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New requirements on guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection mandated to CFDs brokers The French financial regulator, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), is mandating some changes to retail brokers operating in the country. After months of deliberations on an advertising ban for...
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Hi I need to switch from demo to real account 
We expect the dollar to continue to strengthen over 2017 – corporate tax reform; potential hawkish Fed appointments; fiscal stimulus; the dollar’s status as a high-yielder all favour continued gains throughout the year. Dollar cycle still has juice. The USD is hardly stretched. Compared to a more...
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MT5 made an update, after that I am unable to open the application, error message reads - terminal64.exe is not a valid win32 application So I redownloaded MT5 platform, installation stalls after download, screenshot below Is it possible to make a successful installation in order to use the platform...
A flash-sale of Pound Sterling characterised markets at the start of a new week in global foreign exchange as the hard-Brexit story continues to be digested.  Sterling fell on weekend news that the UK Prime Minister would use a speech on Tuesday to argue for red-lines over EU migration and an exit...
I have several activations left for an EA that I am using. In the past, I would go to "purchases" and download it from there as there was an option to do that but after formating my hard drive and re-downloading MQL5 and MT4, the "download activation" is not there anymore.
Hello, i am looking for a specific EA in the market and it happens that i can sometime see it and when starting next it is disappeared.   Is there any rule how EAs are shown in the market page ?   Thank you 
I searched before posting but I cant! 1.How is rating of an EA, signal provider ? I tried but I cant vote an EA! 2.I tried to a review of a signal but it seems disable for me ? everybody cant ? Thanks
i have this EA with String problem. Sombody knows how to solve it?    //#include <stdlib.mqh> #import "stdlib.ex4"    string ErrorDescription(int a0); // DA69CBAFF4D38B87377667EEC549DE5A #import  
I need my EA to recompile itself after a set period of time. Any code for that? Thank you 
Hello, I have a problem. When I subscribe to a signal and the provider adds money/funds, some parts of my trades are closed automaticaslly. How can I change that?
I am using a few EA's and not all allow the use of a name to be added, making it difficult for me to know which robot has placed a trade; is there any way to make this easier for me to know which robot is trading and the results of each. Please help/advise. Thank you.
GBP/USD gapped lower at 1.20 in response to news reports suggesting that UK PM Theresa May is all set to call for ‘hard Brexit’ on Tuesday. A recovery attempt quickly ran out of steam at 1.2054 following which the spot fell back to 1.2020 levels. Bulls need to defend 1.20 The area between 1.20 and 1...
Hello everyone,  I want to know if there is possibility of using different lot size than the Signal provider ?  and if yes, is it applied to every Signal provider or just some of them don't allow lot size changes ?.  Can someone help me ?.
Hello every body, I need to know if I can change from one broker account to another by using the same subscribed SIGNAL ? For instance;  from Roboforex.com to Fxopen.com .   Please somebody help me . 
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Just eight individuals, all men, own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world's population, Oxfam said on Monday in a report calling for action to curtail rewards for those at the top. As decision makers and many of the super-rich gather for this week's World...
I use this app attached to monitor market sessions, but I'm sure you have better apps. Please share with us. 
what mean these grey number ??
I have done little strategy. Working well for me. Now i thought if some one can make arrow for it, that will be good arrow.     Buy rules - # All super trend lines crossed to green # All super trend histos green  # Waddah explosion green candle crossed yellow line # Make sure trend hit at strong...
Hello everyone. Is there a screener indicator for mt4 available? I would like it to just show the % gain or losses for the day on any pair that I add to it (preferably if they could be put in order from top gain on top to lower on bottom to keep track). And also if it can be modified to only begin...
need tick data from 2015-2016 .fxt file
I have a serious & little question Is it profitable ? WHY you sell only 20 30 50 $ ? Some of signal or EA by little deposit are working well, so it can not be randomly by chance you make profit 12 month or 500 ,1000 trades,  In other hand , why sell ? Anyone remember here a signal or Expert with a...
Now, the code I'm going to post works flawlessly in MT4 and the platform is set to x86 in visual studio.  But in MT5 (x64) and x64 set as the platform in Visual Studio, I get "Can not find <function name> inside <dll name>.dll". EA code:...
good evening. can i find 1 year history in timeframe m1 of eur usd for testing? or how to do to download it in mt4?  here i can't
I purchase a signal provider and it says I am subscribed, but I am not getting the signals or anything! What should I do? Any help is great! Thanks!!!
Deutsche Bank on the Canadian dollar USD/CAD is set to rise above 1.40 over the course of 2017, predominantly driven by faster-than-priced Fed tightening and US tax reform. A possible US border tax adjustment would boost the broad USD and have a disproportionately negative impact on Canada's growth...
I bought EA robot, and I test it on strategy tester. It's result is very good, but when I test it on demo account, it loss. What is mean?
  Carry Trade (5)
Who is doing carry trade here. What pairs are you using? What strategy do you use for entry and exit.?