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How do I integrate Python with mql
Hello world! I have my MQL-Developer Collegue here on Freelance. We want to sell (Market) the same product we developed together. Is it forbidden or? Thank you!
How do you read this word :  " GUI " ? /ˌdʒiːjuː'aɪ/   or   goo---ee
Hello! I have an expert advisor, with a setting "MAX ORDER AGE". From monday, after MT4 update, it don't open all order and if I go to the EA log I see this error: "SignalSlaveMySQL+ EURUSD+,M15: Order 16126939 BUY 0.70 EURUSD cannot be executed. Order age > MaxOrdersAge" How I do to resolve it...
  Metatrader known bugs ... (1142   1 2 3 4 5 ... 114 115)
This thread is opened as MrPip's idea ... I suggest the following :- if someone knows about some bug please report it in this thread- in the info report the build of the metatrader - int the info describe the nature of the bug - if it is possible (not necessary) post an example as simple as it can...
Tried to ran optimization but ran into this error Tester set mode to math calculations or adjust testing dates What is this?
Hello, with MT5, Build 2009 I cannot see orders and deals in the strategy tester (History tab). Deals are ok and visible: Orders are ok and visible, too: But no orders & deals :-( Matthias
Good Day Where can I get a Crypto Demo accont for MT5?
My indicator draws arrow only when the candle is closed(i.e after confirmation). Can anyone help me to draw arrow on the new bar instead closed bar. Please advise
Hello, I want to update my symbol list in my panel by drag and drop a symbol from the market watch. When drag and drop a symbol into my panel the current chart is closed and a new chart with the dropped symbol is loaded. Is it possible to prevent reloading the chart? Thanks
Herve New New
I created this new account not long ago. Just after creating it, I received 3 messages from people that I would not like to reveal their identities. I would like to know how they do it. How they can know that there is new person registered on mql5. Please I need a constructive comments. Kind...
hi guys, anyone know how to fix this error? only happen during the validation process. mt4 strategy tester working good.
Hello everybody, I'm trying to make my EA capable of assigning to an opened order in loss its specific hedging order so to avoid randomly opened hedging orders.  To do that I was trying to create a blacklist, blacklist which I thought i could do by simply using the FileWrite() function. So I came up...
Hello Is there an automated way of getting an alert when a signal I copy does a trade. I know I can keep on looking at the screen of MT4, but I want it automated.  Thanks already for the help.
Everyone is complaining about this signal : [...] but why MQL5 is doing nothing about it. The losses do not appear on the history. That is a scam. How to report a such signal???? Kind Regards
hello, anyone know why my expert advisor in market downloaded into scriprt folder?it is expert advisor not script thank you
In UpWork.com there is no test about mql4 coding. I want to know where to test my mql4 skill and certificate it.
maybe this indicator is  for mt5. I am not sure about that.. if anyone knows the name of the indicator please tell me. I would highly obliged for that. thanks in advance. please let me know which indicator is this.
Hey, I get a really annoying problem these days. After resetting my OS and installing Metrader 5, each time I want to run an EA in the Tester, I'm not able to change the input parameters. They are automatically reseted to the default parameters in the Sourcecode. It makes me crazy...!! Looking...
Just updated an indicator (Advance Currency Strength) from version 4.7 to 4.8 and now I can't load it onto a chart. Please advise solution.
I was trying to add the same trading account as private signal into a new mql5 account which I have deleted from the previous mql5 account but system shown it has been used. Is this bug or restriction? 
1. Mirror Trades Software 2. Price Alert Softwares 3. News Feeds Softwares 4. Collective Datas for NEws on Specific Currencies like USD or GBP 5. Or any useful softwares used for Fund or Forex Managers. Thanks in Advance.
Hello Any idea of why mt4 is not showing % of drawdown ? kind regards
Hello, I have a big problem with my signal. Now my growth is around + 130%, when it was + 300% when I started and rising to over 500%. And one day fell more down than 400% to 125%. Maybe someone can explain why this happened? And what to do? Sincerely, Modestas
We have a plethora of options to Refresh() in the standard library. I'm already calling the CSymbolInfo library in an EA, so would the following achieve the same end result as right clicking the chart that the EA is applied to and hitting the refresh button? #include <Trade\SymbolInfo...
How to draw a trend line in the visual chart in the strategy tester? everytime I hit start in the tester, a new chart opens and I am not able to use the drawn trend lines. any help?
Hi, I have 2 questions: 1. From what draw down level MQL5 does not permit subscription to a signal? 2. How much is the signal seller fees to MQL5?
Hello, I ask the question because it seems to be the way to have a Renko graph on which I can put a trading robot. However, I don't see the Depth of Market button and the Trading button in the top left of the Custom Symbol graph. Is there a solution, please? Thank you to you for your help
Yesterday I subscribed for a signal service for 5 credits a month I first subscribed for 1 month and I can select it in my MT4 account but in the Journaal I can see a message saying "Signal - subscription disabled" following "Signal - synchronization terminated, signal provider has leverage 1:300,...
why i take this error: There are no new data for a symbol  'GBPUSD' while download history from history center?