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30 - 60 USD
Need an indicator to monitor MACD and RSI charts for the right opportunity to enter a short position on EURUSD, GBPUSD, and JPYUSD, on MT5. Must not repaint the chart. work with candle sticks, and simply indicate when to open a trade under a very specific scenario to go short on
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
I need a Scalper EA that will open a lot of trades in all currency pairs, in the M30-D1 timeframes. (personal job)
70+ USD
I need a Scalper EA that will open a lot of trades in all currency pairs, in the M30-D1 timeframes. string symbols[43]= { "EURUSD","GBPUSD","EURGBP","EURJPY","USDJPY","AUDUSD","USDCHF", "USDCAD","EURCHF","EURCAD","EURAUD","GBPCHF","GBPJPY","CHFJPY", "GBPAUD","GBPCAD","GBPNZD","AUDJPY","CHFJPY","CADJPY","AUDNZD", "AUDCAD","AUDCHF","EURNZD","CADCHF","NZDJPY","NZDUSD","EURCZK"
100+ USD
Im looking for a Real expert on developing EAs, this works is "Elaborated" for not say complicate, it has a lot of inputs, and need very specific moments in price to be identified. As mentioned early, I need someone very profesional to create my ea. Thanks in advance
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30 - 150 USD
Hi I would like to have a software/system that is 100% accurate..may it work on (all) timeframes (till the 1hour timeframe) and may it work on metatrader 4 only..may it trade currencies and indices only. 1) the Xtreme binary channel must confirm the direction of the market once on green or red zone of support Demand indicator..but first the brilliant reversals must must appear before entering trade and must be non
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MQL4 Indicators Forex
30+ USD
Im looking for a indicator or EA, that displays my "Algorithm" - As well it can be posibles to set limit orders with this semiautomatic, breakeven, and Trailing stops. The Semiautomatic for pattern indentificaton, send push alerts
50 - 200 USD
Hello, I need someone who can create an EA based on this strategy instructions: " Trading Large Moves This strategy tries to catch large moves on GBPJPY and EURJPY. Limit/stop orders are used and each trade has a hard stop loss. EURJPY trades are closed by take profit or time stop and GBPJPY trades are closed by time stop. No account exposure on weekends. In some cases stop loss is moved to break even. The trading
30 - 50 USD
Hello, I have a bot that needs an update to it. it's made in trading view sending a web hook to run on google cloud server. its going to be a work in progress, but right now, i need it to open longs and shorts currently it only goes 1 way, later i'd like to program in some automated stop losses
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MQL5 Experts
100+ USD
i need a programmer to put a label text object on the chart and set it to say 'buy' when my rules line up for 'buy' and 'sell' when they line up for sell
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MQL4 Indicators Integration
30+ USD
Hi devs, I'm looking for an EA that take entries from an indicator. The indicator sends buys and sells alerts and want it to take each signal on all currencies it is dropped on. Here are the inputs: Lot Size, SL, TP, EMA Trend Filter (filter entries using an EMA) True/False, EMA Period, Trailing Stop True/False, Trailing Start, Trailing Offset (distance from open price (trailing by defaut trails 1 pips)). The EA must
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MQL5 Experts
70 - 100 USD
Looking for someone to convert TradingView pinescript to tradestation scanner and optimize it for effectiveness I have attached the source codes from TradingView here for you. So for ease of development, we will be using radarscreen. I will have a list of stocks that we will be scanning so we won’t need to scan the universe. The buy and sell reversal tab is the main one. So we want to have a buy or sell signal and
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MQL5 Design
30 - 70 USD
Hi i want too used on my metatrader 4 and opened my orders too Poket Options broker site . The expert must take orders manually and automatically, and opened 2 oposite orders(optional). Orders must be opened each time the candle is opened and drop to 60 seconds
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MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
Hello.. I need a trading strategy in MT4 platform, based on Daily charts (high and low) . If market price exceeds previous lows or high my order should execute and take 15 pips and close the trade. please advice
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30+ USD
Ali MHD want to find a Developer to perform this work and settle payments in this Application. I undertake not to communicate with Applicants anywhere else except this Application, including third-party messengers, personal correspondence or emails. I understand that violators everything is
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MQL5 Experts
TrueTrendline update (personal job)
30 - 40 USD
hie , i would like to update indicator in order to try to reduce fakeout setups although it might cause other trends to delay but i think it will improve results, i will only be sure one i run tests but for now here let do this. thank you
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MQL4 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
I need to convert an MT4 indicator/s to MT5 . . . . I need the indicator to perform exactly same as its original. I shall use the converted to trade synthetic indices
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MQL5 Indicators Converting
40+ USD
Please take a look at this strategy and code it !! All the details are there. The entries' parameters should be all open to optimizations. Not only entries for sell but also long according to the opposite rules of discussion threads.
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MQL5 Experts Forex
30+ USD
i have developed a stratgy with high RR and good succuss rate, i would like to team up with someone to convert into a trading bot that opens and closes the trade within set parameters. this would be a long term investment and would take a little while to perfect but the end result would be very profitable. please message me directly for more infomation. i will only be looking to work directly with one person to
System developing or hacking (personal job)
500+ USD
I need a system that is 100% or 90% accurate .which will look like the one on the below img.that will draw moving average like lines which are going to determine the direction of a trend in those moving average like lines the must be arrows which will indicate 100% or 90% correctly the direction of the trend or where the market is heading
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Other Indicators Other
30+ USD
I use the Mobius Trader 7 forex trading Platform and I need to convert my FX core 100 EA in MQL4 Code to JavaScript so I can install it on the Mobius Trader 7 Platform. I need this as soon as possible
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50 - 150 USD
Hi Everyone My trading Strategy is Based on CAP Band Indicator (attached). But because of the Repaint Issue, I want to convert my Trading Tools, the indicator and EA from using the CAP Band Indicator to the Keltner Channel Indicator. So, this job consists of two independent tasks. The first is the Indicator. I am using Renko charts. I want to modify the Keltner Channel indicator (attached) such that it will have the
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