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Hi, I'm new to MT5. I have an MT5 installation and have been testing with default MT5 Desktop Demo account. I just subscribed to a paid signal service and I see it was automatically added to my MT5 Desktop Demo account. I want to now use my broker to trade with real money but I want to do
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thread rules only daily charts any currency must Sl and TP try to explain trade reason No bickering
Hi , I need help Stop EA till Next Day, if Account Balance is UP 2% or Down 2% i have this int Contador = 0; for(int i=OrdersHistoryTotal()-1; i>=0; i--) { OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_HISTORY); datetime T = OrderCloseTime(); if(TimeDayOfYear(T)!=DayOfYear()) //since the
Hello, I would like to subscribe to a signal caled <Deleted>. I have live accounts at <Deleted>. This siganl is among the other signals in the MQL5 platform but it doesn't appears in my <Deleted> terminal amon the signals there. How can I subscribe from the MQL5 platform directly or how can I make
Hello. I'm using MT4 but when i open market tab, it shows result of MT5 products instead. can anyone help me
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Hi. I purchased an EA <Deleted>, and set this up on a virtual server. This has been working for 10 days or so. I then purchased another EA <Deleted>. Removed <Deleted> and then added <Deleted> to the chart. The open trade of <Deleted> is still showing on the chart. Tried a new chart, still
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i need help with codes that will alert me when price opens above or below the horizontal line drawn by my indicator even draw arrow.thank you
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I want to know something about Mql5 VPS. I put a real account A in your VPS. In the rental period, May I change another real account B instead of account A in this VPS? If so, how to do it? Thank you
Hello, i have a lot of jobs i need completed but i dont have any method of payment available here from my country. Any way to get assistance
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Hi all, I’m new to all of this but need to check something please. If I have a custom indicator on the MT4 and it gives me an alert on the laptop when a potential set up has occurred could I use the push notifications so that the alert that pops up on the laptop also gets sent to me on my iPhone
This EA is here Please fix it to work in Metratrader 5.
Hello forum, I published a lot of screenshot of my charts, one for each trade I made, now all my old screenshots are GONE! Does anyone why? Does metaquote detete all old charts? Thankyou
A must ! Before using it or asking any question : please read the Online Help (Also accessible by F1 on your MT5 platform) Strategy Tester For Traders General overview of the possibilities. Overview of results : Visualize a Strategy in the MetaTrader 5 Tester The general information about
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Hello, Does anyone here using Volume Spread Analysis in FX market
today in calendar is 2019.11.15 and as long it results as: 1573779710. to convert it to Arabic or lunar calendar, it must be 1441.03.18. I can not come to this number by subtracting numbers from 1573779710 because it starts from 1970.01.01 is there any other way to convert regular calendar of forex
this wasnt the case on the galaxy s10+ but i moved to the oneplus 7 po which has a slightly larger display and it always runs in tablet mode no matter the dpi or resolution. similarly having a phone screen size about the same as the 10+ it runs like it should on a phone with mobile ui. The note 10+
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This thread discusses MQL5 code examples. There will be examples of how to get data from indicators, how to program advisors ... in general, any questions from beginner to the MQL5 language. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the MetaTrader 5 terminal, then I can recommend the...
I am MT4 userI am MT5 userI use both
I have an issue when trying to login my account into server. I already do re-Installing, re-scan, and anything possible, but nothing is worked. I keep getting this error. My friend from same country is not having this kind of issue, they can use it normally. I dunno which one is the
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I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you're from Indonesia, please comment this topic..Thank you..
Hi guys, Please look at the picture. I am wondering whether you are seeing the same difference between MT5 vs. MT4 and whether this could be a bug in MT5... I am guessing the broker has nothing to do with this difference. MT5 is build 2210. MT4 is build 1220
Hi to all, I am unable to view the Market inside MT5 terminal, also if I try to access to the Purchased tab I receid the following error (seems a JavaScript error). Any idea? Errore: Impossibile recuperare la proprietà "title" di un riferimento nullo o non definito. Clicing on Si (Yes) or No, give
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GBP/USD April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging below Ichimoku cloud for direction W1 price is below Ichimoku cloud for the bearish ranging market condition within the following support/resistance levels: 1.2569 resistance level located near and below Ichimoku cloud in the beginning of the secondary rally...
hello every one, pls how do i get started to learn how to code indicaors. i dont know anything about programming. some one help me
Hi all, Due to the Windows 10 update causing my Market EAs to become deactivated and removed from my charts (, I have lost all my custom EA configuration settings. I have learnt my lesson and will in the future save all my customised EA configurations settings to
How do I retrieve Lost Password? I can open my Webterminal account but I am not able to open Desktop Demo Account for some reason
Hi all, FYI, Microsoft has released Windows 10 Version 1909. As per previous releases, this latest update has made the launch of installed and activated Market applications impossible! Will Metaquotes once again be providing additional activations for all products purchased from the Market
Hi What does it mean exactly the green vertical line after the green vertical bar ? I mean i know both of them belong to the bar but how one is thick and the other is not (why the difference) ? Just asking this because on my example image the vertical line did cross over the Take Profit (TP) line
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Hey everyone, Need ideas on how to prevent drawdowns. Want to maximize profits and keep my trading capital. Please share ideas