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XAU/USD January-March 2017 Forecast: bearish ranging to the bear market rally W1 price is located below Ichimoku cloud in the berish area of the chart. The price broke Ichimoku cloud together with Senkou Span lines to below in the beginning of November lkast year for the breakdown with the bearish...
Brent Crude Oil January-March 2017 Forecast: bullish ranging within 53/57 levels waiting for direction Weekly (W1) price is located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 57.23 resistance level located...
If I draw a trendline can an EA find it and take a buy trade at a candleclose over it if the trendline are green or a sell if it´s red. And in the tester can I draw trendlines and the EA find and trade as above.
Can anyone really predict the future - where gold will be in short term, med and long?
I offer mutually advantageous exchange. Communication - through Skype (to look in my profile).
Good morning to download from the website  you must enable a special  APP  named  mql5buy  ,, I can not find it in chrome applications or firefox  ,,  where can I find this application ??  I do not try words bla bla  ,, but a link where I can download this application named mql5buy Thanks 
I request friends if anybody using any simple profitable trading strategy  It may be even 10 to 20 perxent I don't ask huge profits  Lowest risk and highest reward strategy kindly share
I have tried more than 10 signals in mql and all my accounts were wiped out. Is there any perfect and reliable signal in mt4 which can make around 5% a day consistently in a long term?
So I tried to setup a signal to test out an EA that was offered to me for free for 1 month. This is a real Account From RoboForex. This is my real account number 3109602 roboforex.com Fixed-EU Cent. The weird thing is that it gives me the following error on account number "this account number was...
Actually, i start this project for my local group and set a million profit target from 1 K capital as a challenge. As a trader i know that this target is possible to achieve with some consistent result, for instance : based on my experience i can achieve more than 5% per month easily which mean 100%...
Seems that signal sellers here are using the "become friends" option to promote their signals. Lucky me : so many people want to be friends with me :) I guess the rest of the registered forum members are being flooded with same "become a friend" requests too ... so this is becoming quite a friendly...
Hi, anybody here know how to delete product draft?
  ea programing (1)
Hello all, first sorry if this subject is not belong to this forum. I need a programmer to program an expert adviser with special properties, what should i do. Thank you.
Hi everybody, I was evaluating which is the best choice among MQL4 and MQL5, I'm a software developer so I really appreciate the OOP introduced in MQL5. I have a C++ .dll which exposes some useful classes, my question is: can I directly use the classes defined in an external .dll from MQL5. I...
Hi. One question. If I subscribe to a signal service, and I set my subscription on a demo account, can I switch the subscription to a live account afterwards?
hello my experience of 5 years. i know im not wrong. who has the same problem with me ?
How to earn money no fica document needed to open account trading 5?
  mql5 problem (2)
my account not follower the signal mt4 from mql5
  Ask about gap (2)
When market is closed at 11833, I stay pending order BuyStop at 11840, SellStop at 11825. Next day market opened at 11880. Buy pending isn't opened at 11840, buy pending opened at 11880. Why that happened? When I test that on strategy tester it opened 11840. 
Hi Guys! Name is Michael. I am from Namibia, somewhere in Africa but im currently in Brazil. In Metatrader 5 the thing that confuses me is about the Points and Pips. I understand that: 10 points = 1 Pip 100 Points = 10 Pips and so on, but once the trade moves it multiplies the money with Points and...
I would like to ask how to get MT4 or MT5 crude oil, sugar, wheat and other futures for more than 10 years of historical data? One minute cycle Thank you
  VPS (1)
When I subscribe virtual hosting on 'MQL5 New York 3', tariff #7 (unsubscribed 2017.03.20 09:52). After several days I cancel hosting. So 95$ payment take away my balance. Can I continue this VPS? Because I paid 95$.
What is the metrics a user should see to allocate the funds to a signal ... What are rules / measures for allocating funds b/w N number of signals. 
  Trend (1)
When building an EA, what are some of the better techniques to use to detect up trend and down trend.  Is there a slope function available in MT5? Thanks, Mike
Hi there. I wonder how I can switch off the notifications for the community without logging out? I get so many of them, its annoying, but I dont know how to switch them off? Thanks for any help. Regards, Gerd
Hello everyone, I've watched the introduction video on youtube about ordering indicators and expert advisors in the freelance section, but something was not clear. It mentions that in one stage it will freeze the money needed to pay for the request, but I don't understand from where this is made. Is...
How could I export live data to Visual FoxPro application from MetaTrade4? I need know Service name, Topic and Item name. Can anyone help?
Hello, I would like to know how the Tick value is calculated for pairs in which the account currency is not present. My understanding is that there is an implicit conversion from your account currency to the base currency of the pair first. Is this correct? Best regards.
Hi all, Does anyone know how to set an alert when the + value of the gator oscillator is reached.  so for example if the positive  value of the oscillator is 0.5 , I want a notification to be sent to me thanks
Hello Does anyone have experience with Auto-Optimisation of an EA. Have you found it to perform better in real-time or just adds extra computational time? Thank you