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  Many Trades (1)
I have created an expert that opens a buy order when a fast MA is > a slow MA, with 30 Stop loss, 60 Takeprofit and 30 trailing stop (just a try). The reversal for the sell. The problem is that when the target is reached and the buy order is closed the expert opens another buy order imedeately...
hello sir, this is santosh. i want to add pivot points indicator in your software so tell me how to add please provide me the total script to me for adding the pivot point indicator. regards, k.n.v.
I try to backtest EA which has Dll calls. Getting error message "Dll calls are not allowed". Is it true? Can't I backtest EA which uses external Dll calls? Thanks
Hi Gurus, If I put in a OP_BUYSTOP order, how can I tell if it has been filled or still pending. I need to know the status of my order. I have a conditional statement that would act differently depending whether it has been filled or still pending. I tried looking at the OrderProfit(), but it...
  Ttm (1)
this Indicator work like Trend Manager Trading System
I'm having problems with this task. I need to read the last line of a .csv file actually the first comma separated string in the last line. I have Date,Time,High,Low,Close,Volume and I want the date. Everything I try does not work. I have this. Can anyone help? tia fileOut =...
Attention to MetaQuotes. Since the start() function is triggered every tick, one can calculate necessary trend directions based on tick time frame. However, one cannot plot any graphics within the tick time frame. In MT4 environment it is possible to open and close order multiply within selected...
  What works ? (3)
I started trading a forex mini account. Wanted to know what indicators and trading systems/methods has been proven to work and make money or close to it lol and any manuals on how to use them ?
Hello to all! According to some posts there is an EA of the Median Trader strategy described in the Bird Watching in Lion Country (BWILC) by Dr Forex floating around. Do any of you know where to find it? I am in hopes to start a thread on it and come up with a good strategy to use. The closest one...
  Avg? (7)
Hello i have found codeTC2000 (AVGC13-AVGC13.4)>0 C=Close 13 = Bar or Bars but what is AVG ? indicator ? andwhat is 13.4 ? Thanks A
hi, does anyone have ergodic indicator for mt4? thanks
  Shift iMA (3)
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the following arguments for iMA: "ma_shift" vs "shift". All I want to do is to calculate the value for 9 bar Moving Averages for current bar, previous bar, and previous to previous bar. But I am not too sure whether I should use...
Hi all, I am trying to test a history file (manual) .. I want to start form the begining of the chart. Is their an easy way to start from begining? (It's a large history file) regards,
I designed an EA which allows more than 1 open position at the same time, but when I tried to close all the position at the same time, an error occured. My original code is: for(int i = 0; i < OrdersTotal(); i++) //go through all the existing positions { if (OrderType() ==...
I was wondering if anyone can help me explaining the purpose and how to use OrderMagicNumber. I take a look at the example Moving Average Expert Advisor; and could not understand it. I think it's to differentiate one order from another. and I do have in mind running the same EA and attach it to...
  Eurusd H4 (2)
Disclaimer: Forex is high risk gambling. Any advices that JDun or other poster on this board should be taken with a grain a salt. These advices are extremely risky and the chance of losing money is high. Use the information that is posted on this board at your own risk. Jdun is not liable for any...
  MT3 EA's (1)
Can somebody please tell me where all the MT3 EA's(scripts) are ?? I can only see a handful under the MT3 down load section, and there must be alot more than that. George
hi evry bady >>> i wont to lern haw to do expert ... from wher i w'll stsrt ? thank u
  Goldwarrior EA (68   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Been trying out this EA since monday 21. Setup on 4 majors, 15 min charts - default settings. I have 2 accounts: 1 on IBFX (their MT3 platform seems more reliable then MT4) and 1 on Alpari. Like always, the 2 brokers have different results. So far so good but the 1000 pips Stop loss is scary. I will...
I am creating an expert that uses OrdersTotal()==0 to signal new positions. If a position is already opened this function should return 1 right? Here is a script I created to test the OrdersTotal() function: //Script Tester//Copyright © 2005 Sergey T.extern double lots = 1;extern double stoploss =...
i used to be able to edit wingdings that were on the chart in MT3. how is that done in version 4? thx!
Does not work. Build 186 10 Nov. 2005
Released the new version of MetaTrader Data Center build 285. Reconnection after restarting of main trading server and proxy-mode functionality had been fixed. MetaTrader Data Center download link: "MetaTrader 4 Data Center"
  Proboy EA (1)
Something with break out of the fractals or channel ... may be ...
  'Cool' EA (10)
Interesting EA.
Really usefull for coding data driven functions, it used to work pre build 184.
Please find 4 indicators and one template: - MESA; - BB_TSI; - BB_DS_Stochastic; - Silver-channel. Use template (attached).
2 indicators.