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Hello I downloaded and tested a EA and it was quite nice... so I decided to buy it. Then by trying to syncronizing it with a VPS the trouble startet the compilation is not working/old. I need a new compilation file. I tried to contact the developper - no answer. I tried to stop the payment - no
LE    0    LiveUpdate    17:05:48    new terminal 5.00 build 387 (IDE: 387, MQL: 387, Tester: 387) is available OQ    0    Network    17:05:49    '718512': authorized on...
Right forex broker play an important role in getting benefits from forex deal. Therefore it is very important that you choose your forex broker very carefully to get the maximum advantages from forex market. Following points can help you in choosing a right forex broker- Rating of brokers-...
Sorry i just need to re-confirm based on some prior articles on here. I have just subscribed for a VPS and signal - i have synced the VPS and signal and just want to confirm whether that is all i need to do in the MT4? Thanks in advance
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We've launched the beta version of the website devoted to the new MQL5 language from MetaQuotes Software Corp.We've always tried to take into account all suggestions and comments ofour forum members, and most of your suggestions will be implemented onthis new website. The new MQL5...
Hello, dear friends! I open a topic related to the risk managements, because all of us should have a good discipline, else strategy if we want to be successful traders. It is accepted that the value of a risk managements should be around 2% of the balance, but it is not talked really much about how
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I have a balance in my account from a refunded subscription how long will it be before I can withdraw it
can anyone point out the documentation or an article making use of the following: SYMBOL_MARGIN_STOPLIMIT thank you
Setting up a new MAM with a broker and when linking new master and some slave accounts to the MAM, currently open trades on the MAM gets auto synchronised and replicated into all the accounts at market levels. Expectation is that nothing should open on new accounts until the next new trade. Have
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I downloaded an indicator; however same is nit installing on my MT5
I´ve been reading several stuff in the forum to solve this prolem but I still can´t log in. 1. I´ve changed my password 2. I´ve unchecked the boxes below the IP settings 3. I´ve tried to login with my full email and also removing the "" part Can someone please help with this!? I´ve just
I just opened a demo account <broker name removed> but if I try to log-in into it from MT5, searching in brokers list always bring me Metaquote-Demo nothing else ! First I don't know how to log-off from my current Metaquote 10K demo account. If I go from MT5 to Open an account, MT5 ask me to choose
Hi Gentleman and Ladies, When i trying to migrate an EA to VPS, it shows the error. Migration to virtual hosting failed: DLLs are not allowed. The DLL is shall32. what can I do? Thanks
Hello Guys, I would like to ask if the mobile App intent functionality can be implemented to open his MT4 or MT5 mobile Application. Lets say I would like to have a Trade Now button and push the user to launch his MT4 or MT4 App (already installed on his device) and start trading. Thank you Andrew
I don't know what the problem is... Help please
Is it possible to have 2 Data Windows in MetaTrader 5? I've got the original Data Window moved to a secondary screen, but another Data Window for my main screen would be very useull
Hi I was reading an article about graphical interfaces, considering that at the end of road, when you are developing such a library of header files, you will be face to face with more than few files with hierarchical dependency,... I was wondering, is there a way to compile these header files into
hi there i mistaken clicked on virtual trader and my account has been froxen ever since , please coudl to assisst me with on goung issues looking forward to youm prompt reply . kyle
Hi. My broker has terrible history quality and gives hugely different results compared to other history data available. Any recommendations for any UK brokers which have 100% history quality please? Ryan
Hi I am very new MT5 Platform and trying to get use to it. How do I change or update chart property globally. eg if I change candle color, it take effect on all the charts i am using. Please any help. thank you ISH
I subscribed to myQL vps so I can use an EA continually. I discovered EA results after running on VPS for two days Is different from result from back test for same two days. Please what could be the issue, definately so many missed opportunities and difference in the time of execution
I susbscribed to a trader and in their history there are trades but checking my account i dont have any of these trades. Any reason why
is there any restriction on particular brokers to publish signal. fortfs i think one of them. found weltrade banned in various site to listed as signal provider. dose mql5 ahve any list of banned broker
Hello friends, I would like to continue here News trading systems, news discussions, as dissapeared somehow from the FF forum. I asked Bank Manipulation Trading to participate here in this thread with his deep knowledge to help people in their trading. He will publish here his trades, ideas etc. as
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Hi, I subscribed for a signal but I am not getting any trades even though account is up & running on VPS and system generated new trade this morning. Please advice. G
Dear all MetaTrader Participants, Kindly let me know how to access all the information of all the "Automated Trading Chamionship" from Year 2006 till this date. How to read full interview of all the Participants? Thanks
please i deposited on mql5 community thinking it would reflect in my trade account so i could trade with it but , its not working i still see a demo as broker even when i have a real account. please how do i transfer to my real account or back into my visa/ master card account
I deposited 36 usd to copy someone. I do not know where the money has gone but i do the name of person i have copied under subscription. The website is really confusing with MQL5 and MT5 platforms. I get emails on how to change password but when i try to do it there is no such option. Is there a
I seek direction with the following. Currently I use MT4 and Multiterminal. The combination make for a useful tool but could be improved with the ability to incorporate a variety of adjustable SL's and a TP when a trade is opened via Multiterminal. The SL's and TP would need to be in pips and have
Hi ! I'm getting values to HULL in two different timeframes, as shown below: handle_hma1 = iCustom (m_symbol.Name(), _Period , "HullMA2" , HMA1_Period, HMA1_Divisor, HMA1_Price, HMA1_Largura, HMA1_Estilo, HMA1_Color1, HMA1_Color2); handle_hma2 = iCustom (m_symbol.Name(), PERIOD_H1