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Could I ask for a little assistance in what should be 2 simple band indicators to program in Mq4. I would like to create 2 band indicators: 1) 3 EMA, high, plus another 3 EMA, (high + 15 pips). 2) 3 EMA, low, plus another 3MA, (low - 15 pips). Can I get a little help from somebody, I would surely...
Hi. I'm still trying to get the hang of the MT4 programming. My background is C++. I open the order like this inside the EA. OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,Lots,Bid,Slippage,Ask+500*Point,0,name,MagicNumber,0,Red); Then I want to close that order and that order only. So I use OrderClose(MagicNumber...
Found it at : bye DV
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Forward testing Firebird v63G. See my statement. Anyone else testing this EA? TF=M30. Settings see firebirdv63g.ZIP
I see talk of indicators and other talk of expert advisors, can the indicator be displayed from within the expert advisor rather than having to add both to the chart? If they must be seperate, is there a way to use the variables from one to trigger the other? Thanks
Hello, I have the created the following code, and wanted to ask if I had dealt with Error codes in the correct way, in relation to order execution. I want to make sure that by using the following code below that I will not get any problems or bugs. Here is the code I am referring to: if (...
Hi Guys, I amhaving problem with the email function in MT4 please help me.... Thanks Babar
Hi. I downloaded the ASC++ system. Found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/172966 I did everything it said. I now have it running on my demo account. It should be running but it's not making any trades at all yet. Is this normal? It's been running about an hour.
Would anybody like to share your linear regretion indicator with me - I could sure use it! Dave <
How do I program a straddle in Zerocode to put a Buy Stop 10 pips above the current price and a Sell Stop below the current price? Also can I program this only to happen at a certain time (7:29am CST)? Thank you Todd
The updated version is available for download at "MetaTrader 4 trading terminal" What's new: 1. Repaired Optimization cache state check 2. Fixed errors of displaying for some nonstandard charts opened offline
Guys, Where can I find MT4 iFORCE indicator... Thanks Babar
  Ang (9)
Hi All, I found this indicator but it "paint the past". Could anyone fix this problem? Regards MFX
TSD Community, I am looking to find out if there is a secure online service that will run a MT4 platform. In other words I am looking for a secure online service that will run the MT4 platform, so I will have the option of running an EA without my computer being on. This would really come in handy...
I’m trying to get my expert to sleep after a loss trade, For some reason it doesn't work. I’ve already checked that the proper order was selected. The script looks like this: int i=HistoryTotal(); OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_TICKET); if(OrderProfit()<0) { Sleep(900000); } If any one has experience...
Does anyone have any idea of what indicator the screen below uses ? Text is difficult to read ? Its at forexholygrail.com anyone have any experience with it ? Thanks
Hello.... can anyone tell me what the MT4 equivalent of LastTradeTime is? I'm trying to convert the following line to MT4: mql line: If((CurTime-LastTradeTime)<300) then Exit; Any suggestions would be appreciated! Tim
I want to analysis to stock market with mt4. Is this possible. I just got some servers with stock information. But there are only limited numbers of the company. Does anyone happen to know any server I can search any stock with MT4? (American stock market) Thanks so much in advance! Shiningstar
Hi, is it possible to create a chart with a custom instrument? Eg, I would like to be able to make a chart with a weighted basket of currencies. Regards, Michal
I am considering purchasing an i-mate SP5 smartphone (produced by HTC and functionally identical to Qtek 8310 and O2 XDA Orion) so as not to remain deskbound during trading and I wonder if anyone can tell me if they have any experience of this phone with MT4 Mobile - ie. Does MT4 Mobile work...
Hi, I tried to add some indicators to my Mt4 but it seems that they does not work at all. Any one can tell me what should I do? I have added many indicators before and they all works good. But this time.... I have attached the indicator files that do not work on my mt4. HOpe any one can help me...
HI everyone I am very new to MQ4 coding, so I would like to ask help with some array stuff. I would like to calculate the average value of OrderProfit() for the last 5 tics, and think it can be done using arrays, but I don't know how. Anyone able to help?
Hi Guys, How can I make an Ea which lok for the previous BAR open, close, high and low price and then depending on the conditions take long position or short... Thanks Babar
Hi all, what is the best preffered method to check if market is closed or not. I was trying to use IsTradeAllowed() but it returns true during the weekend. Is there another method to do it? Regards, Michal
I saw this chart this morning and was wondering if this is a Metatrader 4 indicator, or a personal incidicator. The user post it as : "Thats my proprientary PDI (Price Distribution) indicator."( The red and whitle lines on the chart)Thanks
This advisor puts in the pending trades above and below the hi and low. How do I set it to go off of the current price NOT the hi and low? I am new to MT3. Below is the code: /*[[ Name := breakout_advisor Author := none Link := none Lots := 1.00 Stop Loss := 15 Take Profit := 30 Trailing Stop :=...
Hey guys, Can anyone help me to add the code to this EA to stop trade and wait until the next bar after closing the previous position. I've tried to disable EachTickMode but it doesn't just like i want. #property copyright "Expert Advisor Builder" #property link "http://sufx.core.t3-ism...
This advisor puts in the pending trades above and below the hi and low. How do I set it to go off of the current price NOT the hi and low? I am new to MT3. Attached is the EA
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Can somebody please tell me how to use this indicator and what timefrime is the best for it. Thanks
I am getting the "Invalid Parameters" error message like the one shown below: 2006.05.15 23:25:12 '188208': order sell stop 1.00 EURUSD opening at 1.2819 sl: 1.2862 tp: 1.2719 failed [Invalid parameters] I have checked all the parameters, but all of them appears to be okay. What can I do to check...