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Hi, I am newbie who lives in USA. I want to start Forex trade but I can't decide which broker to choose. Does anybody know any reliable brokers in USA? What is going to happen if I join one outside USA? Such as tax, withdrawl, etc. Thanks!
anything on this topic?
Hello..! When I read a MQL4 reference manual in the sub window of the metaeditor, sometimes, The fonts are displayed as Huge size...haha I know,such attributes are related to an Explorer, but, even if I change the setting for the fonts, it won't be displayed correctly. each character is...
I've seen price box turn green and red in the trading window, but what does it mean when it turns yellow? It seems that IBFX keeps skipping my orders. Whats up with the yellow box?
Has anyone here heard of automatic trendlines? If so, is there an indicator set for them? Thanx, Graham
  Rsi (5)
Hi Guy's, Curious, is there and rsi indicator that anyone has built that shows rsi signal value on the signal line , it gets old putting currsor on signal line to see a what value it's at. 1f4
  Vegas and his Tunnel System (61   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Anyone care to share his experience to create an expert advisor for this trading model or does anyone happen to have one? In my opinion, I'm a newbie by the way, I think it beats all other trading models. It gave a total profit of about 5000 pips in GBP/USD the last 2 months so maybe it deserves...
As most have know, the so called successful scalping EAs posted here and the other forums are bogus, as they exploit a bug in the demo version of MT3. In reality, the brokers won't allow you to buy at bid and sell at ask, atleast under the straight forward EAs. Now, here comes the request. Maybe one...
Hi, I want to color candlebars in different colors when certain condition are met. This is possible with Visual Trader for example, but can't see a way to do it in MT4.
Fellow traders, Do you know of a broker which uses MT4 and has options on forex? Or do you have a list of brokers which use MT4? Thanks, JB
I need to know whether it is true that while MetaTrader 4 Mobile works with Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition (found for example in i-mate JASJAR, K-Jam and JAMin), it will not work properly with the Smartphone Edition, which is found in the I-mate SP5, which is the phone I have and am...
  EA Protection request (16   1 2)
Hello, Can anyone Help me please? I need to know what code to put to protecct an EA to a certain Account number with a password. and expiry date if possible. and where in the code do I place these codes? Thank you.
  Line at 17:00 (1)
Hi, does anyone have he code to Draw vetical lines on any chart at 17:00?? Thanks
Hi! I have found a fractal indicator in a post by newdigital (massive thank you!!!). I played with it a bit and got this picture.
This is a serious problem. I sat down and noted this so I am sure it is a problem. When the ordermodify is called to change the orderstoploss value, the stoploss value first assumes the orderentry price and then tries to change. However, this is a big problem because the logic used is as follows...
Is it possible to draw predicted prices (open, high, low, close, volume) as a bar, candlestick or line in future period in the right side of chart window? I checked the topics, but I am still unclear about it.
Hi, Does MT Mobile give indicators on the Palm OS version? I have a Treo 650 and can't seem to find any indicators on the application. Additionally, does MT have future plans to import custom indicators into the Mobile platform? And if not, then is anyone available to do this for me on a private...
Slawa and all, After I'm attaching script to chart; I have this message: Error: Cannot load external expert 'stdlib'. What I have to do? Thanks Vlad
i tried this code ** totalprofit = all profit from floating orders** if(totalprofit>300)CloseAll(); //------------------ void CloseAll() { int spread = MathRound((Ask-Bid)/Point); int total = OrdersTotal(); for (int cnt = 0 ; cnt < total ; cnt++) { OrderSelect(cnt,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); if...
I need something that can detect when the market is choppy. Is there anything I can do for this? Anyone know a good way of determining this? Thanks
void start { .......; for i=1000, i>0, i-- { a[m]=close; m++; } .......; .......; } in this example, will i calculate the "for" loop for 1000 times every time i receive new quotation? if so, how can i avoid it?
I am looking for good divergence detection indicator, so far i know only macd can do that. Any suggestion for other indicators that good for divergence detection (time frame & setting)? Thanks.
I'd like to modularize many of my functions by moving them to /libraries and /include files. For example, I'd like to move all my Trailing Stop code to libraries/TrailingStop.mq4 and include/TrailingStop.mqh, and declare all relevant input vars in the .mqh file. That way, the using EA only needs to...
  Help!!! (3)
Hello,, Can anybody tell me what this code mean? if(Bars<100){ Print("bars less than 100"); return(0); } if(lTakeProfit<10){ Print("TakeProfit less than 10"); return(0); } what it's roles in the program? Thanx alot
  Help needed about broker (11   1 2)
Let me say is just as it is. I want to open a brokerage house. In my country there is only two brokers, one is a bank that has a java based platform that sucks and people can open only standart accounts (no minis), and the other one is based on North Finance data feed but people do not like them...
Hi All, these are common candlestick trend change patterns. There are not many of them, only the most usual. moneyline
  ZigZag (12   1 2)
How would I go about getting data from the default custom indicator "ZigZag" in my expert advisor? I know how to use the iCustom function, but don't know what to use for the last 3 variables. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Introducing PivotMagic EA I have been working on a system that uses pivots with very simple pivot-related instructions. I derived those from an academic who teaches signals and is trader himself. It seems to be working with almost no losses, but it is still in the very early development stages and...
hello traders, i have aroon indicators but how to use it i mean which period is better for aroon indicator and please provide me information on aroon indicator. regards, santu
Hi All, I've been watching the important Forex news releases to discern a pattern for the market's reaction to the news. There are for sure 2 camps, this is what I've observed: a) The all-but-too-quick to pull the trigger "Nervous Nellies" that will immediately - within seconds of a news release -...