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BB-Best (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi Hooshang, I have been able to process it. kindly follow the specifications given in your box to help me code the EA. Also ensure that I can give expiry date to anyone I want to release the EA for. Any other clarifications please feel free to let me know
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Indicators Experts 20 minutes ago
30 - 100 USD
I need a custom indicator displaying on my charts the profit stop loss and break even. With different colors for each and one for a white background and a black background chart. Please let me know how long it would take and how it can be downloaded easily to use.
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Indicators 1 hour ago
150+ USD
I was looking for somthing like an EA that uses martingle with grids generating by (+- 6 indicators ) Stoploss trailing has toe be something like : And a "Build in" stoploss/trailing ??..  will automaticly triggered when Equity is 5% in profit of the initial balance *(take in consideration that the initial balance will change everytime when profit is added)*  So you always have the 5% profit when the grid is...
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Experts 1 hour ago
30+ USD
hi, can someone build for me a EA automated my trading. i used 3 pips brick size. it is simple. if the last bar is bullish i will open buy order also put TP 3 pips and SL 6 pips, and vice versa for bearish. thank you
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Experts 2 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
Dear, I want to make an EA based on money flow index indicator comparing two charts , one will be a leader and the other is follower , with money management , Stop loss will be fixed and changeable as I will tell you later
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Experts 3 hours ago
200 - 500 USD
Hello, we are looking for an MT4 EA, working using most important high/low and breakout strategy. Works only with pending order and ts and has to be as fast as possible. All specs in private
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Experts 3 hours ago
30+ USD
Just need an EA that goes long after the first green brick and short after the first red brick. Renko bar size must be an input that can be adjusted during optimization.
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Experts Forex Futures Stocks 3 hours ago
30 USD
i have simpe EA I need additional jobs 5 minutes before news the ea open the symbol  which have news make pending before news in seconds  Delete pending order after news in seconds i want use two  news sources Forex working before High impact News     = true working before Medium impact News     =...
1 Application
Experts 5 hours ago
30 - 40 USD
i need scanner to scan all the pairs and display on one screen and from here i can directly open chart in which condition happens rest will explain on our conversion
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Indicators 6 hours ago
30+ USD
Hello programmers. I need trade  copier with working lot multiplier setting. * Lots Options__ Lots_FixedLots Send the order to slave with FixedLots instead of the real lots. Lots_Multipler Send the order to slave with lots = real lots * Lots_Multipler. *EA must have many other settings too. I LIKE TO TEST DEMO befor ACCEPTING PROGRAMMER. I also need ea with Source code.
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Experts Libraries C++ C# MySQL Forex 8 hours ago
30+ USD
I Need for a coder to program a alert "good shooting star, Hammer, and both morning and evening star.  Shooting star -best if Red- in an uptrend Evening Star- best if Red- in an uptrend some call it harami Hammer- best if Green in a down trend Morning star-best if Green in a down trend-Some call it Harami  The above mention is preference but sometimes they come in any color. This should be confirmed on close of...
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Indicators 10 hours ago
50 USD
I am looking for an Experienced Forex Trader who can provide Forex Signals for my website on 50:50 Partnership basis. If you are the right person then I will open a Demo Account for you and you show me your performance by trading for at least a month. I have thousands of Investors just waiting for the right Signals. I am also looking for an Experienced Forex Trader to run my Forex Trade Copier Service. I can be...
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Other Forex Yesterday
30 - 150 USD
hi the idea is very simple I need expert working during us session using 3 moving average and Macd money management needed also  most of the sitting I need it to be changeable for example the moving average is simple or exponential with some details will discuss later
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Indicators Experts Yesterday
EA from Indicator (Strength) (personal job)
51+ USD
Create EA from Strength Indicator BUY = Yellow arrow  SELL = Red arrow Arrows may appear 1 or several previous bars.Buy or Sell is made even if the arrows appear 1 or several previous bars  The subsequent Buy signals have to be lower in their level than the level of the previous buy signal. Subsequent Sell signals must be higher in their level than the level of the previous Sell signal. PARAMETERS TRADE MODE...
1 Application
Experts Yesterday
50 - 100 USD
Advisor  exposes a couple of opposing market positions when closing a warrant for profit.  Example: 1 put buy 1.1234 with mn 1.1244 and sell 1.1232 with mn 1.1222  2 as soon as one order is closed, for example buy at price 1.1244, put again buy 1.1246 with mn 1.1256 and sell 1.1244 with mt 1, 1234  (prices including spread 2p) Settings: extern int Takeprofit           = 20 ;           // TakeProfit extern...
6 Applications
Experts Yesterday
30 - 50 USD
I have strategy, that includes combining multi-time frame analysis. It may require going back and forth to get it spot on. Need someone who offer free after production support in order to get to work exactly. This is for MT4.
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Indicators Yesterday
Modification of my personnal indicator, with Rsi and a personnal indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
First of all, I wish that my names andfirst names are registered on all the indicators and other utilities ordered. Alter Trendlines Alerts I wish that alerts arealso possible on the channels and on the horizontal lines Alert visual, soundand on the board of alerts Cross-averaging alerts Two moving averagesneeded When a moving average (A) crosses another moving average (B), up or down,then I want to have an...
1 Application
Indicators Yesterday
50+ USD
I need a new ea ths  buys and sells according to the low and high of the current and previous candle. I find that it's more efficient with a ea.
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Yesterday
30+ USD
I have something to get coded in MQ4 as a dashboard. I have this indicator attached in : the indicator draws a median line + bands channel around candles and it keep redraw/readjust the channel as new candles get created on chart. the indicator redraw/repaint/readjust itself as new candles get created which is what i want to keep. now to the job: I want to build dashboard for all instruments (about 45-50) with...
2 Applications
Indicators Forex Yesterday
Black Wall Street 4.0 (personal job)
40+ USD
Input color coded buy and sell diagrams into existing mt5 indicator. Diagrams are to show the stochastic indicator’s direction on each tf. Green for up red for down, and gray for if the indicator is above 80% and/or below 20%
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Indicators Yesterday