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Hi all, please, is there trust historical data out there?. I would like to know if there is good historical data to set the correct enviroment to develop EAs, if so, could you give me way to go or a good approach please. sorry about my english, Vince.
The U.S. is currently coming down from mid-cycle in the business cycle and will likely stay that way, provided that debt ceiling discussions go smoothly. This is according to Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, an economist at Fidelity Investments. This means that growth might not be as strong at it was when the...
The functionality of MetaTrader 5 iPhone mobile platform has been significantly upgraded. The latest version features a large number of innovations and improvements providing comfortable work in the financial markets right from the mobile device. First, we have added the ability to arrange a...
I am new to Forex trading and still learning, but I want to know how am I going to start with Forex trading?
hello (sorry about my english) I very like this indicator, but it have a big problem. When one candle or tick is higher then the renko size, the indicator draw just one cube in the candle. i need real cube moves in one candle too. Can somebody help me please , recode this fail in this indicator ?...
I entered the login and the password in the Community tab in the MT4. My leverage is 100:1 Still says in the mql5 signal page that i cannot subscribe because no more than 500:1 is allowed. A little help please!
Guys, Is it profitable to take position after news released? What is the difference to trade ahead before the upcoming news?
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Guys, I am beginner in trading to Forex that seek a lot of knowledge in any Forex materials in order for me to become successful. How about you? Are you a experienced or a beginner trader?
Hello Everyone! I was wondering if someone would be so kind if helping me to set an audio alert for this indicator... Can´t find it anywhere nor code it myself unfortunately... Thanks in advance for the help! uberfractalv02.mq4
Found it in FB (here : Anaev ). I like it and I hope the others will too
please all forex expert please give me this indicator which is made by KARL DITTMAN. Super Fast Forex Indicator i have get this indicator by this web site
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It’s very easy to invest money in the stock market. Stock exchanges and brokers want investors, so they make it very easy to buy and sell stocks. There are actually many stock markets (known as stock exchanges). In the United States the majority of shares are traded in New York City on the New...
Economic news The yen strengthens against the dollar after four consecutive days of losses The yen continues to stay in the top focus of investors and it seems it will remain so until the Bank of Japan’s meeting (21-22 January), at the latest. The Japanese currency has been experiencing serious...
Hi All I am hoping to see if this strategy can be coded into an MT4 EA. Two horizontal lines are placed on a chart (line 1 and line 2) Both lines will be pending orders, (trade1 and trade2). if price goes above the previous candle high a long order is executed (trade1)...the other order which is...
Forex margin is the total sum of money to be invest. Am i right?
Dealing to Forex market is the easiest way to gain profit, as long as you know how to analyze the Forex charts and understand Forex indicators. How about you?
Do you have an idea on how to choose the best Forex signal? What is the best Forex signal?
Swiss must be be rejoicing : it is moving further and further from 1.20 projected minimum they desired. Intervention? What is intervention? ... Why noooo New projected (and desired) minimum in sight?
13 weeks of persistent and exciting struggle in the Automated Trading Championship 2012 are over and the winners already can celebrate their victory! All Expert Advisors have been stopped and it is time to announce the final results. For many weeks, we have covered the course of the competition...
Hello! I dont know why some signal provider in test time still have few followers! why's that? Tks!
INSTANTPIP SIGNAL Best Forex Signals across the World Instant Pip Signals - Instant Pip Signals ensure that you make 500-1000 pips per month. Instant Pip Trade Copier - Instant Pip Trade Copier copies all Signal Trade on your account as per the Volume that you have selected. No need to manually...
MetaQuotes Software Corp. announces the expansion of its offices. TradeNTrain has become the company's agent in India. This is the eighth representative office of MetaQuotes Software Corp. in the world. The office in Brazil was opened in May 2012 becoming the company's first official...
Hi, I'm new here, and I've read a lot of info. I'm running a couple of agents and I got lots of Jobs done, but still got 0.00 in my profit. Can someone tell me why? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
Can we gain more profit using binary option? My friend told that it is profitable. Is it true?
We all knew that trader earn profit through a commission paid by the followers. but how the about the broker? Does they earn profit every deal a client makes?
Where i can see the Forex trading hours? I want to trade using Euro.
I'm trying to order an EA in the jobs section but when i click the add button it asks me to "enter catagories" even though I already have. It won't let me proceed any further form here. Any Ideas?
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Hello I'm testing new systems that are having very good results and in which the risk is minimal. I would like your advice and opinion on this. System | Myfxbook My facebook is: karen.schuchr
I'm sure many of you have heard about the Blessing EA and have also tried it out as part of your forex journey. At some point in time you might have even made some money with this EA, but like all EA's you end up giving back your profits after a few weeks or even months. This journal is about my...
Can anyone please help me. i want a EA in which i will be using three Zig Zag indicators with the setting of Zig Zag 6, Zig Zag 30 and Zig Zag 120. i want an EA which can alert me by email and sms when the Zig Zag 6 and Zig Zag 30 is equal and Zig Zag 6, Zig Zag 30 and Zig Zag 120 are equal.