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I used to able to click and move the label easily in MT4. In the MT5, it is hard to click and move becase I have to click a little dat at upper left coner. Is there any way to select whole label in the MT5? string name= "TESTLABEL" ; ObjectCreate ( 0 ,name, OBJ_TEXT , 0 , iTime ( NULL , 0 , 0
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Why is there no protection for buyers being mislead by sellers making false claims about indicators. Constantly sellers are saying indicators dont repaint, recalculate. When you buy them, the do repaint and recalculate and wont update. I used to support them but many are just scamming people. I have
error of Volume when I try to import price data how can i import price data(start, high, low, close and volume) without any error? importing system displays different value when i try to import data
The documentation mentions this about "Report" parameter: Report — the name of the file to save the report on testing or optimization results. The file is created in the trading platform directory. You can specify a path to save the file, relative to this directory, for example
I tried to find an answer to this but could not find anything. Example: Lets say this martingale bot has a -PipStep range of: 20 pips -And a TP of 10 pips. If the first sell order were to be successfull the trade would've closed 10 pips in profit. But how would you calculate
how many charts can mt4/mt5 run effectively? What is the maximum of charts / EA's one platform can handle effectively and what size VPS (RAM) would be required? thanks, Mark
Hi, when it comes to trading forex, we want to look for momentum to show us that the pair we are intrested in has any potential movement , I have been all over the internet looking for this simple indicator to show me when the candle has moved from the open price to the close price a certain amount...
hi, I'm new in mql5 website. need to please ask how does a developer demonstrate a coded EA to a customer ? because obviously the progammer is not going to hand over the EA for testing without getting paid 1st. thanks
Hi, I've seen on forum that i can not my change username according to rules. well, then i just opened a new account but i can't verify it on market because i already used my identification on this account. What to do? Can anyone help me
Hello, here it's hard to understand for me why the compiler generate this error and how I can fix it: #define __Log__(_msg) {StringConcatenate(_msg,"<session_id>\t",_msg); \ Print(_msg);} int OnInit () { string fn = __FUNCTION__ , msg= " started" ; __Log__(fn+msg); // compilation error : "+" -
Hello, I was trying to open the live trading account of Metatrader5. But was not able to open with hedge. That hedge option was disabled. Screenshot is attached Please guide. Thanks and Regards Gitanjali
How to become an Invoice from MQL5
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Is there a problem with android app mt4 and mt5 with push notifications? I will only receive the notifications when i open the app. Anyone having problems?
Hello, The broker list will not populate on to enter a live account, only MetaQuotes Software corp. I asked for help from MQL5 but the were not at all interested in helping me with their product, shot me down and directed me to this forum software is upto date, I deleted and reinstalled, still
Hello, I think there is a issue in MetaEditor 2485. In older builds of program, there is option to replace a part of code or a single word with blank (empty field). In the latest version if field "Replace with:" is empty, the program completes the field with the last option. This precludes the
Hello, I noticed that the latest build cannot get the value of "tick value" when you do a back test. Something that previous builds did. I don't know if this only happens to me, or it's a matter of the terminal. You can to see the different between FT and BT for EURJPY pair in the images
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i just set up a demo accounting and am stuck on waiting for updates and i cant add any chart please help i already logged in
Hi great Folks!!! Hope all is well. It seems like automation and coding just never ends as errors ever present. Kindly assist with fixing an issue with the moving average. Code is written to read exponential moving average at current and at a prior shifted value to determine bullish or bearish trend
I've created a really simple synthetic instrument (SIEN20 - XAGUSD) which shows spread between Silver and its Sep futures contract. Works perfectly in strategy tester and I can easily do analysis and create my own trading logic using it, but when it comes to real live trading, it keeps having
Hello MT4 community, Yesterday I was experiencing some payment issues when trying to buy the program "name removed". After fixing the payment issues, I accidentally bought the version for MT5. I realized this only after pressing install on the program in the market. I've commented and the creator
Dear experienced traders Do you know what does Arbitration mean in freelance job? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
I purchased an EA from the market but cannot install it. Went to the terminal > market > download and pressed install, a pop up came up prompting to type in my password for the community which I did and clicked ok but nothing happens
I migrated all charts, EA, inidcators to VPS but I notice the EA stops functioning when I turn off my computer. Can anyone assist with this
after pc restarts due to electricity mt5 forgets everything about template and EA . i even have to download and install EA again. i had saved this template many times in paste few days so its weired why mt5 forgets it! i hope this problem solved
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what is the procedure to add symbol from NSE to MT5 marketwatch and start trading NSE option trading and back test
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Can someone please help me how to make Automated MACD Trader, trailing stop and ability to change the MACD Default settings.... Thanks Babar
Hello if may broker dosnot provide trading on USDX how can i trade on it this is the USDX Equation : USDX = 50.14348112 * the EUR/USD exchange rate ^ (-0.576) * the USD/JPY exchange rate ^ (0.136) * the GBP/USD exchange rate ^ (-0.119) X the USD/CAD exchange rate ^ (0.091) × the USD/SEK exchange
Hello Guys I'm using backward loop for calculating past formed bars but it's recalculate all bars every time, how can i limit to just recalculate only past three bars
Hi everyone, I've downloaded the center of gravity put them as stated in mql5/include and mql5/indicators folders and it is not visible " " when select "Compile" in MetaEditor I have the following error Please help