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Indicator values not being painted using iCustom function in EA. 
I'm observing constant high network traffic (approx. 60 kB/s) in the background with MT5 Build 2007. It starts about 60 s after login with no charts open and stays like that during the whole session. Removing all symbols from Market Watch makes no difference. I can't remember this behaviour occuring...
I'm curious if there is a way to for-loop through a CArrayObj or CList? Also, is there a way to get the number of objects within a CArrayObj or CList? I've thought of work arounds like having a counter that I increments every time I add to the list, but just curious if there's a standard way.
Why do you not add a filterin the freelance section? It should filter the with checkbox the development language requested. Thanks
Just wanted to know how it's going any bugs or slow issues to deal with? Thanks Reason I post this is win7 is being discontinued Jan 14 2020. GRRRR!!! Microsoft wants their spyware in all the computers of the world!
Estou desenvolvendo uma Rede Neural e gostaria de saber como exportar/salvar para um novo arquivo .CSV (Ou outro tipo como, excel (.xls), ou .xml, ou até .txt) da minha array pesos[], seria melhor ainda se tivesse como exportar também outras variáveis com o .CSV, como: Número_de_Nodos[6].
Dear forum members Nice meeting you all I have a pretty simple question i guess Where can i find help files that explains me all the functions or let me see how to use this language. And what language is this specific? It looks like C but i'm not sure. Examples of for example how to code an offline...
How do I contact metaquotes or metatrader customer services? 
We run backtests with "Slow complete algorithm" for a range of inputs in "Every tick based on real ticks". In the optimization results we click a single test to run and we get totally different results. Moreover when we use other local network agents the "Slow complete algorithm" results are...
Hi All, My EA has stopped working... just froze but, before that I was getting error 4109 failing to place order. Then after troubleshooting it was able to only place one order and froze till now. Is this a common behavior? Or is the market closed already? I need help, I am brand new into this....
Hello everyone. I bought a new EA which is based on martingale strategy ( so its increasing on lot sizes) and i contacted author of EA because i want to have trades only for 0.01 or 0.02 not more. So i asked him if its possible to change that and he texted me that it is and i have to input lot. I...
I want my money back.. i put 20usd on this account from PayPal, i did not know you have to be a seller to retreive it. I can't and don't have the means to put passport pictures or all that nonsense.. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. You  can just put a PayPal link without a fuss, this is a sc*m of the...
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Hello if I change from 1:500 to 1:200 will the Tester know it or is it some setting ?
How get angle or slope of trendline?
facebook üzerinden ürün satın aldım mt4 tarihinde şifre istiyor aktif edemiyorumn  facebook üzerinden
The indicator on its own works fine but not when I use the EA I cant see anything working.
Can You Please Help Me !!! I Have Expert Advisor In MT4 And I Want To BackTest It And Have Possibilty To Log in Multiple TimeFrame Data Like I Want BackTest In One Hour TimeFrame And Can Get Data Of Others Time Frame Like High , Low ,Open ... , And Value Of Indicator In Time Frame I Want  I...
Hello, I have the MQLMySQL dll for 64-bit PCs, but I am not able to locate it for 32-bit PCs. Can someone point me to the link that contains a download for it? Thanks in Advance!! Eddi Rae
Hi there. I am trying to write an indicator that presents upcoming news items for the pairs on any given chart. I am stuck on the very first bit of the code; which is downloading news data from a reliable source as a csv in MT4.  Can anybody help with this or point me in the right direction. Cheers
Hi guys, I want to add USDX to my EA. How can do that without adding custom USDX(DXY) indicator to my EA? Any help? *** Below there is my EA's structure //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|                                                   cuneyttest.mq5 | //|...
Hello , im receiving messages for broken download links for MT4 tools via the Market page from the browser. Is this related to the Antivirus issue affecting images as well ?  Thank you
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​HEY people, let's see my video to know how install a robot (expert edvisor) that trades automatically, Thanks.
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hi, does someone provide signal in a demo account in order to test my signal subscribtion and my virtual server because i subscribed to a $59 monthly signal but i miss all the signals despite of the mql5 instructions of settings
Hello. I would like to know how to enter an activation code to protect my indicators.
Hello Maybe someone can explain to me how it might be that I'm testing an expert on MT4 and getting results and after a few days I do the same test on the same dates and have a completely different result ?
Hello everyone. I find the need to convert an MT5 Netting Mode EA into Hedging Mode due to my broker no longer offering demo netting accounts. My EA does not make use of hedging positions. Either BUY or SELL are open at any one time but not both. However, each position can have multiple deals as the...
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HI Please tell the chart below
I am executing trades in MT4 (multiple brokers) and being forced to enter the same S/L and T/P for every trade in the same pair, ie. two EURUSD sell orders at different prices/times, yet the same S/L and T/P applied to both orders.  Anyone else seeing this?
Finally, once you've established your trading strategy, and switched to a live trading account, you should move on to the next step—or steps, rather:     Set stop-losses for every trade. Otherwise, failure is almost certain.     Develop a trading plan and always adhere to it.     Don't risk more...
This is where most who attempt to trade online make the biggest mistake. If we assume that having the best and most optimistic backtested EA means we are good traders this is the basis for the mistake. Having a hammer does not make a person a carpenter. So why in the world should having a well...