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Does anyone know if there's any way to get the MT5 python integration to work on Mac M1 (arm). Python installs and runs fine on a Mac, but unsurprisingly, when I try: pip install MetaTrader5 I get: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement MetaTrader5 (from versions: none)
Hello, I have updated my MT5 software on MacOS last week following a prompt to go to MQL5 website to download the last version of the software. I now face some serious issues which I will describe below and attach images. 1. Instead of opening my uusal MT5 app, it opens another instance which name
Hello, I am trying to use the shared projects functionality in mql5. Unfortunately I'm having some problems. Yesterday I've started the project, invited some people, updated and committed to storage. All the good stuff. Today, I wanted to add another person via the "Project settings". This is where
so, i wrote a indicator that i want to sell on market place, but it does not allow me to post the file, it sais (file compiled for profiling) , and i tried everything to get it uploaded, please help
I accidentally installed my VPS in FXView-Demo, if I operate in DEMO account using Trading Robo, will i be getting profit. Also can I switch VPS from Demo account to Real account . Please help
About 1 month I can't withdraw and the support is not responding. I got this text at withdraw section: Withdrawal unavailable: We need to perform additional verification of your account. This is a standard procedure meant to ensure the security of all members. Currently, no action is
I am struggling to import bars in MT5 built in Bar importer None of the bars get import even if csv is correctly formatted. So I am requesting anyone to upload any working CSV for demo which imports 1minute bar ohlc into mt5. thanks
  loading stocks  (2)
How do I load the TSE and TSX
A variable of type double is alway set. Can I assign it to NaN? -MathIsValidNumber() returning false? void OnStart(){ double a; Print(MathIsValidNumber(a)," ",a); //-> "true 0.0"} doc Quote from: "Besides the minus infinity there is the plus...
I hope you are all well, can someone explain to me why I have 0.48 in gains, it's as if the spread wasn't included in the calculation? I created a $100.00 demo account and thanks to this trade it is positive at $100.48 I've added a graph with lines for input and output values would the logical
Good day dear reader, I sold a product in MQL5 market but have not been allowed to withdraw since 17th September 2023. First, they locked the access for 7days; then, when the 7days were done, posted this message(below)... Question: How long will this take?? Who do I ask?? Mql5 have no contacts
Hello everyone! I've been copying signals in MQL5 for a couple of years and my results have always been very different from the signal providers I've followed, so I've decided it's time to try to better understand how the copying process works to try to find the way to improve performance. So I
why the provider open 1 deal but on my account open 2 deals sometimes 4 , my account margined by this mistake
Do you think there is any trading system suitable in all circumstance
Since there are restrictions on talking about brokers, I can't share much, but I am looking for something that breaks even. Basically I earn by volumes of trades placed. For every standard lot, I earn $6 for FX pairs / $7 for metals. Indices and others are lower so it'll not be worth my time. I have
5%10%20%30%40%50%50% - 100%
  Something Interesting to Read  (127   1 2 3 4 5 ... 12 13)
This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy (amazon for example). Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links...
I'm contemplating a strategy that involves using multiple signals for trade entry, possibly incorporating up to seven different signals across various currency pairs. The rationale behind considering multiple pairs is to enable the use of a Global Take Profit approach. This means that if the
This thread won't be about a question or problem, but rather about the anouncement of the presentation and documentation of an exciting trading concept. I plan to do a series of postings here in order to keep you guys updated. Anybody who has an opinion on the topic, please don't hesitate to comment...
Discover in 15 Minutes: Watch the Video about Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers
  Scalping system  (192   1 2 3 4 5 ... 19 20)
Recently I was experimenting with a couple of indicators used for a non-scalping system presented by BigBear - I was debugging one of the indicators when I switched to the M5 chart and noticed a nice setup for a quick short trade... hmmm.... probably a...
  What is your favorite strategy ?  (72   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
MartingaleGridHedgingScalpingNewsTrendOther ( write in comments )
Im looking for more alternatives to no SL strategys. Here a few examples of no SL strategys / trade management: grid, martingale, zone recovery or hedging. Im looking for more ideas or examples, smarter aporoaches wich have less risk. I appreciate any idea, the goal is to comapre them all and See
Hello 😊 Do you know of methods like the triple screen but with even more timeframes like 4 or 6 timeframes to optimize inputs for algorithmic trading for example? For those who don't know, let me give you the example of Alexandre Elder's triptych. Thanks in advance for your insights 😊
Which strategy is best to close profitable positions
What strategies and techniques do you recommend for increasing the stability and robustness of automated trading robots in financial markets? Can you share your experiences and insights? In automated trading, maintaining stability and robustness is crucial for long-term success. It would be great
  Trading System by Xard777  (3897   1 2 3 4 5 ... 389 390)
Here is a suggestion for a possible trading system... System one is MT4-Xard777.rar and System two is XARD-BOX.rar Enjoy... All the best Xard777
  Brainwashing System / Asctrend System  (256   1 2 3 4 5 ... 25 26)
This is the thread about Brainwashing system. We will start with original version of this system and will improve it later. ========== Just something about the history. There are 3 famous signals system (manual trading systems based on signal indicators): Asctrend, BrainTrend and Brainwashing. First
I have recently started using MT5 and am a US resident but I am having difficulty finding a broker that supports MT5. Is there a way around this? I have heard some people using Tradingview and pine connector but looking for the best way to setup MT5 with a US broker. If anyone can help it would be
I have been trading price action for over 14 years and in this YouTube course I am sharing my most important tips and provide a step-by-step approach to mastering any price chart. ►Timestamps: 0:00 Start 2:28 Chapter 1: Candlesticks 15:37 Chapter 2: Chart Patterns 32:51 Chapter 3: Trend Analysis
  Forecast and levels for S&P 500  (474   1 2 3 4 5 ... 47 48)
S&P 500 January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish ranging within the narrow s/r levels for direction W1 price is located far above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following narrow support/resistance levels for the bullish trend to be resumed...
  Welcome to the new section!  (22   1 2 3)
Inspired by comments and reviews received from members, we have added a new forum section called "Trading stocks, futures, options and other exchange instruments". Share your ideas and trading experience with the website visitors. Reach out to MetaTrader 5 developers if you have...
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Press review Sergey Golubev, 2016.12.25 06:50 Hang Seng Index Q1 2017 Forecast (based on the article) "Underlying sentiment surrounding Hong Kong stocks has remained negative with underlying concerns surrounding...
We have Symbols like the S&P500 opening between 09:30 and 16:30, Mon-Fri. -> The Bar Rythm stays constant, because the bar rythm restarts every weekday at 9:30. We have Symbols like the EURUSD (usually) trading non-stop from monday morning till Friday night. -> The
Hi, I have recently started learning MQL5 language and all the tutorials are only focused on Forex market. I have been trading Futures contracts(manually) with <Deleted>. So, my question is If i keep learning Mql5 language, will I be able to develop EA for Futures market(with <Deleted>)? Thank you
Hello all, I have a few questions for anyone with knowledge and/or experience trading futures. Any input would be greatly appreciated. From experience scalping in live market conditions, how does slippage and spread compare to trading CFD in markets such as FX? Is there a notable difference, and
  Forecast and levels for Nikkei  (43   1 2 3 4 5)
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Press review Sergey Golubev, 2016.12.24 17:18 Nikkei Q1 2017 Fundamental Forecast: Bullish (based on the article) Fundamental Analysis  "The Bank of Japan has been buying stocks for over two years now. And in September, the...
I want to demo Options board on MT5 but cant find ANY one who offers it? Where can i try the MT5 options board? Who is currently demo/ real trading with MT5 options platform? its ridiculous i cant find ANY information on how to actually do it/ who offers it. Its almost as if it doesnt exist/ noone
  Forecast and levels for Dax Index  (73   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Dax Index January-March 2017 Forecast: flat within bullish with key resistance at 11,649 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 11,485 level to above on close weekly bar with 11,649 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
DJIA January-March 2017 Forecast: long-term bullish; resistance level at 19,987 is the key W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart: the price is on testing 19,987 resistance lkevel to above for the primary bullish market condition to be continuing. The price is
  Forecast and levels for CAC 40  (29   1 2 3)
CAC 40 January-March 2017 Forecast: bullish with key resistance at 4924.69 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 4860.85 resistance level to above on close weekly bar with 4924.69 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
Hi, as you see, I can only connect to Binance-Demo server. how can I connect to my real account on Binance in MT5
Hello All, I am new to Forex and MT5. Yesterday I was doing backtesting without any problems, and this morning I was able to do one. But the rest of the day after I click 'Start', the test goes real fast and displays no data. I have tried the backtesting on different devices, tried different EA's
Hello all, I am writing an EA in MQL5. I have Support and resistance lines auto detecting. When a support gets taken out, it will not detect at all the next time the code runs(it will receive a new bar). It should then delete the support line that was there before, but instead, it leaves it. Why
Greets, I've been trying my hand at writing MQL5 EAs for a while now and everything works as expected. I've always used the strategy tester on intra-day timeframes, but recently decided to give the Daily TF a try. Problem is the strategy tester always fails to place any test trades because the
>>> lot = 0.1 >>> point = mt5.symbol_info(symbol).point >>> price = mt5.symbol_info_tick(symbol).ask >>> point 1 e- 05 >>> price 77.057 >>> deviation = 20 >>> request = { ... "action": mt5. TRADE_ACTION_DEAL , ... "symbol": symbol, ... "volume": lot, ... "type": mt5. ORDER_TYPE_BUY
Hi, I want to set an input parameter using INI file. For a single symbol it works find but I want to use it for multi-currency purpose. Here's the code that I use, input string InpSettingsFile = "Lybra/Test/external file.ini" ; //input file name, blank = not used int StoplossPoint
Hey guys, I tried to understand that and even used ChatGPT for it but still couldn't what is the difference between Equity Drawdown Maximal and Equity Drawdown Relative in this report and what should I really care about as an investor
hi dear.s i want a traling stop code for mql 5 . i want be nice
Hello everyone, I hope you're well. Is there a quick shortcut system (hotkeys) for opening and closing orders? Are there any ready-made solutions or compatibilities with the Stream deck? Or maybe scalping links or tutorials where I could find things that look similar? Best Reguards, ZeroCafeine 🙂
hi ive created this perfect pivot point object but im having trouble converting this code into one which creates rectangles to represent zones of potential support and resistance. Ive attached two EAs, one which creates the lines perfectly whilst the other is supposed to make zones but doing so
Hi i have an issue retrieving data. The EA prints the valid figures requested in the print function yet when it comes to the EURUSD, the EA suddenly thinks the low, high, open and close are the same value. In the following picture you'll see the same thing as i've just described yet the candlestick
I'm trying to put multiple strategies within a single EA. How to manage orders in this case? Is it possible for me to select the order via COMMENT and manage it from there? Is it possible for me to define a global variable TICKET_01, TICKET_02, etc. and whenever I open an order or an operation
hi, this is rather odd but ive noticed my MT5 settings when running an EA simply does not change when i make certain adjustments. For example, if i change the Bollinger Band Std from 1 to 4, the only chart visual bands do not change as ive seen them do. This is impact the results from when i print
Hi all, A pending order was issued at 10am with a target price of X. At 11am price reached X so the pending order becomes a market order. Question is how to prevent that if current Spread is above a certain value? Any idea
Hi, I've this error 2023.09.24 08:02:56.564 2021.07.19 10:05:54 take profit triggered #39 sell 0.01 GBPUSD 1.37469 sl: 1.37339 tp: 1.37269 [#40 buy 0.01 GBPUSD at 1.37269] 2023.09.24 08:02:56.564 2021.07.19 10:05:54 deal #27 buy 0.01 GBPUSD at 1.37269 done (based on order #40) 2023.09.24
Hi I've been looking at this indicator and while all the other components seem to work as expected, the .ChinkouSpan seems incorrect. While the tooltip and display look 'sensible' the value returned from the .ChinkouSpan(26) function seems to be stuck at 1.79+308? Even with this simple version from
Hi Guys I wanna make inside my own custom indicator some modifications to the existing chart & period data, and save the results in my own series arrays (let's say: cust_open[], cust_close[], cust_high[], cust_low[], cust_time[], cust_tick_volume[], cust_volume[], cust_spread[]). so it's technically
Dear Fellow I am having challenge to figure out why there is 2 bar shift when I send bar[index] to Indicator class. Even after two days for debugging I have failed to find the reason for it. The code and screen shot is attached for ready reference herewith. You will also notice that Hammer/Shooting
So, i've coded many EAs, but i'm a bit new on indicators. I made a Donchian Channels indicator for MT5, but i want to make an EMA of the BASE line and i can't find how, i already checked the Custom Moving Average indicator source without luck. So any help would be great, thanks :) In short: how to
I am having trouble coming up with the specific code that I need. What I am desiring is for an up Arrow for the below condition: On the 15 min time frame, when the candlestick closes above a given EMA by a certain Pip range. Say, 1-10 Pips for example. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hello everyone, I tried to setup an Expert-Advisor in mql5 trading with several Indicator-Signals using the Signal-Classes from StdLib. I've searched a lot for examples, but can only find complete Trading-Systems with objects of "CExpert" (propably just made with a wizard). But I cannot find any
Dear Fellows Greetings. I have created an indicator class and following methods are defined to get value on single index bar. //+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| METHOD: GetIndexTSV()
Hi, I want to create CSignalRSI class object to get signal result. I've create object, but how can I set my symbol and period to get LongCondition() and ShortCondition()? I've created SignalRSI object, but how I can set my symbol and time period to get signal result? SignalRSI = new CSignalRSI;
I am just beginning to learn MQL5, and wonder if I can get your help with a problem I encounter. Lets consider an example in which I want to calculate the median price of the last 10 days, I collect one array of the low prices and other for the high prices of the last 10 days. One could loop over
Hi there, I'm looking for an indicator just like the atas system for meta trader. I see there is a volume order book on (Alt+B) orderbook section which is only working on win10 or above. ( maybe good if it's useable on win 8.1 as well, but not relevant it this case ) So is there any kind of
Hello, In MQL4 there was IndicatorCounted () whose equivalent in MQL5 is prev_calculated. But the big difference is that IndicatorCounted () is accessible from anywhere in the program, whereas prev_calculated is only accessible from the OnCalculate event. Is there an equivalent function in MQL5 to...
How to use Fibonacci time zone
Hello everyone I have a mql4 code who paint an arrow when (CCI shift = 2) and CCI(shift =1) > CCI (shift = 2) and I want to convert it into mql5. In mql4it's possible to include the shift but with mql5, iCCI can only use 4 arguments(no shift) Can anyone help me on how can I do it The mql4 code is
As my first project I've started by trying to convert the following to MT5. // // @author LazyBear // If you use this code in its orignal/modified form, do drop me a note. // // Modified by Bromley study( "TDI - Traders Dynamic Index [Goldminds]" , shorttitle= "TDIGM" ) rsiPeriod = input ( 11
Hi, this is my report on a problem that started to happen with me some days ago and also the solution I found. I hope it might reach Metaquotes so they find a solution to this obvious bug (even though my situation with another of such problems gives me little hope for that). So what happened is that
I have written an indicator that colors candles based on The Strat method. The indicator works as I intended coloring the 1 candles yellow and they 3 candles Magenta. Unfortunately this overrides the chart's default settings for Bull/Bear candles. I like for my Bull candles to be hollow and I am
New article The algorithm of ticks’ generation within the strategy tester of the MetaTrader 5 terminal is published: MetaTrader 5 allows us to simulate automatic trading, within an embedded strategy tester, by using Expert Advisors and the MQL5 language. This type of simulation is called testing of...
Save and show the objects of testing chart: After back testing, we usually need to analyze the testing result on a new chart which we have loaded our template,in this case we need to copy the objects on the testing chart to the new chart. This script helps to save the objects into a file and...
Check out the new article: Developing a Replay System — Market simulation (Part 07): First improvements (II) . In the previous article, we made some fixes and added tests to our replication system to ensure the best possible stability. We also started creating and using a configuration file for this
Ranged Grid Bot EA with pending orders : The EA created sell/buy limit orders according to: - Grid number of orders - Trading range (computed automatically by uwing weekly highs and lows) - Current price Author: Alessio Fabiani
Check out the new article: Neural networks made easy (Part 38): Self-Supervised Exploration via Disagreement . One of the key problems within reinforcement learning is environmental exploration. Previously, we have already seen the research method based on Intrinsic Curiosity. Today I propose to
INI File: A library to provide simple storage mechanism for expert advisors and indicators. Library Functions //---add new or update an existing key.bool  SetIniKey        (string fileName, string section, string key, T value)//--- If the key is not found, the returned value is NULL...
New article Universal Expert Advisor: Integration with Standard MetaTrader Modules of Signals (Part 7) has been published: This part of the article describes the possibilities of the CStrategy engine integration with the signal modules included into the standard library in MetaTrader. The article...
New article Automated exchange grid trading using stop pending orders on Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has been published: The article considers the grid trading approach based on stop pending orders and implemented in an MQL5 Expert Advisor on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX). When trading in the market, one of
New article How to Subscribe to Trading Signals is published: "Signals" in MetaTrader 5 trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal issued by providers. Select and subscribe to any trading signals provider to copy all his or her deals on your account. How to become an investor and...
  Indicators: FX Multi-Meter II  (50   1 2 3 4 5)
FX Multi-Meter II: Now combines 14 different indicators and 7 timeframes in an easy to read meter for any FX chart. Includes inbuilt History viewer. Fully configurable signals & indicators. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
The Double Bollinger Band Strategy MT4 : The Double Bollinger Band Strategy makes use of two Bollinger Bands in order to filter entries and exits in the forex market. Author: Lo Thi Mai Loan
  Experts: AK-47 Scalper EA  (14   1 2)
AK-47 Scalper EA : AK-47 Scalper EA is fully automated. It uses the strategy of entering the sell Stop order continuously and will modifythe order when the price is opposite to the pending order. Author: Nguyen Quoc Hung
volatility_Bar: volatility, flat Author: Martingeil
Trend Predictor : New level of trend prediction! Author: Ezatrimeo
Check out the new article: Monte Carlo Permutation Tests in MetaTrader 5 . In this article we take a look at how we can conduct permutation tests based on shuffled tick data on any expert advisor using only MetaTrader 5. Obviously after exporting the file, make a note of where it is saved and open
  TRO Indicators  (150   1 2 3 4 5 ... 14 15)
cja: HiI have added an extra line of code to Signal Bars V7 & v71 to see if this will deter people from selling it on ebay - sorry for the inconvenience to all those honest members as this will add extra clutter to your charts What do you think?? Should we be doing this on all our indicators. The...
How i can add 2 indicators in the same window at the mt4 platform? Example To add a moving average or 2 moving averages at the RSI(14) window
Hey, as the subject says, I would like to change an Expert Advisor's parameters according to my account drawdown and market conditions. I do not have the EA code as it is one developed by a third party and I added on my account with an *.ex4 file. Is that even possible with MQL4? Thanks for helping
Hi i have this part of script , is a part of common_functions.mqh , i not underestund a sense of this variable caller anyone can explain me ? thanks /** * Drop-in replacement for OrderSend(). * Try to handle all errors and locks and return only if successful * or if the error can not be handled or
Hi guys i have this code //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| OCOea.mq4 | //| Copyright 2023, MetaQuotes Ltd. | //|
I have MT4 chart which has some chart history, I want to export this history to MT5. how can i do that
In this thread I want to begin to help those who really want to understand and learn programming in the new MQL4 and want to easily switch to MQL5 - the languages are very similar. This blog will be a good place to discuss tasks, algorithms of their solution and any other questions concerning MT
hi guys ,is possible set bold a write inside at editbox ? i have create the esditbox with insede a text , but i not find how is possible set a bold EditCreate( 0 , // chart's ID "Cross_1" , // object name 0
Good morning Forum, I have an EA that currently has two variables: buyOrders and sellOrders which increase by 1 each time a new trade is made. I have a maximum number limit which is currently set at 10 buys and 10 sells simultaneously. If a trade closes, then I would like these variables to decrease
Hi everyone in the house, Please I need your help especially somebody who had gone through this before and how he solved it. I subscribed for a virtual hosting, precisely UK server and immediately I migrated my expert to the server, it start and then disable my expert after migration is successful...
I did a Buy Order in USDCAD at Price 1.36141 and Sold at 1.36241 with lot size 0.02 but I only got 1.47$ in profit instead of 2.00$. As per my research Take Profit will only close when Bid price reach the take profit price. Can Anyone help Me Here is the image of order from Account History
Hello guys, i am going crazy with a strange issue using iCustom call to have value result from this mq4 indicator Code is really simple and it works fine if, for example, in backtest i execute code with a different symbol from where i call iCustom. I give you an
How can I make chart selection exclusive per account
This is just some information, rather than a question, but I thought I'd share it since I've been wondering how to do this for some time. The standard BITMAP and BITMAP_LABEL objects allow us to load bitmap images on to the chart, but do not support 32-bit images (with alpha channel). This means if...
  MT4 End Of Life  (56   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Hi all I have heard reports that MT4 is soon to become 'End of Life' with no active support or updates. Can anyone explain what the future holds for MT4 and the vast array of millions of ex4 Indicators, Scripts and EA's? Any plans to provide a port or emulator for these to help transition over to