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Hi, I have a very odd problem: sometimes after starting my EA again (in Backtesting mode) i see that i have already open trades ! OrdersTotal() return 1 open trade and it looks like the EA in skipping some code lines ... what can be my problem ? Thanks, Avi
Disclaimer: Forex is high risk gambling. Any advices that JDun or other poster on this board should be taken with a grain a salt. These advices are extremely risky and the chance of losing money is high. Use the information that is posted on this board at your own risk. Jdun is not liable for any...
Hi, What is the meaning of iStochastic "price_field" ? it Can be one of the values: 0 - Low/High or 1 - Close/Close ... Thanks
I trade EUR/USD but find the market follows the Bund future some of the time. Also the Dax is out performing the us stockmarket these days. It would be of great advatage if these contracts could be added. Cheers.
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  TrueScalper (16   1 2)
This EA was posted to the Yahoo Group with the following statement from the author: All, TrueScalper 49c is attached, as well as the weeks forward test. They may also be found at: The EA ONLY WORKS ON GBPUSD 5Minute chart right now. If you read the...
Gann Trend System.
  Fibonacci discussion (21   1 2 3)
Hey I am starting this thread because i have big interest to learn about fibonnaci and i might think other people out there is thinking the same. i have ordered some of the homestuddy package. i start up with lesson 6,7 and 10 i will tell if its a good course or not when i have studyed some more i...
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It was a problem which renoex arised Not asked even. It was just 'rhetorical' questions (question with answer inside the question). Of course no we can not. But we are working with this tester and do not have any choice. 1. Some people say: do not believe in mt4...
MetaTrader 4 Build 186 1. Fixed saving of settings of undocked windows; 2. Fixed trading from experts. MetaTrader 4 download link: "MetaTrader 4 trading terminal"
I have an expert which is running on four pairs. It does trading on new bars only by checking if (Volume[0]>1) return; Occasionally (not consistently) it misses the first a tick for one pair and starts with Volume=2 (it may miss other ticks as well but with Volume=1 is were we notice). See USDCHF...
  Functionality request... (13   1 2)
Hi Metaquotes, Well, I must say that your latest version (Build 184) is the most reliable and stable version I've seen yet and no more error messages! I haven't had one single problem with it since starting to use it and I'm currently testing some pretty complicated experts which make use of a good...
  Working with text (18   1 2)
DjVu Decoder (attached). To convert djvu files to any grafic format (tif, gif, bmp etc). Working from command line. DJVU
Hi I want to record my stratergy tester to a file. I want to record all its bids and asks and how it sees my indicators. Then I want to read that into an C# (from sharp development program and really debug my EA. I am suffering with the first step -...
I used to be able to run in the backtester, but lately I have not been able to. But I have a friend that can. We have the same settings, and the same fxt file. The best I can think of on my own is it has to do something...
  recalculate (1)
When should one use the recalculate feature on the mt4 backtester?
Hi, I'm writing the simplest code I can but I always get error "Invalid price" when tring opening a position !!! ex: if (OrdersTotal() == 1) return; res=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,Lots, Bid,3,Bid+StopLoss*Point,Bid-TakeProfit*Point,"",100,0,Red); if(res<0) { Print("OrderSend SELL failed with error:...
  MoStAsHar15 (7)
This EA looks pretty profitable if tested with strategy tester in MT4. Anyone knows it ? I have no idea how it goes on live account.. Who wants to try it ? What do you think about it?
Hi guys, i just want to exit on close (of the current bar) for my open position. the position have been opened at the open of this bar and i just want to close at the close. how can i code that?
  Stochastic (1)
Stochastic EA.
Good day, Most Windows PocketPC today are changing to become Phone Pocket PC or Phone PDA (like i-mate .. can MT4 works with Windows Mobile 5.0 (latest version) which is build on Windows CE. regards mazen
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And enjoy Trend up ... or no .
I have read in another forum that downloading Alpari data is the most accurate data for backtesting. But in contacting Interbank FX today, they stated that thier is no way to get accurate results in MT4. InterbankFX stated that using thier data was the most accurate up to about 60%. Can someone...
Hi Dynastore for QuoteSpeed Tradestation 4, 2000i, Metastock Pro Existing customers have good-forever keys. Free public registration is available: Name: Free license Key: 0797-8FE7-AD50-C199 Build 20050406 N/A Documentation in PDF format
MetaTrader 4 Build 185 The new build includes the following changes: 1. Extended the field for account password. Password maximum length is 15 characters; 2. Fixed error of setting up alerts for symbols longer than 6 characters; 3. Improved operation of the terminal through Data Center; 4....
My demo feed for MT-4 is through Interbank FX. Is there any way to change this, so that my feed is directly through the MetaQuotes demo sever. I believe I had an older version of MT-4 that had a feed directly from MetaQuotes. I have since re-installed one of the newer builds that has the Interbank...
My Expert Advisor can run perfectly in Ver 4.0, Build 184, but can not run in Ver 4.0 Build 185. Does anyone else has the same problem? What's new update in Build 185? Can I change back to Build 184?
Guys I've got a problem with opening MQL and MQ4 files. What kind of program do I have to use? REGARDS