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 is there an issue? I've tried 3 broker Mt4 already and same result. I cannot install my purchased
Everytime I try to subscribe to 'No China" signal in OANDA's mt4 terminal, it says subscription failed, the subscription cannot be renewed because new subscriptions are not allowed for the signal. I get this error message if I try to subscribe to any signal from MQL5 actually. It only doesn't occur...
Hi im running the demo account to test the platform but everytime i try to make a trade it tells me that there is not enough money.. The account starts with 100k so im wondering what is going on here!?
Hi, ‌I‌ am new to meta trader 5. I have downloaded and opened a demo account with metaquotes. I am able to see the charts for metals (Gold and Silver) but unable to place an order. Is there any seeting I need to change to enable that? ‌ R‌egards D‌ilip
  new indicator (1)
Hi please help how do I import a new indicator that I downloaded from the web please 
2017.03.08 00:37:36.468 '11641147': Signal - attempt to subscribe to foreign signal, broker enabled only own signals ‌ Subscribe signal failed, I got the above message. The broker in message is not clear, which broker? my account broker or signal provider's broker? ‌I guess it refers to my broker,...
Anyone know a way to remove the candles from a chart with a custom indicator ? ‌lets say I have a 5M AUDUSD chart on screen, I want to drop a custom indicator on that chart and the first thing i want to NOT see is any candles or ANY info HLOC etc when you hover :) ‌ ‌ Any ideas ? ‌ ‌ Thanks‌ ‌ ‌
Just that, I cannot hear the sound alert when an arrow pops up. Also from time to time an arrow shows up when it shouldn´t. I dissapears after I restart the chart. Thanks in advance
I am following a MT4 signal but confused with "deposit load" labeled on the chart of tab "Risks". Can anyone explain its meaning? Thanks.
YesSometimes yes, sometimes noNoOther (comment below)
I am not sure whether or not my signal provider is placing all of his trades at 0.01 lots, or if I selected something when I signed up, but I have looked under the Signal tab in Options and haven't seen any option to change the lot sizes.  So, is there a way that I can increase all of his future...
Hi all, ‌ I am using an indicator called: candletime‌, which is based on: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|                                                   candleTime.mq5 | //|                   Francesco Danti Copyright 2011, |...
  GMT time??? (1)
My charts I think are set for 5 pm est but it is now 7:30 pm and the hour bar chart is still on the 0:00 ?? ‌Today is monday march 6th. I am on the east coast. Where do i look on the chart to see if there are any adjustments.
If I were to set up 4 accounts with my broker, and subscribe to a different signal for each account, can I use just one instance of the MetaTrader 4 software to duplicate trades from each signal, or do you have to be "logged in" to the account that you want trading?
Hi I had two versions of MetaTrader, one original and the other customized by the broker. it happens now that no one works any more. When I try to open them they get stuck in the login window and I have to force to close it. I uninstalled both, but when re-installing just one the same problem....
Hi, I am trying to subscribe to one of the signal services and it gives me an error, see attached.
Good afternoon! Is there a possibility to receive an email every time when my signal provider is opening a new position? Or a notification on my mobile app. Thanks! :D
On the Detailed Report of my account on my MT4, the Maximal Drawdown is only at 2.65% but on my signal's Maximum Drawdown, it shows 56.51% (Current drawdown is dangerous for subscribers. Subscription will be allowed once drawdown improves) therefore Subscription not permitted. Can someone from MLQ5...
Geldberg Geldstein
  Let's kill MT4! (29   1 2 3)
Any ideas how to do that? :)
Hello, ‌‌ Please any one can help with this: -I want to know what is the reference symbol closed price used on the MT4 profit and loss calculation. (‌I always find some differences between my calculations and the MT4 calculations when it comes to the indirect currencies closed trades.) ‌-Where can i...
Is it possible to ask for a developer to modify 2 Eas in only one job? Is it forbidden or it is acceptable?
I want an out file from ADX with name , date and adx+, adx- what i must to do?‌
  coupon mql5 (1)
hello everyone i want subscribe mql5 but use coupon mql5... h‌ow to find coupon?? b‌efore this i just deposit to mql5 and subscribe but this time need use mql5 coupon
Tools for Brokers has developed a set of solutions for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to provide brokers with additional services and simplify their transition to the new technology. For the last seven years, the integrator team has been developing MetaTrader 4 plugins for over 250 companies...
Hello, I'm looking for an EA or script that would be able to open buy order if the price will be bellow certain level and only on specific time, example open buy when price is below 1.50008 at 11:00, and be valid only at this time for maybe 10 or 15 seconds. So this is like pending order with expire...
help with this indicator to make 1- make it work on last closed bar not the current bar 2- control of choose time frame from outside thank you very much
I‌'d written my first EA and tested it on GBPJPY primary. But if i change the pairs in Strategy Tester - it does not work (EURUSD for example). I checked my code and it does not include GBPJPY symbol. The order command looks like: ---------------OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,0.1,Ask,2,Bid-300*Point...
Dear all. I would like to ask you which is better for biggest PR? For now i used only HDD and my question is if i use RAM disk for MetaTester agent is this will increase my PR? Or only way is SSD? Best regards.
Tools for Brokers has developed a set of solutions for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to provide brokers with additional services and simplify their transition to the new technology. For the last seven years, the integrator team has been developing MetaTrader 4 plugins for over 250 companies...