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I have searched solutions for a solid hour now and I can't find anything to fix my issue. Whenever I install MT5 on my mac, I get a pop up asking for proxy service information. I do not use a proxy server. Each time I hit cancel, MT5 tells me, "Something went wrong. Please try again later." I have...
hello folks! does anybody know wheather the following list of exchanges that offer MT5 support is up to date? Apart from that, is it possible to trade directly via an Exchange using MT5 or do you need a broker inbetween? Greets!
Please Suggest Me Some Online Financial Trading Courses for Spread In Betting & Forex.
  signals doubt (6)
in the signals page I saw the growth rates.are these percentages real?how are they calculated?
Can anybody help me.I switch phones and download metatrader 4 on new phone but when i want to login to my accounts on new phone i got message(Authorization failed) I made sure i put in correct login and password but i gives me that message on every broker account.
Hello dears I just subscribed with a signal provider today, he opened 3 positions and copied successfully to my account, he closed them on his account and also closed automatically on my account, ok that's great, but after few minutes of closing the 3 positions, a new position opened my account,...
Hello I don know where I have to post my problem ...but it take more than a month to active my account for being seller I resolved all of the problem which said me in comment but still there is no answer ... Thank You Best Regard
Having talk to my broker they think it could take up to an hour to receive them.. And if you wanted to withdraw in some parts of the world it could take 2 days.. Anyone experience much gain or loss in using bitcoins with the brokers?
Real Wake Up Alert - Power Nap alarming ?! When we sleep.   Are there any alerts that can wake up sleeping ?! Gong or pip sounds are weak and short. A long wake-up call is a need. Regards.
Hello Guys, After speaking to guys in our Skype Group (free for all skype group for BO traders/developers/newbies and pros combined) we thought share some interesting indicator here in TSD to see if any good developer may pick up a ride and make some magic Background (by Irvin, who posted the...
Indifferent Paltt forms, a test was carried out with the EA Reversal CompositeCandles with completely different results. The EA can be found at!tab=tab_p_overview Oncea test was carried out on the platform of the manufacturer MetaQuotes demoaccount and once...
Hello . I use of signal but my balance is more than of seller signal.  My volume of position is about 1/5 of his. My signal properties is 95% of deposit. Please help me.
double ten_sen_uTF1=0;      double kij_sen_uTF1=0;      double ten_sen_nTF1=0;      double kij_sen_nTF1=0;      double ten_sen_uTF2=0;      double kij_sen_uTF2=0;      datetime times;      times=iTime(symbolis,TradePerf[0],0);            for(int i = limit; i >= 0; i--)      {         ArrowBULL[i]=...
hi I have problem loading some charts like wavesusdt, also some charts information are wrong (such as trxusdt)? anybody know how to fix this problem in metatrader5 ? thanks
hi I have made  preliminary account and was told to wait to be contacted, but some time has passed and no one has contacted me, any ideas how to solve this?
Hello there I am in the process of establishing my own small signal server. I would like to know the best / right poweroptions for Windows 10 Pro, to ensure MT4 is running proberly, if the server goes to "sleep" or simluar poweroptions. anyone with this experince? much appriciated. /Troels
Dear friends, I have few questions.  Let me know which broker is best for trade with EA. , Which VPS service is suitable for mentioned broker to run the EA.
Hi, How can we search freelancers based on their ranking in
You may have faced a situation that is not very nice, namely to wait for more than 10 days to activate the seller account. From your experience, tell us what advice you have for those in the situation. How to Improve Communication with Site Moderators. There is a chat that can chat with them live.
  VPS hosting (4)
I have two Virtual Hosting Services.  Can I host my MT4 trading on both?
Just noticed that all repositories and code on my storage are gone for some reason. MQL4 code completely wiped down, MQL5 code unaffected. A revision number was reverted to zero. I have activated storage at 2012 and now years of code gone. Thankfully have all code stored offline, but version history...
There are more and more users of joining and the interface is straightforward but ithink a video tutorial with respect to  1. Freelance  2. Market 3.Signals 4. VPS  I think it would be necessarytohave a video tutorialfor customer and producer videos to be published 
  Alert error (2)
Can I turn off all sound alerts they sounds all the time?
Hi.  Since this morning after changing password, I can no longer sign into MQL5 community on Meta trader4. please help. Thx
Hi everyone, Did you ever get the following error upon storage commit? Any idea how to solve it? Thank you.
I am following [...] signal since January 2019. I am using same broker as trader's broker (IC Markets) and already using Metatrader VPS. I notice that the execution price on my account is not the same as execution price on trader's account. And I have told it to the trader and yes She said that...
  information (3)
Hello I am connected to this signal: [...] I do not have the same results as the trader. Can you make the settings to get the same results as he please? I wish it were accurate Thank you
Hi, I'm on Mac OS and I can't figure out how to change colors... I want to put 2 different EMAs on a chart put they both come out red. When I go into properties I don't get any option to modify the color...  Is this option only available for the actual software and not the WebTerminal? Thanks,...
Hello, I was wondering if it is possible for a Statement that you download on Metatrader 4 to contain an error. I donwloaded the report, and I saw that the opening times had a mistake. The opening times are supposed to be in order, but I found that the order was funny. The order is like this: 13:35...
  optimaze EA (1)
how often do you optimaze your EAs to be durable over time?