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hi I sent a message to the desk from my account, 6 days ago and no answer from them? is somebody can tell me what happen, why no answer after 6 days? Thanks
Hello folks! I am a newbie and I am wondering whether is there a way to have the TP and SL automatically set at anytime we place an order on MT5 platform. I am a day trader and I would like to enter and exit quickly . Thanks a lot :)
Is there a way to prevent further loss in the trailing stop before profit trading? Or is the trailing stop just to prevent loss of profits
I am running a free signal, if I get subscribers with funds to subscribe to my signal do I get a percentage on the profit given that the signal is free? I can't seem to find any info on the topic
Hi experienced traders, My Signal subscription shows my signal expiration date is 2020.04.05 07:30. Do you know how to calculate it for local time? My location is Japan. Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Hello everyone, I am trying to print my own values in the Optimization result along with the values originally displayed by it. See the image:   One can see Pass, Result,Profit,TotalTrades, and rsi_period. If I want to add my own values line win percentage, loss percentage, amount left, then how I...
Hello, I meet a problem when I try to compile my EA, it return me a error message " '}' - not all control paths return a value" . How can I solve it??
Hi, I need help as my money is locked into a project since early November and the developer is not responding to any messages. Support says I should wait for the developer, but he is not responding OR have even attempted to do th job. Please HELP Thanks
As talk~ How to open two MT4 with the same broker at the same time? Because I have two account numbers at the same broker all is the MT4 account, but I cannot open two MT4 at the same time. Can anybody help
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Gold may try to drop again during this week, but the 1063 level could act as a temporary support. To the upside, the 55 day exponential moving average, which is currently at the 1120 level could act as resistance in case gold retraces to the upside. But the Dollar stays strong and as long as the...
Hi, Can the seasoned expert here advice me how these ppl win in Demo trading contest ? I always see winning up to 20000% in one month. Thank you for your sharing
Dear MQL admins and moderators, One of my signals is tagged with two nonsense messages. 1. "No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days" -> In fact, there were enough recently opened trades. The last one this morning. 2. " Signal account leverage was changed 1 time from...
  Service Desk (8)
Not responding ... No other way of asking for help I need to put $70 in escrow for a job ... My balance is $70 ... Am told ... Not enough money to pay for the work HELP
  bug stop lost (1)
hi ! i just sell the xau/usd and it cash out without got the stop lost and i lost 124$ !!! how this is possible if it never got that stop lost ? just look at this photos
I'm writing 2 bool functions that check if certain conditions are met before executing a trade. The first function checks the previous candle. The 2nd function is meant to check conditions of the next 2 candles that form after the 1st confirmation candle. Only when both functions return True, the
Hi all, Is it possible to provide investors signals / a service to copy my trades within Fixed Income , ETF's , Indices and stocks or can they only copy a trader if they trade FX? Would be helpful if someone could explain. Thanks
Hi there, strikes again ! I hired a developer for a project, and he failed to do the job. I asked for a full refund but he considers that he deserves full payment for his incapability. I explicitly pointed him to the solution of the project which he didn't bother even checking... His first
  Is ePayments safe? (30   1 2 3)
when we want withdraw from account, we can see ePayments on the first. Is it safe?  I have seen some bad news about ePayments.  Has anyone used it? Can you talk about it?
Hello, I am new to this and I am trying to do an EA with the ADX indicator, for the signal system I try to use the CopyBuffer function but I cannot get the correct values, I want to use the main line and the level of the indicator to generate a signal when the market is lateralized, example L> 25
Guys I have been deposited into MQL5 but there's nothing show so that where can I pressing to start earning money .. I don't know where to press before I want to use it as on my balance there's okay
Hello guys. Do you know how the signal reliability is calculated? I will be grateful for the answers. Thank You
Dear experienced traders. I'm following a signal by a real account with bonus(credit) and I set lost cut as 0 balance as below. Could you teach me when would lost cut happen? A. When balance go to 0. B. When both balance and bonus(credit) go to 0. Thank you in advance and best regards, Sky
double PriceLevel = OrderOpenPrice() - Bid; // if Order was a buy Order. Why is that when the current price level is far away from the OrderOpenPrice level i get zero values
I am having trouble when i login to my live trading account from my demo. When i login to my live account my charts are mostly blank and when i click on one of my templates some of my indicators do not show up. When i click on indicator list on a chart it will say that the indicator is there but i
2020.04.02 11:26:28.986 '613xxxxx': order buy 0.02 USDJPY opening at 107.497 sl: 0.000 tp: 0.000 failed [Common error] ... 2020.04.02 11:35:09.719 '613xxxxx': order sell 0.02 USDJPY opening at 107.479 sl: 107.746 tp: 107.096 failed [Common error] How should one understand that kind of error ? What
  VPS for MT5 (7)
hi I am new to MT5 and looking to buy a robot. Am I right in thinking that having VPS means I can use my autoboots trades without having my laptop open? Can someone please help me? thanks
Hello , the thing is i have a programmed signal file installed to my mt5 pc and i get signals everything time my pc is on .. Now i want to know if i would still get the signal if i rent a virtual hosting service
Dear experienced traders. I'm following a signal by a bonus account, could you teach me how much I'm following him? My real balance is $280 and my bonus is S500, so I have $780 in amount. My signal option set is like bellow, but the following amount displayed in MQL5 is only $248. Do you know how to
I would be very grateful if someone could help me with converting the RSI and MACD below to mql5. I have seen an article on the forum on converting mql4 code to mql5 which has helped me in some other cases but I don't seem to get how to do it for the RSI and MACD. Please see the code below