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Good day thank you for adding epayments to withdrawals options i just need a clarification about something i read in epayments withdrawal section that all wallets i will withdraw through will be added to trusted wallets but epayments allow only one wallet per client so does this mean i can withdraw
Is there any way in history that it is recorded that the opened and closed position was made by the customer and not by the fraudster broker? Or Is there any way in history to record that the opened and closed position was made by the customer, not by the fraudster broker
Hello How I Do BackTest For five Symbol In the Same Time Show Me On The Chart like live trader ? in MT5 Like This Video Please Tell Me How Or What Code I write It Include Mq5 Until Can Do that or what i do ? thank you
BTCUSD historical data missing July and Aug on my chart. Anyone like me and resolve this problem. Help me please
n. I need an indicator of standard MACD were if today MACD closing value is higher than 5 days ago it plots a green bar in up direction ,and if it is low than 5 days ago than a red bar plots in down direction in MT4
Hi there. I like to have the moving average of the volume. I have write this lines of codes but it always get me the moving average of closing price. What is my coding problem? I have copied here the OnInit and OnCalculate functions only. I have write and compiled the whole indicator correctly. I
  Brexit New (2)
Anybody would like to share more on Brexit? What will happen on 31 Oct 2019
Yesterday my trading stopped and the server went down. When I got it back up all of my Market tools , Indicator and Experts stopped working.. It was on all of my accounts, whether they were on the VPS or my local machine. I tried to re-install them, but they are not all coming up on my Purchased
I tried to read other topics in the forum, but unfortunately no solution solved my problem ... I'm trying to leave an order in stone, for when the market reaches the price it will be executed. But it turns out that when I make the order as in the function below, it pops up the message I put in the
I wanted an EA developed and awarded to a Freelance, the guy did a Demo EA and sent me. There is a few things we need to fix on his demo and I texted the developer to try and get him to fix the issues. For about 3 days now the guy is not replying. His last activity was on 22 OctI I ended up
Is there any way to change the default category on the phone of metatrader 5, I just finished creating the default category and then it was replaced by this old one very time consuming
  Close At Profit EA (50   1 2 3 4 5)
Hi Guys, FOund this ea from mql4 but i figured it could be much better if someone could modify it to close trades base on pip value rather than account currency. Thanks in advance for helping out.
Hello, every time I shut down MT4 and restart it, my MT4 indicators (bought from the marketplace) malfunction (either don't load or stop working) and I have to delete them and re-install them for them to work. This has happened with two brokers now. Why is this happening and how do i fix it?? Thank
Hi everyone, Need advice on renting or buying the right EA to install without setting up. Any ideas? Also need to know if i can install the EA from MT5 mobile trading app
  Expert for SHI_SilvertrendSig (49   1 2 3 4 5)
Hi, I am a newbie. Please can someone help me to make an expert program from this indicator : SHI_SilvertrendSig. ( if it possible ? ) Thank U. May profit always with U
The add button in the market page isn't responding. How can this be solved, or it under repair, by the admins
Has anyone had their metaquotes id setting in mql5 disappeared? When i tried to enter my previous id, with the site having to send a code for verification, i'm not getting any on my mobile mt4
Hi All, Is there anyone that have alert for chart anomaly? Cause in the last day I had big problem with some broker that make my account had a big loss. Fortunately, the broker had responsibilty to Re-Open my position and gave my money back. Thank you
I seem to be having trouble with a feature - the 'Scale Fix One to One' option in the Common Properties. Whenever I select this, my chart goes crazy and is useless. I'm trying to use it in relation to Gann charting, and using this option seems to be the recommendation. To show you what I'm...
Hi, today a US IP has tried to enter in my MQL5 account. I made the screenshot of the nice guy's IP. Can Metaquotes sanction this person, given that he probably has his account MQL5 with the number of IPs with which he tried to enter my account? thanks
Hi, I want deactivate the LOG_LEVEL_ALL in the CTrade Class for backtesting. Is that possible? Thanks for your Help! Matthias
I bought [...] indicator. There is no response from MT4. There is no download button for me to activate
I am trying to change the font size of the description associated with a rectangle in an EA. Changing the COLOR appears to work OK but the FONTSIZE doesn't appear to change ObjectSetInteger(chart_ID,ObjName,OBJPROP_COLOR,Wheat); ObjectSetInteger(chart_ID,ObjName,OBJPROP_FONTSIZE,6);
Every Forex trader know it is highly uncertain and speculate market. No one can be 100% sure about what will be market status in next minute or day. We only can predict either it can be profit or lose. That's why Zero Balance Protection is play vital role to minimize your lose ratio. So, what you
Hello, I'm trying to get an "MetaTester 5 Agents Manager" up, but I have a problem with it. I still have the zero value of the tests I have given, as well as zero cloud work. Agents seem to be connected to the cloud and see them in the portal in the "Agents" menu. Does anyone know why and...
I Wanted to buy indicator ..When I use the bank's card, it was in error.. I think there is some error in the indicator option ۔. After i Deposit to mql5 account that i Can buy an indicator ...All my efforts will be gone ... Now i want to withdraw this money ..but there is no option avillable for
  payout (5)
A trader has persuaded me to open an account and deposit $ 250. Now I have a small profit and want to pay the money. Whatever way. Please help me to get my money back. Thank you so much
#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade; int a =0;void OnTick() { double RsiArray[]; int rsi = iRSI(_Symbol,PERIOD_CURRENT, 14, PRICE_CLOSE); ArraySetAsSeries(RsiArray,true); CopyBuffer(rsi,0,0,3, RsiArray); double rsivalue=NormalizeDouble(RsiArray[0],2);double
I've been forward testing an EA from August 08 until now. The results from this six month timeframe are recorded in MetaTrader's Account History. When I run the strategy tester for the same six month period, I receive a different result. That is to say the backtest results do not match the...
  Freelance Job (2)
Where do I click to apply for a job in freelance section? I'm searching high and low and don't seems to find any button to apply