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How do you recover an MQL5 password if you're a technical numpty?
Hi guys, im looking for a way around or an alternative to do things. Basically I use FileOpen, FileWrite, etc on OnTester to write information during optimization on CSV File. I notice while back that somehow, the number of Optimization Passes was always missing 1 or 2, or there is a incomplete row
I m on Mac, MetaTrader 5, how can I solve this problem : I'm trying to backtest my strategy but when I clic on the 'start' button I got this error. Please help me ! thank you best regards, Samuel Dana
Hello everyone, can anyone help me solve this problem ? I tried to run a backtest with example expert advisors of MT5. I find this error in the report. this is the ea that i try to test (I'm sorry for my English that is not good) Thank you
Hi, I'm experiencing a curious situation here which probably is a bug in RAM management by MT5 Terminal with the PlaySound function. First, consider the following print: 2Gb, just a little bit of RAM consumption, isn't it? :P No here is the situation: I have a costum indicator which uses the
Dear Community. I have setup the copying correct I believe. However I am not allowed to copy the signal I have paid for. My broker has currency pair ending like EURUSD.ecn I have this report in the "Toolbox" Journal: 2020.06.01 05:06:26.125 Terminal JF Global MetaTrader 5 x64 build 2460 started for
Hello, I need your help I would like to know how on this order a can put a stop loss : trade.Sell(0.10,NULL,Bid,0,(Bid-10 * _Point),NULL); I managed to put a take profit but not a stop loss. thank you in advance
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I have a script, during executing suddenly MetatTraded will close but MetaEditor is still open. how can i find out the reason of closing MetaEditor
Hi how can i trade with MetaTrader 5 on <platform name removed>? I search in googel for over 2 hours
Hi! 1. I am following a signal on my MT4 (IC Markets) - everything has worked in May when I started. But, now in June when I look at the Terminal window and Signals, my trading statistics / results all show just zeroes. Q1: Is something wrong and can it be fixed, if so, how? Q2: Who should/can one
double   Bar_Close[];double Distance(double& Bar_Close[]){...} for double I know it pass like above but how about this? MqlRates Bar_Rates[]; how can I pass the array as an argument into the function?
Hi how can I request for a refund for indicator that I bought since I saw that she also have this indicator which is exclusive for EurUsd only the only currency pair I trade. What I bought is for multi currency and the seller told me that I have to contact service desk to help me with this matter
I am interesting in MT5 Subscriptions service, however I doesn't know which broker provide Asia market stocks data service
Hi, I'm developing an indicator that tries to capture drawings (thus objects) in the graph and then work with them. Since the drawings are going to have a standarized naming, I'm using a call to ObjectFind to monitor if a new object has been drawn: bool hasDObjWithThisId(const int dObjId, const
Mt5 is slow when test any EA in strategy tester, only one core is used, and it will run on 3%, how to make it faster
I need help. On Sunday June 1 at 10:35pm est I went short on GBP/JPY as follows: My Entry was at 133.579 My stop loss was 133.669 The closest candle on retracement was 133.609 However My stop loss was still hit. Can someone explain to me why? I anxiously await an answer.. Confused
I used to have Heiken Ashi candles on my MT4 app and somehow I messed up the settings when I was half asleep. Does anyone know about changing them?T Thank you
pLEASE BRING an API. An integration with other brokers. Let me trade ANYTHING with METATRADER. I don`t want to learn other language. I am lazy now and old. Can you make an alliance with interactive brokers? It could be fascinating if I could pick up a stock or anything and just trade from the
Choose MT4 or MT5? Which is the best for copy trading
Dear experienced traders Do you know what does archived mean in signal? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
The first time I couldn't find my post I assumed I posted it wrong. But after a second attempt and not finding it again I think it's been taken down. I breezed through the rules but I didn't see anything that suggested I was violating them. Am I not allowed to ask for an experienced coder to help
I seee MT5 have SQLlite integration, Does it support MySQL
Do anyone have this indicator the MBFX timing indicator so I could download it and maybe with some text on how to use it effectively, many thanks in advance
I am wondering about the 2nd to last parameter. int icustom_var = iCustom ( _Symbol , 0 , "blabla" , 20 , true , 0 , 3 , 1 ); The parameter with the value of 3 in my example above. In the docs in says its the mode of the indicator. In a lot of examples ive seen people referring to they say its the
How I can configure copying parameters for trading signals
Hi, I'm trying to migrate my account along with my EA to a VPS and I'm getting an error message saying that my EA version is too old and recompile it. I'm aware that one solution is to contact the vendor of this EA, but unfortunately I don't have the option to get in touch with him. Can anyone help
Hi,    I am trying to use WebRequest to send a header and get a response. Basically I have the follow parameters:    url: "
I lost the old phone number and I want to replace it with the new phone number in the security section. Please help me
Hello friends, I try to create a parabolic sar indicator, and it should draw a line, the problem is that the code does not give me errors but it does not show anything on the graph either, I use candles for 1 to 5 minutes. Can you help me and tell me where I am failing please
I defined a generic interface and I want to use it in another class. I can't figure out what is wrong with this code: #property strict template < typename T> interface IGenericHandler { bool Handle(T &item); }; #define DOES_NOT_WORK class GenericHandler { public : #ifdef DOES_NOT_WORK