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I want to learn trading on Metatrader. Any body can help me
Hi people, if a good number of EAs are on the Market , so i think many people has passed the Automatic Validation . My EA does not give errors on the backtester, but when validating, it gave errors that now were solved. In this moment, i am blocked on another error : it tests EURUSD H1 with success,...
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Rent till 2020.08.09 Unusable
Hello. I'm working on a neural network model. I completed a model yesterday and ran a test only to get this error. Any help? edit: same issue on both release and beta version. Log errors JL 2 14 : 22 : 06.829 Neural_Net (GBPUSD,H1) Access violation at 0x00007FF610B6620E read to
Hi I want to work back test 99% accurately on MT5 platform. But I don't know if it's enough to do it directly on MT5 platform? Or should we use other programs like (Tickstory). I mean, Can we believe 99% accuracy results when doing back test directly on the platform or should we use other programs
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Hey guys first time posting here, so I've found an indicator which i like that i wanted to use on my expert advisor. When i use the iCustom to bring the indicator onto the chart it works by using - void OnTick() { int indicator = iCustom (_Symbol,_Period,"donchian_channels"); } simple enough
After MT 5 update, I cannot run the strategy tester on custom symbol. I've got the following message on the tester's journal. [ cannot add symbol (my name of custom symbol) ] [ symbol (my name of custom symbol) does not exist ] I checked the data folder and historical data exits
Hi all, I've got an EA I wrote in MQL4 that I need to migrate to MQL5, but I don't have time. I want to outsource this work but I'm not sure where I can find * really good * mql5 developers. I'm a software engineer so I'm looking for a certain level of code quality and the use of well structured
Trailing pending Order EA Is there somewhere already a Trailing Pending Order EA ? It should be something that is opposite of a Trailingstop EA. Example - If price is 2.0000 and I put a pending buy trailing of 20 pips. When If price goes down 50 pips, my pending buy order should also move down to 1...
Hi I’d like to ask about buy and sell in MT. I know that we buy at the ask and sell at the bid. What about the stoploss and takeprofit? If I open position buy does my SL and TP should be in ask or bid? Same question with order close for position buy should I close it at the ask or at the bid
hello There Any Indicator Ichimoku by window not on chart in metatrade 5 ( MQ5 ) ? Ichimoku alone or with rsi or macd or any else thank you
Today after automatic update my antivirus detect virus on my exe file of MT5 ....and delete it! :( Where is a problem? Have anybody same example? Is problem on new updates? Best regards J
there is no chart open in my mt5 but there is a 16 symbols i cannot remove from market watch .if i add other symbols i can delet them but no way for these 16 symbols. tried deleting symbol sets but didnt work. its built 2530
Hey I'm new to the platform and I'm not even a can be counted as a beginner I know python but i want to learn the mq5 being a more specific for algo trading Can anyone please recommend me a tool to learn the mq5 properly i can only find information on mq4 and from what i understand they're
Hi, everybody! Is it possible to run a custom indicator on a mobile MT4 version on a smartphone? If YES, how can I load this .ex4 file? steve
Hi, On my VPS, I use a MT4 (IC Markets, version 4.00 build 1260) terminal but the Market tab doesn't display (load) EA. When I click on "Market" tab I can wait 20 minutes and there is no EA displayed into this tab and if after 20 minutes I click again my MT4 crash. If I click on search field (into
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Good day team. I can not place trade on MT5. I don't know why. New Order Icon is there and its not grayed out but nothing happens when clicking on it
need help, MT 5 can't execute new order trade thx
Good Day..i need help with running this E without Errors....It is Giving Me two specific errors "Unexpected End Of Program" & "Unbalanced Paranthesis" "Unexpected End Of Program Error" This IS The Code // Create a chart ouput Comment ( "The current signal is: " ,signal, "\n"
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Dear all, I would like to start this new thread cause I have some indicators that I paid for them and I want to share for free with you, all of you that for years share tons of ideas with me in this beautiful forum. I hope to encourage many users to do the same thing Best regards doc EDIT now the...
I'm a newbie and am lost in regards to what platform I am using. I downloaded MT5 for windows. I see a login to trade account. What is this? I have an account but don't understand the difference between that and my windows MT5 software? Do I still need the account? My goal is to learn
Good day, I need an EA coded. Its pretty simple, well we all know nothing is as simple as it should be but this is basic as it only uses two indicators with specific rules. If you're a coder private message me. or hit me up here on the forum
I have a free brokerage account with Interactive Brokers. I can log into my account on their website so my account is created and ready to play with (their free account is like a demo account). However in MT5 I cannot open a demo account. The Account Type isn't populated and I cannot enter data into
Im facing a strange error if I try to run my code: The creation of iRSI has failed: RSI_handle_38 = - 1 Runtime error = 4805 tester stopped because OnInit returns non-zero code 1 The error [4805] is described in MQL5 docs like this: "ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_ADD - Error applying an indicator to chart"
Since none of my questions here were answered and all my posts are getting closed by some mysterious anonymous ghosts without any traces, explanations or notifications, my question is: Does MT5 developing company have some kind of help-desk or support somewhere besides that forum
is there any tool to tile them in multiple monitors automatically
Hi, I want to know if it's possible to check the position of the stochastic soon as a new candle opens in order to enter a trade or not.... I am busy having someone code an EA from me and they say this is not possible..? Logic tells me the following.... New candle opens
I have just tried to install a purchased EA on a new server and get the message "X installation is failed" in the "Markets" tab, and the following journal entries (I tried twice)... I am aware that the EA is no longer available for purchase, but I have 6 activations left so I would have expected to
hello , my EA is supposed to have a take profit of 50 points , as you see in the pic , the bar was up over 130 points and it didn't take any profits !! i'm controlling the spread to 15 points using " SymbolInfoInteger(_Symbol,SYMBOL_SPREAD) "
hello guys. all the profits are zero? where is the problem