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Hi, I need any advice, how to get more information from every single trade I make in backtest (for another counting in onther programs). I need values, that I can program (values of some indicators, Opens, Closes, etc.). I think i will need for every each trade 10-50 outputs and if I do the backtest
Hello guys. Im trying to build an alert system for M and W patterns... My code surley looks messy, but im trying :) Ive come to the point where the indicator plots 2 arrows on the zigzag tops/bottoms. I want it to plot when the second M/W leg is higher/lower than the first one. But, here comes my
Hello people! :) All right? I am looking for a way to define a FunctionLine conditional macro, that when the defined language is English, the macro returns ( " Function: " + __FUNCTION__ + " line: " + __LINE__"), when the defined language is Portuguese, the macro returns ( " Função: " + __FUNCTION__
hi there, i feel really crazy for asking but the web terminal is live and i am logged in to my server on demo mode. but the chart screen is black ? how can I view the candlesticks
I've been tying to amend this script to give me a text object "$$$" drop on chart. it works, but says "Text" and i've been unable to make it say '$$$' or etc. Would someone mind possibly pointing me in the right direction, would be appreciated, thank you
I'm developer and I have one job in progress in the Freelance. Job was created by Customer 2018.07.28. Last activity from Customer - 2018.08.14. I finished the job and requested arbitration to finish the job 2018.09.24, but for now there are no any actions from arbitration. I created request to...
CPU resources are provided by MQL5 Agent Manager on two PCs, but no computation is performed on one PC. In both agent managers, the task status is active and connected to the cloud network. Please tell me if there is any cause. OS: WIN10 64bit pro
Does anyone have a break even expert that works with multiple trades on the same currency pair ? I tried breakeven EA v1.3 , 1.2, 1 and SL2BE ,and they work great with one trade but If I put another trade the ea doesn't treat them separate but as one trade. for example i place one trade ,goes in
I want to display my MT accounts trade activities to a web page. Is is possible to connect to MetaTraders accounts from Web? If yes, how
Hi, How can we check whether MT5 is already connected to a access server, and is able to receive data from it using MQL5 code
Hi, I am trying to install my first custom indicator. Does the file type in this link work for Metatrader 5? I have followed instructions on how to add the custom indicator, but it doesn't show... Files attached here... Thanks
Guys i want to know if it's possible for all the running orders to be closed when new orders of opposite direction are placed, please help i've looked all over the internet for such a code but no luck, thank you
I use Multiple EAs on my MQL5 VPS. The Memory usage of my MQL5 VPS is about 80Mb currently. Is this too much and danger level ? What is the maximum memory for the MQL5 VPS and recommended memory usage
Hello Folks, I coded my own EA which works perfectly as I wanted it to. on back testing and on a demo account. However for some reason on the live account and only on the GBP/USD pair it opens trades in the opposite direction than it is supposed to. Has anyone had a similiar situation or have an
I want to developed java aaplication who can place order and received detail from meta trader.How can i achieve this
Hello, I am looking for historic data (OHLCV) from the past 12 months for EVERY nasdaq stock with a market cap between 50 mil - 5 bil. I need this data on the 1 M level, so to be clear I need the data for every trading minute of every nasdaq that falls in the margin of the stated market cap with in
Hi, Does anyone know why charts are closed automatically when I leave MT5 running overnight? I had some levels marked on my charts and when I wanted to check them in the morning, half of them was closed
Hi. Trying Forex Factory NEWS with 4 pairs. Ive got the VPS running, the question is: When I hit AUTOMATIC TRADING button into MT5, why does it goes red (stop) when I migrate it to the VPS? How do I know if everything is going on at the VPS, as in my computer? Any info will be very a appreciated
Hello Ok, I before posted in this forum about a grid system, but this idea I really hope to find some one that have an EA for it, or at least similar. I have been searching for an EA that work the oppisit of what the traditional idea of the grid. So, instead for adding and openning trades when the
Good afternoon! My nobles, I am trying to open new orders (problem with BOLETA F9) on my MT4, and the tool is inactive. What to do in this case
Can i use MQL5 as my default broker to trade without third party brokers like Fxpro, FBS, Alpari and the rest? Does the MQL5 has TYPE OF ACCOUNT(Mini/Micro Account, Standard Account, Ecn account, Pro Ecn account) like the third parties do? What is the minimum capital deposit to trade with MQL5
Hello everybody,     I want to follow a signal operated on GBPUSD.  and EURUSD.   , but  my corresponding currency name is GPBUSD and EURUSD. Does it matter?  Best regards, Pan 
Hello all, From last month I'm having problems when I open mql5.com in my opera browser. Webpage shows like this: I have to work with other browsers to see correctly webpage, but I want to know how can I fix this. It is browser problem? I think not because all other webs work correctly. It is
Hi, I am trying to define the default values for the values "start" "step" "stop" in the optimization. in the set file it may looks like this: Trailingstep=1||1||1||10||Y But how do I hardcode the range in the EA code? input int Trailingstep=1||1||10||Y; does not work. any pointers
I have seen a few of MT4 and MT5 market products are resold by a website. Is that possible? As an example, one of indicator sells on MQL5 market for 100$. But in that third party website selling that same product for 50$
What is MQL5 Wizard : The MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform includes the MQL5 Wizard, which allows to quickly generate code of an Expert Advisor (Expert Advisor builder). With MQL5 Wizard, knowledge of programming languages is no longer a prerequisite for creating trading robots. In the past, it really...
Dear Friends, i think everyone know that when we trade by experts , our broker know that this account is being treated by experts and when we trade manually broker find this account as a mnually trading account. i found an issue in my account that when i try my expert with my account i usually get...
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