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1 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 years, 2 - 5 years, 5 - 10 years, 10 - 15 years, longer than 15 years, I have only been trading DEMO
Hey oracle. Is it possible to trade on one account manually and have it also copy over to a demo account that I provide a signal on? Without it being a signal that I need to subscribe to? So I’ll be trading manually on my real account and then it’s also copying to a demo account Thanks
Hello Why is there so much lag between the Market of theMQL5 website and the Market tab in MetaTrader? Sometimes you have to wait until the next day for MetaTrader to have up-to-date information. Is there a way to reduce this delay? Thank you
I need get the OHLC of EURUSD on close current candle and send this data in a GET url, example: Current time: 13:06:00 -------------------------- Open: 1.10000 Close: 1.10015 High: 1.10020 Low: 1.09998 Send OHLC of 13:05:00 to 13:06:00 in
Hi I could not debug my expert on history data, "Start on History Data" is not active in my "MetaEditor" How can I activate it? I have set all testing parameters in "Meta editor setting" but no use. would you please help me
hi i would like to open a trading account and use robots on the onlie accout, does anyone know what steps i must follow as i am just getting a demo account when i log on. there is no contacts tabto email a support team, that i can see
Hello, If developer can not make my job properly, how can i take my money back? I requested arbitration but he declines. What can i do to take my money back to give it to new developer? Thanks
I am trying to purchase Signals from my MT4 platform Live account. I have funds to purchase the signal but it doesn't matter what signal I purchase I get the same Subscription failed error. I have selected signals that currently run on with same leverage of 1:50
Hi guys, As I'm sure you know Paypal no longer works on MQL5. Finally after more than $1,500 in fees have accumulated I've given up and tried to open an Epayments account in order to withdraw the funds this way, however it's falling down on the first fence because they are not sending a confirmation...
Over the last month I have sent 5 request to close my MQL5 account and have my balance transferred back to my Pay Pal. They have all been rejected, unapproved, or closed without resolution. Why is it that MQL5 is holding my funds hostage? My most recent request has been open for 10 days without
I need to create a group, no more than 10 traders, we just have to  1- test a strategy for the 10 last entries, if if misses less than 2, of 80% accuracy you can rest assured that the chance of 2 consecutives losses are really small 2- As i have one of these strategies, i just need to find 9 persons...
My EA is sensitive to the information of some recent candlesticks of M1 timeframe. If the internet connection stops for a few minutes, how do I make sure that the functions used (iTime, CopyClose ,...) give the correct values? How can I know that the output values of these functions are correct
I am highly interested in Neural networks, how to program using them, I have gone inside up and down to try and find simple introduction to Neural networks. I keep on coming across Deep Neural Networks. The problem is Deep before I know Basic NN, Simple NN. The closest thing I came across was this
Hi, Am Lucem Anb, Mostly Trading View Programmer. I made an EA that executes alerts from tradingview without plugins and extensions and i would like to share it in the market After going throught the rules, Am wondering if it is even acceptable since I use webrequests to access the alerts. For
Hello I want to calculate Lot size for bitcoin trading.double TP_To_Lot(double TP_Money, double TP_Distance){ double TickSize = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE); double TickValue = SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE); double TickTotal = TP_Distance / TickSize;
Hi Using the code in this article to detect the new bar arrival. In the file lib_cisnewbar.mqh Is there a way to "using the code in the link" to detect the arrival of one day bar when the chart in a smaller time frame? i.e. arrival of a new bar in a different...
Hello, I wanted to get some advice from the forum. I sent an email to the helpdesk earlier in the week about an expert purchase but I have not heard anything. What experience have people had with the MQL 5 helpdesk and response times? Thanks. Rob
Hi, I would like to ask if can I open a position to seller or to buy without TP and or SL ? Thanks in advance
Hello, according to the MetaEditor Help it should also be possible to revert to a later revision: However, let's say that — in the above screenshot out of the MetaEditor documentation — I first reverted to the earlier version no. 10 by mistake and wanted to undo my mistake by reverting back to the
I purchased the indicator for $10 back a couple of months ago.   I have been trying to activate it from demo mode to active (real) mode... This is my first time purchase (indicator), and I am having trouble, Do not understand the process.  or just lacking... Help is required at this time. Can any...
Hi I have bought an indicator on the Market section, it worked fine for over a year, but have just stopped working over night and does not seem to work anymore. Can someone please help. Kind regards Andries
Does anyone know if there is a Fractal Indicator which would work on a Renko chart
Hi, My client has got a reduced order size after deposit small money to her account. She didn't change %deposit load. 2019.10.17 17:48:36.518 '1900022954': Signal - signal provider has balance 1 073.04 USD, leverage 1:500 2019.10.17 17:48:36.518 '1900022954': Signal - subscriber has balance 2
Hi guys, i need help with an ea that i've created, i've tried backtesting it on open prices only and every tick, according to my analysis of the two, i like the results of the open prices only. please help me with a code that will make my ea trade only on open prices during a demo test
What are the major points differentiated the platform MT5 to MT4? Do you think any of more MT versions are coming soon, as MT6, on? As my View "Top 10 Difference between MT5 & MT4" S/L Parameter MT4 MT5 01 Graphical Objects 31 44 02 Time Frame 9 21 03 Technical Indicators 30 38 04
I am having trouble with my EA and cant find anyone to help me with it. I have optimized an EA to yeild around 4k in profit however this number stays the same regardless of volume of trade. whether I trade 0.1 lots or 10 lots profit is exactly the same. is this normal? is there something Im doing
Hello I need to change my VPS and I would like to know if it is possible to transfer all my purchases from one VPS to the other without losing the activations already made. This is not a dual use but really a change of machine. Is there any kind of clean uninstallation that would recredit
how do i take partial profit from an open trade on mt4
Hey there, I am experiencing the error "TRADE_RETCODE_CLOSE_ONLY" with the explanatory comment " The request is rejected, because the 'Only position closing is allowed' rule is set for the symbol". when I execute the below code on backtesting in MT5 on FDAXZ9 in period 14/10 - 15/10 2019. However
Hi, I added $20 to my MQL5 account on 2019.10.08 to be able to use Cloud Agents for the first time during a backtest, and my MQL5 account has been credited. I then ran my backtest, then asked to use cloud agents. 3 problems to the end Some completely wrong results in optimization that cannot be