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Hi I want to have an alert when the volume is going upper than the volume of 2 min before. long Prev_Vol=iVolume(NULL,PERIOD_M1,2);   long This_Vol=iVolume(NULL,PERIOD_M1,0);      if( This_Vol>Prev_Vol) { Alert("Alert");} the problem is it makes several alerts because after the first alert ,...
Hello everybody, Is it possible to draw in MT5 price chart based on bid or ask quotations instead of last traded price? I am looking right now at very shallow markets where bid/ask quotation is regularly away from last traded price because of very little trading. So it can happen that last traded...
Hello Everyone, I would like to withdraw my deposited money from this Mql5 site but if i click Withdraw from account, its showing thisbelow error  Withdrawal unavailable:  no earned money on your account verified user status required Thanks for your help
0-5 %5-15%15-30%30-40%Over 40%
Hi, I have the following idea in mind. I would like to trade - at a predefined time every day - on a trading signal which is stated in a csv file - a fixed lot size either long, short or stay out of the market. But I'm very confused with the labelling in MQL5, with all the different classes. So...
Hi I am new to coding and I am trying to code it such that I would only have 1 position at a time. If I have 1 lot in the long position, and a sell signal appears, it would sell 2 lots and would net a 1 lot in the short position. OrdersTotal only allows me to see total current orders but not if the...
hello i am new to trading and this forum so if there is already a topic about this i apologize for spamming but i have notice something rather interesting. i have been using a EA on both a live account and on demo account at the same time to forward test it and check the results on both of them, the...
Hello everyone I am looking for a trader copier that allows to copy from computer A to computer B - that have 2 different IP Addresses. Is there any program familiar?
I am new to here, and want to ask what is the formula to come up with the loss of -103.65? My buy price is 1.10472 sell price is 1.09973 Diff=0.00499 with 0.2 lot 
its impossible to predict the market 100% of the time, no matter the tactic,but what if the holy grail is really a system that has a good accuracy but also, it tells you when you are losing before big loss, maybe that is the true perfect system 
It is really possible? What you think about? It is possible to turn a micro-forex 200$ account into a mid/macro-forex account of 20000$ in one year(or less), and year by new year, growing up, in order to became financially indipentent montly (i.e. withdrawing 1000$ at month from the account, while...
Hey all, Here's my situation, Recently i have made a big loss in USDCAD pair and i'm really wanted to earn back all my loss. Would anyone please recommend some EA for me ? like making 50% / 100% in a month and i will listen to your advise as well. Really appreciate with replies. Thank you Very Much.
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Why people often lose in forex trading, how do successful people think.?
Posting polls Posting forum topics Posting comments Adding a product in market Adding a signal Posting jobs Doing jobs Participating in the cloud network I dont know
Please help me, i don't understand why i still loss when the profit pips is more than stop loss
I verified my profile in mql5 website but still can't withdraw funds
In trading we assume that trading is a habit that we do or part of our lives. So you will not be in a hurry to analyze or transact. As long as you are not used to doing analysis and making decisions, then you will still "stutter". Your "steps" will falter and you will be bored because you think that...
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The VPS provided by MQL5 forum is fast and convenient. Is it possible that my EA could be stolen by the hosting provider ?
This post could be considered a “rant”, but I would like to take the opportunity to relay to those that ask similar questions, the difficulty involved in answering such a simple query – “Is it is easy (or difficult) to …?” “Easy” would imply that anyone can do it, but that is obviously not the case...
hi , i would like to know how they come up with their forecast predictions on high impact news or other news on the calendar ? what specifically do they do to work out their forecast predictions ? thank you 
Not sure yet, but I'm planning to study stochastic calculus. I could not find so much info on the Internet. Which language has a library for stochastic calculus/processes? Does MQL have one?
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mt4 installation fails
Hello,  I have rented a Signal for Mt4 , but when I try to install in the platform , I get this error message: Can anyone please help me out? thanks!!
Hello,  Is there a way that i can change my signal subscription into another account? thanks!!
Hi , Thanks for your free demo trading account and facility. Other than currency trading, i want to try these techniques in other scrips like other market shares. I want to try it in banking sector like Yes Bank, ICICI bank, infra sector etc. Please guide further to avail the same facility in using...
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This is like a survey.How much you are willing to pay for an effective EA ? Are you willing to pay more than a $100 for an EA without a rating or not been tested in a live environment?
Guys, We looked with friends at "Zone Recovery" strategy. It would be simply awesome if some one could code an EA that will do Zone Recovery action to trades we or other EA opens. Here is the strategy in detail: Would love to hear from...
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I need a renko chart that would work on MQL5 VPS. I must be able to add an EA to it and then move it to MQL5 VPS. Thanks