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I wonder if someone can assist? I'm looking to determine the second highest bar within a set number of bars. This is my code, but it does not produce the correct answer, as can be seen in the attached chart. The highest bar is H 1=16 (correct), reduce search range 1: from 1 to 15 H A=8(correct)
Want to increase 3 stars judgement I gave for a freelancer job to 5 stars. I did a mistake when I wrote it. The freelancer deserves really 5 stars. Can anyone tell me if and how I can do this? Best regards Alf Erik Christensen
Greetings trading I would love to be able to learn to make EAs and custom indicators, but there are some problems from myself as follows: 1. Do not know the world of programming 2. Tried MQL 4 didn't understand the correct step by step. 3. Want to learn from the basic step by step difficulty
  Backtest Problem  (7)
anybody help regarding HOW TO CLICK my EA Controls\Button during backtest. ***coz when I click nothing happens, not like in demo/real chart
Hello all, I'm new in MQL5 but i have some experiences in mql4 i want to call the iSar for a custom candle not the current candle... how can i use it the mql4 formula ==> we have a shift input at the last iSar function .. but in mql5 i can not find it thanks
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I want to Close a Position by Select by PositionSelect() . this code does not close position. Pleas help me. MqlTradeRequest request; MqlTradeResult result; if ( PositionSelect ( _Symbol )) { request.action = TRADE_ACTION_CLOSE_BY ; request.type = ORDER_TYPE_CLOSE_BY ; request.symbol =
The forex market is ultimately driven by economic factors that impact the value and strength of a nation's currency. The economic outlook for a country has the most influence on the value of its currency. Knowing the factors and indicators to watch will help you keep pace in the competitive and
how do I get my investor password to post a signal
  tick-data-suite  (2)
hollow guys what;is tick data available logic weekly monthly? i cant;s test back tester current week,how is fix this error
Hi I am new here, I just need to know if MQL5 has an api (web service) which i can call every minute within my application. Thank you
Hi everyone, I need to create a macro for printing en MQL5, but I don't know how to do it. This is what I was trying but it didn't work: #define PRINT(debug,...) ((debug == 1)?Print(...)) So you can use it in that way: PRINT(1, "Hello World!"); //Print PRINT(0, "Hello World!"); //Don't print
I have some technical questions in MetaTrader, please answer them for those who have knowledge about them 1- To increase the speed and shorten the time required for the Optimization process, do we need to increase the computer memory capacity? Or increase the capacity of the processor ( CPU ) Or the
Hello All, I am new to MQL5 so please forgive my ignorance. I am trying create EA that places a BuyStop order at the very beginning of each new candle with Price = the High of the previous candle and SL = the Low of previous candle. This order must expire at the end of current candle. However, when
Hi, I'm trying to reimplement this class //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Includes | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ #include <Expert\Expert.mqh>
ini OnInit () { if ( PRICE_CLOSE > iMA ( Symbol (), Period (), 20 , 0 , PRICE_CLOSED)) { req.action = TRADE_ACTION_DEAL ; req.price = NormalizedDouble(lastest_price) OrderSend (req); } } I am new to the MQ5 programming. Trying to learn very basic stuffs. I want to
I have analyzed a lot of Signals and was surprised to see how many of them have very poor or no Risk Management at all. I was also surprised that some of the high risk strategy accounts with high risk clearly shown on MAE graph (a lot of red dots) get high Reliability rating. I think that formula
It faces me while am uploading an EA please help
Hi friends; I have serial problem with mt5, please show me the solution. I have h1 warning robot which gives signal when the price close above bollinger bands upper array or vice versa. But i dont want to see the signal after h1 bar closed. I need exactly in 1 hour period if price current high goes
Is there really a special Forex secrets in Forex Market? Hi guys...I want everyone to kindly contribute to answer this question...this is a reoccurring question that has never been answered satisfactorily
Hi ! I am currently using MT4 with one broker. I have registered with another broker and want to use them both. How do I login / register this new broker in MT4? Thanks !
Hello, I'm currently looking for a profitable expert advisor and I came up with one which costs $700. It has a demo version for back-testing. Back-testing results are amazing, but now I have a doubt. I want to know is there any possibility that the demo version can generate fake trades in
I made data collecting EA. It simply runs on specified period of time and saves every tick to a file as binary using FileWriteArray(). I can judge with my eyes that the speed is decreasing with time elapse. The file is opened at the beggining inside Init() function and closed in Deinit() so I am not
The main difference between the two financial markets comes from the way they are traded. To be more exact, stock market trading has some limitations that are not seen on the Forex market. To start, when trading stocks, it is not possible to sell a stock, unless you already own it. This sounds only
Hi everyone. I'm having trouble logging into MT5. Everything was running correctly and I tried to run MT5 from the command line and with a custom tester config file (see below). Now there are no quotes in the marketwatch window and there appears to be no data in/out. Have I messed a setting up
I am experimenting with installing “MQL5 Strategy Tester Agents” on various PC’s (3 physical and 2 virtual). On 4 of them, I was able to successfully install, activate and associate to my MQL5 Community account for selling! But on one of them, a very minimal VPS sporting only 1 CPU (single threaded)...
did you know if there was a name for a template apart "default.tpl2 "tester.tpl2 and "debulg..tpl" which on metatrader 5 set the parameters on tester agent, but not for the chart selected in the tester setting, but for the other charts which opens when you...
Mt5's system built-in tool "Gann fan lines" and "Gann grid lines" can not drag up and down. But Mt4's can do it. Is that the same with yours
The Forex trading psychology of experienced traders are quite good and they do handle their emotions well. They exactly know when to trade the market and when it’s better not to trade. Below are the ways how they handle their emotions. 1) They don’t trade out of greed Thus they avoids many things
Hi, I need to send MQL5 an invoice, before withdrawing to my debit card. For tax purposes. So does anyone know which email address do we send invoices to. I already got their Cypress VAT number from the chat bot. But couldn't find any more information about this. Also wrote to service desk. But I
why can not withdraw