach supply zone at 1.xxxx on M5  like this : Thanks
I have been reading this book and I'm almost finished.  It's an interesting read and many details that appear very strategic in terms of forex trading.  I believe this title was published in roughly 2008, are the strategies discussed in this book still relevant currently? ( year 2017 almost 2018 )...
I am wanting to purchase a trading indicator, but it looks to only be available to rent. It shows a maximum of 5 "activations", so I can only rent it 4 more times. I am I correct in thinking that after renting it 4 more times, I will not be able to use it again? This does not make sense to me, why...
Hi I just received an email from AVATRADE stating that they are closing ripple trading at 2400 hrs tonight what does this mean? thanks and what should I do! just ride it out until they close it? or close it myself now?