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hi guys, just wondering if anyone lese has the same issue as im having which is getting incredibly frustrating... first, this is the spec of my computer i am performing the tests on: - MSI z490 carbon gaming WiFi motherboard - NZXT kraken x63 CPU COOLER RGB - Corsair vengeance RGB PRO RAM 32g -
I'm trying to use MQL5 for some stats & probability calculations but I run into a seemed very basic problem but I cannot find any answers after searches online. When a very large integer number such as 2^100 exceeds the maximum capacity of the long type or even the ulong type the variables could not
I have deposited 200 dolars in algotrade_man server 1 and the server shows my equity 200. but when i go to withdrawal page it says "Withdrawal unavailable: no earned moneyon your account" now I can't withdraw the money i have deposited? why? can u help me?
I tried 4 times to upload a mql5 file to put in Code Base but cannot pass code-test, so could not publish the free code revison based on Vladimir Karputov 's Day Bar 2.mql5 İs there anyone faced on same problem and or who got solution about problem. I will attach that code here for everyone and
  Error 4802  (2)
Hi. I have custom indicators that when it is plugged on chart it works properly but when I try use it on my EA, it doesn't work. It actually works before but for some reason after MT5 live updates suddenly they do not work anymore and produces error 4802. (I am currently running on build 2900) Can
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I have opened my account in mql5 which has been more than 6 months and has not been opened yet, I have completed all the document and multi, still my account is still unapproved, Please Solution
Unfortunately i received email , contain disable Iranian account by sanction reason. It will be very hard day for who that spend his life between 20 until 30 by mql coding, i did it, right now my main skill is MQL Coding. Let we start discuss on this very dungarees issue
Is there a way to graphically scan through a list of predefined stocks (CFD's), say SA Shares, iso adding each one to the Watchlist
Hey there! I can't connect to MQL5 because I receive the message "Incorrect Login or password" Maybe there is a solution in the forum but I didn't find anything that resolved my problem. The solution I tried is to delete the content of Community folder, restart MT5 and try to login again. Same
is any body use 2H for trading? is that match with 4H
I am looking for a team to work with that has a better understanding of how to code synthetic indexes for MT5. If you do have anything that you have codes before you are also welcome alternatively we can work on a new project do contact me anytime
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EUR/USD April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging rally within narrow s/r levels W1 price is below Ichimoku cloud for the primary bearish market condition with the ranging within the following support/resistance levels: 1.0828 resistance level located below the cloud in the beginning of the secondary rally...
As per title, I opened a 0.50 volume trade last week listed as USDADA but now the platform isn't permitting any interaction with it: can't modify, can't close, nothing. The symbol has apparently changed within the app and on the web-trader to ADAUSD and seems to have messed everything up. Any
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I want my money back.. i put 20usd on this account from PayPal, i did not know you have to be a seller to retreive it. I can't and don't have the means to put passport pictures or all that nonsense.. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. You  can just put a PayPal link without a fuss, this is a sc*m of the...
I am trying to get the lowest candle ID inside for loop Use case: Step 1: i am using for loop to check candle ID of the candle on which the indicator is visible most recently, and then break the loop Step 2: i am using iLowest() to get the candle ID of the bar having the lowest value out of 5
  Max daily loss  (1)
Hi, I have created an Expert to trade for me when i take the FTMO challenge, The only thing i have left to code is the max daily loss limit. I need to set a maximum loss of 5% per day, So if i am risking 1% on every trade, after a loss of 4% in the current day the EA must stop trading. I also need
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After entering all the data and clicking on payment, it remains blocked as in the screenshot. No accession or error response. No subscription I have already signed up for some signals in the past
Hi iam trying to put my ea on a vps in MQL5 and iam having trouble i have all ready paid for the server space and have the mql5 name in my navigator, i just need to figure out how to get the ea running in the mql5 server? can some one please help? i have a screen shot of my navigator with the new
Hi. Hi. I had been admitted a s a seller in the past. Lately I ìve been banned for spam ( I did not know it was proibited )...anyway...after 30 days I thought that I was admitted again but now I see it's not like this . So...what now ? Am I banned for life ? Thanks
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Brent Crude Oil April-June 2017 Forecast: weekly correction with possible breakdown; 49.69 support is the key W1 price located above Ichimoku cloud in the bullish area of the chart. The price is on the secondary correction which was started in the beginning of January located within the following...
There is no entry in the my members menu on the left side of the page for service desk. How do I contact them, as I need to speak with them regarding finances. Thanks
So I was using a random VPS to have my mt5 running but I no longer can pay it because of the payment options available, so I decided to buy MQL5's VPS, as far as I know it doesn't work like a normal VPS(that you can log into it), but I have no idea if it is working or not. As of right now I still
Somehow I ended up with the graph attached on the side of the order window ... how do I remove it ? there used to be a key combination to toggle it on and off
Hi I have funds in my MQL5 account, and want to host a different trading account than the one i started with. But I fail to log in from mt4 when tring to access that mql5 account. Please help
  a beginner  (1)
please am about to sart trading, what do i need to know before commencing
guys , its been three days i'm reading on this forum questions concerning ECN brokers .. i found this one useful but still i haven't figured out how to actually identify ECN broker inside an EA (basically using code) so that i can make my EA be able to trade
I do not find any search option in the forum. Or am I dummy :)? Help me if you can
Dear all, How can I hide my real names or show a pseudo on my profil ? I don't want my real name to be visible to everyone. Is is possible? Thanks for your answer
Hi, I am a seasoned python programmer but a novice in all things FOREX and MT5. I am trying to create a program to log the last closing position in an array for the purpose of creating an SMA and EMA indicator. How can I access the last "CANDLESTICK" data that just immediately occurred (within