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We have reatime data on another server in JSON format that we need to pull in to MT4/5 for the chosen instrument and timeframe, and then display as an indicator. Is there a recommended way to pull this data in to the client.
Hi guys anyone else has this problem?? i can't download nothing from metatrader 4 market and i can't connect through my vps... Diary tell me this on pictures: 
Hi community I would like to know who do I insert Asian and London channels on the FXOpen chart? Mntungwa
My Strategy Tester Not Working. Please Back-test this for me
Hello, Please give me an advice how to get orders in freelance when I'm newbie. I applied to more than 50 jobs but nobody picks me.  I'm perfectly capable of creating very advanced, error free EAs and indicators, but since I'm new here and I have 0 jobs finished nobody picks me for their job. :( Any...
l'm look on forexfactory , but sometimes it so delay. Thank you.
Dear friends,  I'm searching for an indicator that marks only 50 pip candles.  I would really like to enter a value of 10, 20, 30 pips etc. and the indicator would mark each candle that has that particular pip size.  If you know of anything like this please let me know.  Kind Regards
Hi Guys, Hi I am from London and a beginner looking to learn Forex  I ideally would like to find another passionate person to learn Forex with and share knowledge. Is there a chat room on this site?
Hi ALL, someone please advise me the most suitable PC spec for MT4 which only work single thread so high spec CPU like Intel Core i9 would not perform well as expected. However, I believe the spec of CPU might be the best solution for avoiding chart freezing esp at the heavy deal time form LDN time...
Hi I have singals. Where i can advertised it?
 Dear sirs,   I`n new in this MQL5 programming language. Can somebody tell me why some functions are prohibited for using them in indicators and expert advisors?  Thank you
Hi All, Please can anyone advise on an ea I can set multiple windows to trade ... (hour, minute, and seconds). Ideally that switches off the autotrader. First prize would be that it includes a newsfilter too... like the great IceFX.NewsInfo ea. thank you for your time and help.
is there any oscillator or indicator, which shows that prices are oversold/overbought with respect to last day/last week open/close price. and how accurate is that oscillator,which time frame they are close to result.
Hi All I want to EA Or indicator to show all profit/lose Open And pending order in chart For specific Price (One pair Or all pair ) anyone can help me Thanks.
For example the indicator such as FFCal Headline inform the news in FX, It has to allow DLL import. However, the sentence below make me hesitate to do that. Is DLL dangerous? Yes and No. Unlike MQL that is running in a sand box which protected byMetaTrader, DLL can access all information and files...
I have a popular youtube trading community and need someone to help me do great tutorials on how to trade on MT4: Topics could be like the below: Metatrader Setup One Click Trading How to place a Pending Order How to launch an Expert Advisor How to place a Stop Loss & Take Profit How to insert an...
The migration of brokers to MetaTrader 5 is ongoing — JFD Brokers, Alfa-Forex, FreshForex, IGM Forex and USGFX have recently announced the launch of the platform with support for hedge accounts. The Irish broker Squared Financial Services, Terra Investimentos from Brazil, Iraq-based Durian, as well...
I bought the EA and backtest It has some problem Plz tell me how to fix it Thankyou
I use tickstory for backtest and I use mt4 old builds example 950 and 970. WHy I do not get the same results on the both builds?  Example Profit factor 2 on build 970 and profit factor 3.70 on build 950 I backtest scalping robot
Hi again guys, I'd like to modify a couple of things in my signal strategy description but I cannot find how to edit it.   Please give me  a hand :-) Ben 
Hallo  everybody. I am in search of a program which will indicate high velocity price change ( like that happens in breakout ). Preferably in M 1 . Thanks
How can I create and show on the chart a horizontal line at 1.20? Thank you
I a testing this expert advisor that uses a breakout box to calculate the open price of a pending order.
  magic number (2)
Preciso uma linha de programação que determine numeros maximo de operação por magc number do EA   Muito obrigado 
Hi, As most of you know Metatrader 4 can also do spreadbetting, CFDs etc.. I tried applying some FX epxerts to the Dow index but didn't work does anyone have any EA's for indexs such as DOW / SPX / FTSE ? Thanks ! Lee
Good Morning, After viewing the videos and migrating to the MQL5 Virtual Server, no position has been opened so far, how can I be sure that my expert advisor is running? Thank you Pedro
with the exception of LW..)
Hello, i 'm looking for help in french, please
Looking for people from Mexico who operate in real accounts. The idea is to share good ideas of profitable tradings.
Hi I need volume of shorts and longs separatly , like this : how can I get this in MQL ??