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What is Equivalent code of MQL4 to MQL5 below : if (AccountFreeMarginCheck(Symbol(), OP_BUY, Lots * 50) >= 0.0) { //OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, Lots, Ask, 3,Ask-SL,lp88, "Magic = " + 301210, 301210, 0, DodgerBlue); }
CRUDE OIL: With the commodity bearish following a reversal of its Tuesday gains to close lower on Wednesday, further weakness cannot be ruled. Support comes in at 95.63 level where a breach will bring further downside towards the 94.00 level. Further down, support lies at the 92.00 level with a...
Hello everybdy, according to documentation (https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/567), when declaring an array, its size can be specified directly as a number or using a predefined constant: #define SIZE 3double Variable[SIZE]; Unfortunately this seems not to work with multidimensional array,...
The use of Twitter and other social media to predict and trade on or, reflexively, generate interest in various assets is nothing new and has been around for years. Whether or not this strategy works is still unclear: the only "hedge fund" that traded purely on Twitter signals, Derwent Absolute...
Chinkou Span line of Ichimoku indicator is trying to cross historical D1 price but on open bar only. Besides, D1 price is already above Sinkou Span A in bulliush zone for possible breaking 1.3677 resistance. The primary bulish is started to be continuing on open bar only for H4 timeframe. W1...
i was check for XAU/USD and still not get the feelling for buy or sell... anyone have indicator for make sure the position buy or sell?
the title is my question. thanks
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upppppppppp or range
USDCHF: With USDCHF slightly holding below the 0.8889 level, further weakness is envisaged possibly towards the 0.8800 level. Bulls may come in here and turn it higher but if that level is broken expect further decline to occur towards the 0.8750 level. Further down, support lies at the 0.8700...
Hii Folks! i am interested to know about not setting stoploss and targets for any entry, share your views/experiences.
I have created a strategy almost ready for the mql market but ive encountered some problems. I get random errors while testing, i have to restart it all the time. After restart i manage to run one test and it looks like on the screenshot. Compare it with the old terminal (same exact script code,...
Forget the reforms in China, whether the euro EURUSD +0.07% survives, or whether Apple AAPL -0.02% ever gets around to launching that incredibly expensive watch that sends e-mails, plays games, and possibly even tells you what time it is. Right now, there is only one thing that really matters to...
Hello What is this? A tool that effectively replaces the Metatrader4 Backtester, which means it can be used to analyse and optimise the performance of your Expert Advisors - with over 100x the accuracy of a backtest. Why do I need it? How does it work? To make it short: Because you want reliable...
is there a way to set MT5 so that only multiples of X (say, 5 pips) are displayed on the vertical price axis, as opposed to the seemingly random multiples displayed currently?
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Hey anyone have a list of bonuses given by brokers? As I like to test out a broker before committing and an incentive is nice, I am still searching for one with MT4, it was in my other post Cheers.
This is a sustainable strategy, because it is based on fundamentals that will always be in place, as long as the market exists. Probably will deliver a 100% profitable trades with zero draw down. It is the "holy Grail". I need a coder to write a bot, a partnership deal. see my profile.
Hello, I'm trying to develop a tick indicator which will be used to determine if ticks are ocurring at bid, at ask or between quotes, as well as their volumes. However, I'm having several problems when running the indicator, mainly because the indicator is returning wrong values for the volume and...
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Today you can sign up for a free webinar :Dr. Alexander Elder - Dr. Elder's Trading Room - Wednesday, April 25, 2012 6:00 PM ET Link to do so is the following : MetaStock Webinars - Equis International Since it is about Dr. Elder it really might be interesting
I want to learn develop EA on MQL5. is there any articles to learn step by step how to develop EA on MQL5
Hello folks! Is there anyone on this forum who knows how this indicator works? You can post here or you pm me. Thanks! fx5_neelyelliotwave_v1.2.mq4
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Yes, I Do Often No, I Never Sometimes
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How read the candle to know when i must buy or sell?
Hello Forum, I am trying to modify one of the more common files out there that creates a .csv file and dumps it to the file system. The dump works fine, but I want to change what gets dumped. I trade all six (6) major JPY pairs in a basket. I have a couple .mql files that dump iCustom history...
Do not know I had heard Newcomer Intermediary Advanced Guru
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At what price do you think will EURUSD close this year?
The quarterly Flow of Funds reportby the Fed has been released and the latest household net worth numbers are out. While not nearly quite as dramatic as last quarter's wholesale dataset revision, which saw all of America suddenly worth $3 trillion more primarily due to a change of how "pension...
Trader’s Pulse : 150% Festive Welcome BonusAs the year comes to close and with the holiday season about to begin Traders Pulse would like to spread the happiness by offering our new clients a 150% deposit trading bonus Traders Pulse will instantly reward our new clients with a generous trading...
  Flame Chart (6)
Hello to all Traders. Can anyone give me some information on how to use the Flame Chart? Any advice, information on how to apply the Flame chart to trading? Thank you.
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