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I am converting an MT3 expert to run on MT4 and need to know what the difference between 'Time' and 'CurTime' is. This is how it appears in the code: If TimeYear(time)<StartYear then Exit; if Curtime - LastTradeTime < 11 then exit; Thanks in advance.
Metaquotes, I import a function from dll with a bool as a parameter double GetValue(bool x); My compiler reads the bool value in the dll as - unsigned char with the value of ' 0" '. This will always be read as 0 or false. I think this is a bug and thought it should be brought to your attention...
  Gartley 222 (36   1 2 3 4)
who can convert from Tradestation to metatrader here is the code: TradeStation code for Gartley 222 pattern found in "Trading the Gartley 222" by Aaron Behle and Mark Conway, p. 38: Inputs: Length(100), Strength(8), Tolerance(0.10), BullColor(Blue), BearColor(Red); Variables: F1(0.618), F2(0.786),...
How do i increase the sample quality when backtesting in MT4? Even with tick data its at 50% on 4H charts for the year.
Was just on godago site and found a script that I want to try but I dont know how to set up a script,how to test,test on history etc. Can someone please give me some instruction on how to do this.
  MakeGrid (78   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Anyone who is doing any trading/testing with MakeGrid, please post here. Here are two demo statements that I have had running for about a week. I think they illustrate why this EA really needs to be thought through carefully. On one account, I have it running only in the direction of positive...
  Cynthia Kase (26   1 2 3)
Anyone know of any MT4 indicators that approximate Kase's MACD, peak out oscillator? It's pretty effective for showing divergence setups I think and she's done a lot of research showing it's superiority over other indicators--for what it's worth. Thru
I'm new to the MT4 and recently downloaded the automatic pivots onto my chart, pretty much every one I could find. I'm not exactly sure what formula I have to enter or setting I have to change to get them to calculate correctly from Midnight to Midnight each day. I understand that each period is...
I'm after a list of what the various Error Messages in the Journal mean. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have asked a couple of brokers, and their reply is like "dah?". I'd also like to know what the different colours (green/red, lt green/dk green) mean in the little coloured box...
Hi How does one place an order with no specified takeprofit? Does specifying a 0 for takeprofit mean no takeprofit? Thanks for the help
I cant able to start the 100 pips script, i receive this message script 100 loaded sucesssfuly and script 100 pips remove dont work. Can anyone help , how i can use it ? Thanks Sergio Scalfaro
What indicators is on this picture??
Hi What exactly is the write way to do this?: int Weights[4][4] = {{1, 1, 1, 1}, {2, 2, 2, 2}, {3, 3, 3, 3}, {4, 4, 4, 4}}; MetaEditor compains saying "initialization expected", when thats what I gave it :(
Well i was testing an EA called makegrid193-1 and it was in profitable and the trade ends in profit. after 10 min all the trade which was done all was gone i could not find any detail how it is happened but it did not only in interbank but also in Dealing24 i do not know wt happened but it happened...
  Cci & Ema50 (2)
Hello everybody!!! I need indicator CCI with EMA50 attached so maybe somebody can help me to create it. That indicator will help to avoid false signals to enter market when you use CatFX50 strategy. Later I can explain how. Thanks
I think this indicator is not refreshing and showing the last dot. You have to shut metatrader down and reopen in order to see the dots. Could anybody please help??
  ADXcross (139   1 2 3 4 5 ... 13 14)
Please who can modifi this fille for adx cross to give me a signal on the next candle? Look at the pictures. Also i have some problem when i look back some week, sorry for my english look at both pictures Also is posible to have MP3 signal? Thanks
This was given November 2005 and covers pitchforks. Very good system of trading support/resistance channel. rtsp://
Here's the indicator. Basicly all it is is a pivot point indicator which used fibonacci #'s to calculate support and resistance instead of the standard pivot calcs. Now, I can only seem to make it update at 00:00 GMT which is exactly what it's asked to do in the code, because I can't figure out a...
Hello, How do I obtain historical Open and Close from various time periods to use in my Indicator? For instance, if my Indicator is attached to the 5M chart, I want to be able to use Open and Close values from the 15M and 60M time period. Is this possible? -charliev
Can someone provide an MT4 Triangular moving average here if there is one? I've found it to be the best. Also, does is the a regression curve indicator available, not a channel but a curve, somewhat like a moving average or oscillator? It works very well in combination with the channel. Many many...
  Bugs - Build 188 (17   1 2)
Hi Metaquotes, There seems to be something SERIOUSLY wrong with your latest build - build 188. I've been running build 186 for a couple of months now without any problems on a PC running the latest version of XP with all the updates. I have just upgraded to build 188 and now wish I hadn't. Most of...
  Two experts (11   1 2)
Hi Traders, now I have two MT4 demo 188, one with Neuimex and one with Interbank. With Interbank I'm testing an expert and it runs without problems, but another expert with Neuimex doesn't work. I have tried to change expert but the result doesn't change!!! Neuimex doesn't work and there is the...
My request is to implement a feature which allows to change the size (width and length) of a bar or candle without having to change the zoom of the entire chart.
  Lock text (2)
Is it possible to lock text to the chart so it stays in the same spot and does not move when the chart shifts or is zoomed?
  Oscillator (2)
Hello. I'm a professional, I've been peeking at the metatrader moving average of oscillator indicator while using my actual models. I'm wondering what the formula is if anyone can tell me. If so, I might want to give my humble opinion on it when I know what the calculations are if anyone is...
  Trailing Stop (1)
Metatrader's manual states that there is a Trailing Stop functionality in Terminal's context menu. I also read that i could disable/enable it but i see neither. Could someone indicate me the right path?
  Richi (2)
I have a problem with those expert, he dosen't want to open Sales Order. Please somebody to help
Hi, I have a problem on one of my computer that does not allow me to see existings tabs in their off-state like 'Favorites' or 'Account History', 'Alerts', 'Mailbox', ... while 'Trade' is in on-state. What should i modify in order to change that? Thank you
  #import (20   1 2)
This is GREAT board to learn MQL!!! I'd like to learn more about using Windows .DLL's in my MQL4 code... I downloaded coderguru's MQL4 Course (EXCELLENT!) but need more info. Can anyone make any suggestions? -charliev