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This is real situation that I encounter, I’ve got several trades GBPUSD (MT4) in 100% Hedge and every day I’ve got minus Equity, …. ??? It’s possible to reach zero and lost the account? How is possible to happens, normally with hedge we can stay invariably for long time?? Someone could be help...
On a Monthly graph it seems that the USDCAD have an old resistance around 1.1850 back to 2004. Also it have been rising for five consecutive months including January 2015. On a daily graph it seems also that the currency pair had been moving inside a channel for several months and as it hit its...
The gold price is now 1287.74 The average price of gold today 1295.84 Promptly at 5.30 GMT Lyndon will penetrate the daily gold price midfield 1295.84
Hello all this is my first post. First of all thanks to everyone sharing so much good information in this great forum ! I have been trying to work with demo accounts and see if I can download and work with M1 history data - all I am trying to do is go back to year 2010 and for each day at 12:00 just...
do everything right and it says..error saving data...and highlights my correctly entered phone number
Hi, im having a problem with metatrader 5. The charts are frozen to January 16, network is connected, but the charts will not update. I have tried reinstalling, but still the same. Maybe you could give me a solution?
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What should I have to choose.? ECN No dealing desk or STP.?
anyone use meta trader 4 with mb trading? I get common error when logging into my live account today but maybe that's because trading hasn't started yet, but yet when I call mbtrading I get a "please leave a message" and that's it.
Can we add BITCOIN as a deposit and withdrawal option in MQL5? Customers can deposit & withdrawal into their MQL5 profile page. Bitcoin has low transaction fee. Bitcoin is fast and efficient, we don't have to go through banks such as paypal, ect...
Does anyone has a good Arbitrage EA which works?
Hi! I need to find a forex broker where the courses are identical to the real account of demo and also move the same! can someone help me or give a tip or even call a broker? Thanks in advance
Can I installed MT4 on windows server 2012 R2( Server PC) Operating System ?
With Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath warning - in no lesser status-quo narrative-deliverer than The Wall Street Journal - that The ECB's actions (and pre-emptive collapse in the EUR) means the U.S. economy must deal with a rapidly strengthening dollar that will make American goods more expensive...
I don't really know anything about these things so anyone who knows why is free to educate me...Constructively
Over the past 48 hours, the world has been bombarded with a relentless array of soundbites, originating either at the ECB, or - inexplicably - out of Greece, the place which has been explicitly isolated by Frankfurt, that the European Central Bank's QE will benefit everyone. Setting the record...
Hi, I used an Virtual server registration @ my VantageSFX account, now I run out that account, can I transfer rest of subscription (2 weeks left) to another account ( Regards, Martijn
My request or search for fibo indicator that draw every day and week. with hi-lo fibo if bull candle fibo from low to high, otherwise bear candle fibo of high ti low value fibo 0.0 -> 0.0 0236 -> 23.6 0382 -> 38.2 0.5 -> 50.0 0618 -> 61.8 0764 -> 76.4 1.0 -> 100.0 -0382 -> 38.2 -0.5 -> 50.0 -0618 ->...
I am a subscriber of MQL5 signals. I would like to know if is it possible to block a specific forex pair at MetaTrader 4 terminal? Thank you in advance. Best.
D1 price is on primary bullish with the secondary ranging market condition: The price is located to be very close to Sinkou Span A line and ready to cross this bordor of Ichimoku cloud/kumo it to any side any time for possible reversal of the price movement Chinkou Span line was crossed with the...
I already have an Expert Advisor but do not know how to install it into my Trading Platform or into my MT4(MQL5) account, please someone help with solution. thanks
i have been hearing about this a lot of times from the internet blogs etc, I have never met a successful forex broker ( non in my neighborhood or country), I have read people saying it is possible making profits in the demo account but not in the real account!! is this true?
Here is a silly question. Can someone help me identify the data in columns 3 to 6? Many thanks
Hi all, I am using this very simple SMA-Crossover indicator that i downloaded from this side. Is it possible to get an alarm (pop up screen) with currency pair show in the popup ? I downloaded many other cross over indicators with alarm, but the arrow/signals were way of. This one give me what i...
If you will excuse my ignorance , I don’t need a VPS if I am using a signals service . ???   Is this correct    Jack
How to set email alerts on ** indicators e.g. ** oscillator? <indicator name removed by moderator>
Hi there, the balance of an account according to a signal is about 111000 USD100. What means USD100? Do I have to multiply the balance with 100 to get the balance in USD, here 111000 * 100 = 11100000 USD? Thank you very much! Kind Regards, Lars
I have a strange phenomenon - I can't get a D1 chart for the AUDUSD.  I can get H4 and W1 on the live server (GMT-5) and I can get the D1 chart on the practice server.  Has anyone got any idea how to fix this please?
Hi there, I read that is it possible to have the balance of your account in UScents instead of USD. Where can I have such an account? Which banks are supporting this option? Thank you very much! Kind Regards, Lars