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  Aaragorn's EA workbench (85   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
This thread is where I have decided to post several EA's that I'm working on in the hopes that it will facilitate development of more profitable outcomes. I am an amature programmer/hacker (by hacker I don't mean that I'm malicious I just mean that I'm an inexperienced programmer--I have some...
The question here is how many indicators on a chart does it take to make a good reading.
I look divergence Indicator Version 2.3 by Barry Stander
MA what not count in the asian session bars. Anybody, who has one, or can make one? THX, NL
Using the bar chart function, the open of the next bar is often (nay always!) higher or lower than the previous bar!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is this normal for this charting package?
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2006, the "Championship Report: Seventh Week" has been published (http://championship.mql4.com/2006/news/78/). The seventh of twelve weeks of the Automated Trading Championship 2006 has ended. The structure of the Top Ten has not changed...
Does anybody have a indercator that was made by a person that is in a diffrent language..... Posts your sites and see if there is somone to help!!
I would like to set a level and have an alarm go off every time it crosses but I cant seem to either figure out how to either set it or where to download it. Any help would be much appreciated p.s i'm using the juice level alert new
i've seen several threads on this forum about where history can be imported. alpari data bank. badongo. and the new mt4 build. but none of them have i seen go back futher than 2001, (noting i haven't seen the new build of mt4 so i don't know) here's the question. is there anywhere i can get history...
well i've just about googled the world and still empty handed.... has anyone noticed a indicator which is simply the close, or current value, crossing an user 'input' adjustable line.... in other words alert when eurusd crosses 1.2825 or some such user input.... seems so simple but for some...
Hi all coders, Who can help me with a script that will open X number of trades at the same time and with variable lot sizes? I hope to get some replies from u soon
show that :
I need someone to program an indicator for me, I will provide the logic to be used, the person has to just code it. Better still if you can provide an IDE for writing indicators that would be best. Thanks in Advance
I was just wondering if anybody had any success with the STI EA in forward testing of did everybody abandonned this EA ? Thanx
hi guys, i'm new in here so apologize if i ask in the wrong forum. I have a trading system (jk - $36, 000 worth of trading systems.ela) in TradeStation platform but i need to convert to metatrader4. Does anyone knows where to get the info or service ? thanks a lot.
I am now using FXDD for demo, and want to open a live account. However, is that FXDD has change the setting for trailing stop? since i can't find trailing stop setting. pls help!
Hi there guys, a couple of weeks ago i sow a signature of webpage in one of the posts, but i cant remember the webpage name. Its not a forum or so it was a page with planty indicators in one directory and planty EA`s in other directory and a forword results of the EA`s in separate directory for...
Hello, I have a question regarding the changes to the fractal modeling of ticks that was released with bld 200. In the release it says: "Tester: Imrpoved fractal modeling of a bar. Now more smoothed patterns are used to model price movements;" Can you explain more about this...
Hello TSDers! It's been a while since I've put anything new here. I want to introduce you to a new EA that essentially allows you to trade currency cross quotes @ 2 pip spreads. I have been testing this with Crown Forex (1pip on ALL USD pairs) and it seems to be working great so far. The EA places...
Hello,I can not find those EA. Phoenix 25X25 BigandLittleDipper LittleDipper LSS Serendipity Sidewinder Who know where i can get them?Thank you!
  Indicators (2)
I wonder if anyone here has or can point me to the detrended ocilator? many thanks
  Week forecast for USD/JPY (32   1 2 3 4)
GFSignals team (http://www.gfsignals.com) provides a week forecast for USD/JPY USD/JPY for a month has been fluctuating within the limits of 200 pips of a range of 116.60 - 118.60. The couple keeps on testing a long-range line of downward trend and every week closes below it. This week the following...
I've looked at every menu option, read every word in the help file and searched the forum but being able to show the mid price on a chart doesn't appear to be available ... can anyone help me out here, please??? Perhaps a MQL4 script thingy even .... ?????
if my internet conection is too slow, will it effect EA or not? because i have been opening Phoenix_4_Content in a day, than there are so many sell and buy signals but the EA doesnt work at the signal, the singnal ive got it from the championship in the hendrik link Phoenix4Content also from the...
Hello all From your experience if i have a good EA in forward yest in 3 brokers for one month duration , can i depend on this EA for real money trading? If not, for how long should i forward test the EA before use it with real money? Your help is appreciated. Agar
Hi, please can anyone of you Metaquotes guys explain which value the iClose() function delivers for the actual bar during testing. Example: iClose("USDCHF",PERIOD_H1,0) <--- shift = 0 means actual bar Is there delivered the actual close of the incomplete bar at that given time...
  Best EA (14   1 2)
I would like to know the best ea out there performance wise, and also why it is the best ea.
is there anyway to set the Y-axis to reflect logarithmic or scaled ? in y axis logaritmic scale give big advantage in long term but l culdnt find a way to do this in mt
Great idea to have an expert working for you...no? still one little problem though, i am not able to code it to do what i really want. I defined the variables and set my Long/Short conditions, still not working, can someone tell me what is wrong here below...coding experts, i really need help!! //...
hi all how doing indicator shi_channel4(for trade channel)_v2_Stop.mq4 idont doing theis indicator thnaks all give me help