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how to contact customer service? thank You
  high low array  (11   1 2)
i want last 3 array values buts its not working...... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0
Does anyone else using MT5 with AMP and experience freezing/locking up of the application? I definitely don't think this is my PC, its an Intel i7-7700k processor with 32 GB's of RAM. Not the best CPU anymore, but definitely capable enough to handle trading. I'm trying to hold off on upgrading my PC align_mode= ALIGN_LEFT works as expected, it takes data from the left side of the chart window as much WIDTH as it can but this is not what I want because it misaligns the end of the charts (weekends etc). So I tried A LIGN_RIGHT (the
Hi, I am trying to use the CArrayList<T> list using a specific class of mine, that is not complex at all, but I am bumping into very basic errors which I did not mange to solve. Do you know of any libraries or source codes that use CArrayList or similar generic structures so I can read them and try
Hi All, I've got a manual swing trading strategy ready to go - but I need to use an EA to monitor and adjust the stop loss whilst I'm away from keyboard. I kept getting caught out with missing the break even opportunity whilst I was asleep etc etc... I know how to code this EA, my question to the
i’d like to delete my account how
Guys I have opened a work order for custom momentum deviation(RSDMomDev & HistMomDev) My order hasn't been filled(no applicants), so I am wondering if we can have momentum deviation of anything, using data at hand, within the environment. Is this requirement out of context..? Maybe I want the
Hello friends I want to know how can I get LocalTime() Or TimeCurrent() while using strategy tester. As Default during testing in the Strategy Tester , TimeCurrent() is simulated according to historical data. I need the time that are not refers to historical data. is there any DLL to get current
Never make your trades complicated if you can make it in a simple way.
Hello Guys! I am making a time interval indicator. My indicator gets starting and end time as input. It will first get the High and Low value of 30min time frame. and it will draw a line in that time span with some calculation with iATR of each day but sometimes in doesn't work correctly. like in
MT5 won’t allow me to buy open multiple positions in the same pair. it only lets me add on to my lot size and it changes my entry price. so i want instant execution with multiple trades but it only allows me exchange execution please someone HELP
Dear Mates , I have facing problem on receiving signal from MQL5 signal on 17 Jan 2022 from time 19:00 to 24:00 causing signal trade cannot open and close . May I ask do you all experience such problem on that day 17 January 2022
Over the course of 12 years, has turned into a powerful community, bringing together hundreds of thousands of people. Its members want to know more about trading, MQL4/5 programming, automated trading systems, strategy testing and technical indicators. The full language description
Predict Market Direction (Trade after you predict buy or sell market direction using the technical analysis.), React To Market (Trade if price is pushed to one direction as in support resistance or some sort of breakout trading. You never predict market direction but you react only. ), Both stratgy
Support and resistance strategy ties up almost all strategies in technical analysis. Support and resistance levels are what you establish when talking about Fibonacci retracements, moving averages, trendlines, and chart patterns. You confirm with support and resistance when using indicators such as
M artingale, H edging and G rid <<< MHG >>> M y H oly G rail Over 50% of freelance jobs can be classified as one form or another of MHG. I wonder why ? Martingale : A gambling system of continually doubling the stakes in the hope of an eventual win that must yield a net profit. Hedging : Taking
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Some people asked me on the other forums about re-enter. But I am not using any indicator for re-enter. So I decided to create some simple trading system with re-enter based on indicator's arrow on the chart. Let's name it as PriceChannel Parabolic system. M1 timeframe. This is image for EURUSD...
in the attached images, there are some operations made at a loss. there is The setup of the pinbars but actually it turns out to be false. what filters do you use to avoid operating with these false signals? thank you guys
Hi I've only just joined the MQL5 community and was astonished to see the Signal Service here with some signal providers making in access of 100% yet seemingly having only a handful of followers?? Am I missing something here? Seems like a no brainer to me to follow a profitable trader who charge as
What is the most structured way to search effectively for EAs on I am looking for: 1) those that trade profitable. Does not need to be high, but steady. 2) low drawdown 3) during major sessions, not night sessions when non-liquid, high spread/slippage. 4) definitely no crazy dangerous
Technical Analysis Mastering, Risk Management, Psychological Skills, The three are equally important
i am a professional trader that have been in the marketplace since 9 years ago . check tens of thousands of EAs , indicators , strategies like price action , ichimuko etc... and can assure you 99% of them not work in long term. because market is unpredictable and full of uncertainty. so no one can
Hi to all, I have been reading about emotional trading and why it is so nasty, but I am not clear what the symptoms of it are. So what are the feelings you have when you’re under emotional trading?
Trading and training video (from youtube for example) about forex and financial market in general.  thread for April 2013 - look at this thread,  thread for May 2013 - look at here,for June 2013 is here.July thread 2013 is hereAugust thread 2013 is this oneSeptember thread 2013 is hereOctober thread...
  Fisher Transform  (163   1 2 3 4 5 ... 16 17)
Hi everybody, I have a simple ideia for EA using Fisher indicator. When it touch 0.25 open Buy and -0.25 reverse sell. No SL and TP.Only Reversal Trigger.i use this in the manual trade and i have a good profit. Best Regards and good pips for all! [edited: this indicator repaints past bars....
Hi! i am trying to develop an expert advisor based on heiken ashi candles. The problem is that I can't filter the revenue, the system opens positions even when there is no actual trend. Has anyone developed a good profitable strategy based on heiken ashi
One of the leading South African brokers 28E Capital has officially launched MetaTrader 5 in the South Africa Futures Exchange (SAFEX). This has been made possible through the active participation of the official MetaQuotes' South African Agent Derivative System Technologies. 28E Capital clients...
Hi, as you see, I can only connect to Binance-Demo server. how can I connect to my real account on Binance in MT5
I always wonder that. Why don't crypto brokers support Metatrader Platforms? It's very easy to use for all of us. Is there a technical issue making it difficult to work? I know some brokers supports some major crypto coins but these are only up to 12 pairs. It's nothing
Hello experts. Your support requested, as usual. While testing EA, I observed that the positions are closed automatically disabled at the end of trading day with alert " rollover deal performed [#7 sell 0 ACC-EQ at 2486.05000]". Kindly help in deactivating the rollover orders, as these are not
How can one go about connecting the Exchange API (Seen here: to Metatrader? I have been searching for days on end for a possible response but there are little to none, and the few that exist are extremely
Hi all stock traders using MT4/MT5 im new to trading stocks on MT4/MT5,, Im looking for few EAs that can check How stocks are working to study & then code one for myself Could anyone give me some or direct me to the right place to take it/ learn how to code it please
forex is a way to slowly and boringly win. it bores me and i think life is short that i want to get something more exciting, something with to-the-moon growth sad that i missed early projects like BAYC, so any good NFTs to buy now? share your insights and discuss ;)
I was watching a video that shows you can use the DXY with EURUSD for divergence, I was wondering if there is also a market that can be used the same for GBPUSD? Thanks in advance :)
  Trading stocks  (15   1 2)
Hi there, I am new here and i want to trade stocks rather than forex/currency. I have not been able top find out where and how buy/sell platform Anyone please guide me Thanks \ JC
  Forecast and levels for CAC 40  (23   1 2 3)
CAC 40 January-March 2017 Forecast: bullish with key resistance at 4924.69 W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price broke 4860.85 resistance level to above on close weekly bar with 4924.69 as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is...
  Crypto Currencies  (13   1 2)
Where can I find the Crypto Currencies like 'Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin' ??
Hello guys! I have been observing and analyzing the various currencies, commodities and indices. I feel like the world economy is due for a crash or meltdown. What do you think
AMP Futures has officially announced the launch of the MetaTrader 5 platform for trading futures. AMP Futures is a US regulated Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for individual traders, as well as US and foreign Introducing...
The Best Stocks Of 2016: Nvidia (based on the article) The price was increased by 10% just for December only!
Hello, I find an Error during backtesting as shown in this pic While: void ModifyBuy ( string Symboll , double StopLoss, double TakeProfit ) { for ( int posIndex= PositionsTotal ()- 1 ; posIndex>= 0 ; posIndex-- )
#include <Trade/Trade.mqh> CTrade trade; /*Manejadores*/ int ma_9_h = 0; int ma_15_h = 0; /*Arrays */ double ma_9_array []; double ma_15_array []; int OnInit(){ ma_9_h = iMA(_Symbol,_Period,9,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE); ma_15_h = iMA(_Symbol,_Period,15,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE);
hi, Can I have multiple trades open per EA? My strategy that I want to consider is accumulating multiple, or aggregated, trades. I think you can only have 1 trader per Magic Number. In general, I am interested in no more 3-4 trades. Are there any example EAs where multiple trades can be opened
double loss; loss = -m_account.OrderProfitCheck( _Symbol , ORDER_TYPE_BUY , 1.0 , symb.ask, sl); double stepvol = symb.volume_step; lot = MathFloor (m_account.Equity() * Percent_loss / loss / 100.0 / stepvol) * stepvol; // Percent loss is 5% Hello I'm using the above
Hi, I've come to a bit of a hiccup. In 1 of my programs, I need to make automated chart screenshots. The function for that is: ChartScreenShot(chartId, fileName, ss_width, ss_height, align_mode); Prior to that I ChartNavigate to some time in history, where bars_navigated is much larger than...
Hi Folks! I was trying to use the command ChartScreenShot. I looked up the Docs, and downloaded the example code. When I executed the code, here is what I received as result. My problem is that according to the Documentation, the...
if using agents or multiple cores for optimising parameters, more than one year. Mt5 generates \tester\Agent*\temp\bar*.tmp files. every run. It slowly gnaw/nibble SSD storage. In mt4 read only fxt files was a solution. How about mt5 ? if using multiple cores,mt5 generates files for every local
Hi, I want a simple way to determine whether an EA is running in a System Test or if it is running on a chart. How can I do this? I know it must involve using the OnTester() function, but I'm not sure exactly how to achieve this. I was thinking if there is a way to create some global variable that
  Recommended EA  (8)
hi, let me start by saying that i am totally new, and i am interested in buying one, but there are too many, does anyone in this forum has an honest recommendation which one to buy, and would be great if he/she can tabulate why to buy. Kindly, be practical as much as possible
hi everyone, doing the backtesting I have repeatedly this error that slows down the process a lot. I thought it was a problem due to the weekend but instead it is not, I thought it was the 0.5 lots instead of 1 but instead no ... compile has no errors. Same problem on the forex with eurusd
  Requests & Ideas (MQL5 only!)  (665   1 2 3 4 5 ... 66 67)
Terms and Conditions: You describe (you provide) the idea. I place an open MQL5 code in this branch. I place this code in a CodeBase. I specify the author of the idea and the author of a MQL5 code in a code. The coding services are provided "as is" and you use them at your own risk. List of ideas
I am trying to read closed Trades Takeprofit and Stoploss values but i dont find ways. I have use the HistoryDeals way of reading all closed Trades, but for reading takeprofit and stoploss i dont find options like DEAL_TP or DEAL_SL so 2 questions, 1. why have metaquotes make it so complicate to
Hello. I have a doubt, I hope you can help me because no matter how hard I try I can't find the solution. I want to tell the robot that one EMA has to be equal to another EMA. I tried to put = and ==, but it doesn't take me. I don't know what to do, but ultimately what I want is to tell it to be the
Hi! I have a concept for a couple of custom criteria to optimize for, e.g.: % of days EA hits profit target of X% growth Avg. daily growth percentage Is this possible to code into the strategy tester optimizer? Or can custom criterion only be some new mix of built-in criterion? Thanks
Hello Everyone I have a problem in optimization passes. I've searched a lot but non of questions nor the answers in the forum was the one solving this problem. The problem is that i have some bool parameters in my inputs which when they are set as false there is no need to optimize some other
Give me a simple explanation for rates_total and prev_calculated in OnCalculate function. int OnCalculate (const int rates_total,      // size of input time series                 const int prev_calculated,  // bars handled in previous call...
Hi guys, I hope you can help me somehow. did anyone have noticed that when you put EA and indicator on same MT5 chart then both start working slower. I am talking about having complex EA and simple indicator on same chart. I just think that maybe Events are locking each other... They are both
Can anyone give me the link similar to this Vertical Time Lines for MT4 for the MT5? Thank you
I need to modify some of the indicators, the same modification to all , anyone help me
Hello there I'm looking for someone to code a Fractal indicator. I mainly use the indicator to find s&r, I find that if fractals repeat lets say twice or three times this can indicate an area of support or resistance. So the indicator should filter patterns of lets say three fractals of the same
  Fisher  (255   1 2 3 4 5 ... 25 26)
Hi! A friend of mine has allowed me to upload this Fisher . Do not get overexcited. You'll see why. But it might be fixed. Don't you think
  All John Ehlers Indicators...  (957   1 2 3 4 5 ... 95 96)
Hi all... I'm dedicating this thread to all indicators by John Ehler's in the hope that we can get/make as many of them for MT4 as possible. Please post any MT4 John Ehlers indicators that you have here as outlined in his books "Rocket Science for Traders", "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and...
Hello every one any one can help me i want to add push notification on this indicator to send alert signals to my phone mt5 . If there's anyone who can help me out then this will be a really big help. Thanks In Advance, I've attached the indicator
Hello everyone, I need help for a small script to indicated of arrows. I've an indicator which generation my arrows and I don't know the buffer to detect this in a script for a alert message. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything suitable in the forum. Thank you for your support. Martin
  CustomBookAdd Ajuda  (12   1 2)
Hi I'm trying to get data from the book with the example cited in docs. In order to write the indicator of the queue calculation (books [4] .volume = 10;) using a #property indicator_buffers 1. int CustomBookAdd (const string symbol, // const symbol name MqlBookInfo & books [] / / array with offer
Hi I want create indicator with some objects that users can select one of them and change the position as they like. I use this code but when the user change location, the object location or time frame change, object instantly back to default . how can prevent this? Probably because of time[0]. I do
hey, is there a guide about how get if the kalman filter indicator is bullish or bearish located in the articles or codebase section of the mql5 website that I am missing? int KFH; int OnInit () { KFH = iCustom ( _Symbol , _Period
Hi, I want to build a moving average channel that fills the distance between its bands but for some reason, It is not plotted correctly on my MT5. Here is a screenshot of what I want to do and what I get from my code. . Here is the code that I want to fix. Note . I don't want to use the Program
hi guys I wrote some code to move vertical line by keyboard( number 4 for backward & number 6 for forward) it is correct but it has delay every time I press bottom. how can I overcome this issue? (sorry for my bad english) void OnChartEvent ( const int EventID, const long & lparam, const double &
Guys i have opened a work order for custom momentum deviation(RSDMomDev & HistMomDev) My order has't been filled(no applicants), so i am wondering if we can have momentum deviation of anything, using data at hand, within the environment. Is this requirement out of context..? Maybe i want the
RSD_Histogram(Relative Strength Divergence) : Short description. RSD_Histogram uses MACD Formula. but using RSI, 13SMA on RSI, 9 EMA on RSD. it even checks equilibrium in relation to RSD and Histogram and zero line and do alerts of all kinds, next version will include Divergence of Histogram and
Hotkeys_CycleTimeFrames_v1.0 : cycle timeframes using hotkeys 'N','M' prev,next timeframe Author: NickBixy
MTF_Stochastic_RSI: Indicator Multi timeframes Stochastic RSI Author: Scriptor
Set Stoploss to All Orders : Short description. Author: Albrin Memedi
Hotkeys_CycleTimeFrames_v1.0 : cycle timeframes using hotkeys 'N','M' prev,next timeframe Author: NickBixy
New article How to create Requirements Specification for ordering an indicator has been published: Most often the first step in the development of a trading system is the creation of a technical indicator, which can identify favorable market behavior patterns. A professionally developed indicator...
boom and crash ea : This EA is designed to trade all the boom and crash indices from on mt5. It is a scalper; it trades on the 1 minute time frame. It uses a moving average to determine the trend, and the awesome oscillator to identify entry points. Every order is set with stop loss and
Derivative: The indicator performs the calculation of the derivative of the price. Author: Ihor Herasko
New article How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4 is published: With the launch of the "Jobs" service, the became an ideal place for placing orders and providing programming services. Thousands of traders and developers visit this resource on a daily basis, and can easily...
1 Click To Close All Open Positions: Click "Close All" button to close all open positions at once. Author: grandaevus
New article Websockets for MetaTrader 5 — Using the Windows API has been published: In this article we will use the WinHttp.dll to create a websocket client for MetaTrader 5 programs. The client will ultimately be implemented as a class and also tested against the websocket API. Running
XFatlXSatlMACD: The MACD histogram, based on the FATL and SATL digital filters with color indication of trends. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Working with sockets in MQL, or How to become a signal provider has been published: Sockets… What in our IT world could possibly exist without them? Dating back to 1982, and hardly changed up to the present time, they smoothly work for us every second. This is the foundation of network,...
New article Custom Walk Forward optimization in MetaTrader 5 has been published: The article deals with the approaches enabling accurate simulation of walk forward optimization using the built-in tester and auxiliary libraries implemented in MQL. After completing the optimization, we will have...
New article 20 Trade Signals in MQL5 is published: This article will teach you how to receive trade signals that are necessary for a trade system to work. The examples of forming 20 trade signals are given here as separate custom functions that can be used while developing Expert Advisors. For your...
string list[]= { "EUR" , "USD" , "GBP" , "JPY" , "AUD" , "CAD" , "NZD" , "CHF" }; for ( int i= 0 ; i< ArraySize (list); i++) { string primer=list[ 0 ]; for (int y= 0 ; y< ArraySize (list); y++) { string second = list[ 1 ]; string currency = StringConcatenate ( "\""
Does any one can tell: What are differences among OnCalculate(), start()  and OnStart()? How to get prev_calculated value in start() function? Cheers
I have a csv file MACD.csv I want to learn how to load data into script and EA's but i'm stuck , no array is read and sometimes changing the code leads to long array numbers that i find irrelevant to what I want 2021.07 . 14 17 : 00 : 00 ; false ; 20 2021.07 . 13 09 : 00 : 00 ; true ; 20 2021.07
Hi All, At the risk of sounding stupid... I've set up my EA, the second I synchronize it with the VPS - the smiley face turns to a sad face. I understand this means it's not operating correctly... Is there anything I need to know about this / what can I do about it? Hope you can help
I already have this indicator but why this indicator works just on keytomarkets? doesn't work on icmarkets <ex4 file removed>
  Draw line from High to High  (17   1 2)
Hi everyone, i'm new to programming and to this nice forum :D with this code i'm trying to draw a line from the previous day high to the current day high, i got the values for each but couldn't specify the time correctly void OnTick () { datetime YesterdayDate= iTime ( NULL , PERIOD_D1 , 1 ); //
Hello, i need a very simple code to get data from file. in the file have some data in lines. Example: 2021.01.01 01:00:00 2022.01.02 01:00:00 2023.01.03 01:00:00 2024.01.04 01:00:00 2025.01.05 01:00:00 i am using this method with manual. string list[] = { "2021.01.01 01:00" , "2022.02.02 01:00"
Hello,  I'm using a demo account downloaded from metaquotes (metatrader 4) and I absolutely cannot trade some of the currencies EG the EUR/CHF. Weather I click Sell or Buy it's the same. It's giving me the "Off Quotes" message every time. Anybody has an idea what is going on? 
Hello all This expert is placed on only one chart It will show you the profits of the day, week, month and DD Preferably place it on a VPS server I wish you all good luck
Trailing stop issue. I've been trying to solve this problem for a few days now but cannot see the problem. Searched the internet, forums, and youtube without any success. ApplyTrailingStop function does not work properly. I cannot find out why so. I think it may have to do with the condition
I keep getting this red notification in the top right corner of the mt4 terminal about some indicators or ea's I have tried years ago and it's really annoying, can this be turned off somehow
Hello everyone. I'm creating a simple indicator that draws an arrow when the price hits upper or lower Bollinger Band and then another arrow JUST AFTER A COUPLE OF MINUTES (let it be 2 mintes) at the current Time and Price coordinates. Right now I'm trying to make it work with EA template with 1
Please help me convert this fibo indicator to mtf. //------------------------------------------------------------------ // // //------------------------------------------------------------------ #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 1 extern int ExtDepth = 30 ;
string list[]= { "EUR" , "CHF" , "GBP" , "JPY" , "AUD" , "CAD" , "NZD" , "CHF" }; for ( int i= 0 ; i< ArraySize (list); i++) string primer=list[i]; { for (i= 0 ; i< ArraySize (list); i++) { string second =list[i]; string currency = StringConcatenate (primer, second);
  Level Advanced Trading  (36   1 2 3 4)
We have level trading here (links to 2 threads) and I tried to implement something. It may be interesting for the people who are drawing support/resistance lunes and confirm/validate it by price movement in very classical way (twice crossing of possible...