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Hello freelancers and sellers, has anyone experienced this? after my client increased the budget in my job, my balance became negative and the existing money that will be cleared was just deducted from the negative balance
My VPS isn't working and I'm getting no response from the service desk. I paid the $95 for it and I can't run the VPS and I'm not getting a response from the service desk to help me. I've already tried to get help on the forum to no avail. What is the time frame for help? I want a refund on the VPS
After Reading advances in financial learning, i Wonder wether there is more Input in any specific books about machine/deep learning especially in Forex/cfd's you could recommend. (sadly there is an overload of books mostly in Stocks, though they can be pretty useful too)Thanks for your answers :-)
I'm using MetaTrader 4 on Android (Galaxy J5) and can't get my MQL5 I'D. It keeps complaining about a network connection, but I'm fully connected and can surf the web. Have been waiting for the MQL5 ID for several days now. Push notifications are enabled in my phone and MT4 has all other permissions
Hi, Does anybody know how to enable and access storage? I cannot see it on the left hand menu on my profile and wonder if it needs to be enabled or does my account need a specian status for this to work please? Thank you Cian
I purchased a producta while ago and ran out of activations. I then rented the product, but can't activate it at all - not even once out of my 5 - , as it still reminds me that I have run out of activations on the original full purchase. I contacted service desk 10 days ago, no reaction. I keep the
Hi I added only the symboles which I saw listed in the Statistics tab of a signal which I want to copy, then signed up for the signal and noticed that it opened some deals in a pair which is not listed in the Market Watch or in the Statistics tab. It is running now on a mql5 VPS. Do I need to match
Hello, Anyone from Singapore? Interested to form a local coding group
I don't know what's happening there, since the last update when I click different time frame it just freezes and won't load historical data, any idea as to why this is happening or what should I do thank you
Hi, in no time I plan to be running quite a number of my EAs in my trading account. Unfortunately some of the symbols I operate are futures which change from time to time (e.g. dolar has a new symbol for every new month). This means that, from time to time, I'll have to close a bunch of graphs and
hi, using MT4 b745 on wine 1.7.32 i386 ubuntu for using an expert i need to add an url into /tools/options/Expert advisor/ there is already the builtin 'http://www.mql5.com' listed when i right-click on '+' nothing happen for adding a new url, so i double click on the previous url's field:...
hello i have this script for exporting MA and MACD data, but after adding ATR (H4, 24) in the last row it doesn't work anymore. would be amazing if someone sees what i did wrong. thank you very very much
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I try to create an EA basing on the cross of 5 MA and stochastic. Someone can help me? Please!!! The code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| MA_Cross_Stoch.mq5//| Copyright © 2019, LAWSON Oma. Email: aveomer@gmail.com
We, the users, are requesting the moderator to reinstate WebMoney payment system, please. If you agree with me, please leave a comment. To let the moderator know
Hello friends I m looking for a Indicator what analyzing one MA on two or three time frames,and then when the MA are crossover candle on the chart in the same time or approximately on each TF ,the indicator shoud give a signal. Thanks a lot for your offers, and suggestions
Hello I cannot install demo versions on my MT4, and new versions from my purchased indicators ,as an example I will give you a case with my purchased indicator Im half a year ago by at broker XM mt4 ,I bought a ,,Moving average crossover scanner,, indicator before a year and a half ago ,now that
hi i want put your calender wedjet on my site but i see the date is wrong please fix this
Try doing a survey that users prefer to use mt4 or mt5 platforms, and why it is impossible to copy signals between these platforms, is that limited or not. The interface is completely new and superior to mt4. I want to use mt5 to trade but the signal seller uses mt4, it hinders copying, who has any
Gentlemen: Why must you fix the MT5 Stategy Tester when it wasn't broken? Is it because your bored? Put the Stategy Tester back to what it was before your <deleted> ideas ruined it! You haven't even supplied a video tutorial on it's use. Only a few people have the technical advantage to figure out
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Do someone know if Bressert Double Stochastic is already coded for MT4 ? if so could he share ? thanks Dave.
When trying to run the Strategy Tester I get an error message 'TestGenerator: no hostory data'. I've completed numerous of tests in the past but it stopped working all of a sudden and cant seem to fix it. Anyone got any advice or known issues regarding this please
Hi, How can I resolve this problem ? I I am using last version of MT4. Thank you
Dear Experts, Can you help me with a code to Control SendNotification() to send Notification only 2 time. Many Thanks in Advance
Hello, I am experiencing an issue in the arbitration system, a customer stopped responding and i requested an arbitration. Still no word from anyone for 2 months, although i have sent many many requests to the service desk. Has anyone gone through similar waiting
I suggest that MQL5 provide the possibility of copying more than one signal on the same account so that each account has a percentage of capital so that the followers of the signals can distribute the risk among signal suppliers. If this proposal is accepted by signal followers and signal
Hi everybody, do you like to send e-mails to multiple recipients with one mail (including support for TO, CC, BCC) with multiple attachments as plain text or as HTML styled text? Then the 3rd party library MQL.Mail by MMM might be interesting for you: http://mmm.steven-england.info/MQL-Mail-Overview
Is there a way i can get notified when a trade has been placed on my trading account? Thanks.
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Let's take the following polynomial (which is closely related to the binomial expansion, and it is in fact a particular case of trinomial expansion): (1+x+x2)nIt's expansion gives a series of coefficients, depending solely on n. if n = 0,            1;if n = 1,         1  1  1;if n = 2...
Hello there, I want to make a withdrawal but i need to confirm using my old phone, but the problem is that this phone that is registered in my account is no longer used by me because I was robbed 3 years ago and lost that number. Got to the phone company yesterday and they said that my number is
Hi ! I would connect to my <broker> account via webterminal, for trade from any location, and can see my tradings signals all day long. In fact i wouldn't always turn on my computer for wait this signals... Thank you for your answer ! Tchuss