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If I traded big lots on the trade, Will the prices differ on the future or will it affects the results of the currency pair? 
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Hello, Please suggest any Good/Legitimate broker for Forex and CFD Trading that has Min/No Pips Spread and true to payments.
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Hello everyone, Why can't breakpoints be enabled while strategy testing? Where are breakpoint allowed within strategy testing mode?
  I Need a Mentor. (30   1 2 3)
Hello All, I am green horn in this market. Hence my need for a mentor, to put me through this business. Thanks, Elias.
  signal fee refund option (11   1 2)
Is there any option in mql if signal provider want can refund the signal fee for particular month for selected users or for all subscribers? like -- i want o provide some signal service that if i produce less than certain % ill refund all the subscribers fee for  that month. yes i cant reimburse...
When I open new positions I can only select the rates of stop loss or take profit but i cannot see the amount (in euros or dollar) the I'm going to loss/gain. Sameone can help me? Thanks a lot! Gianluca
Can anyone advize for this?
Hi ! I want to combine the results of several indicators and draw this out of the results. How can I do it? Thank you, Csezo
earlier mql5 allows all kind of account for signal providing as well as demo acc. by the time the have upgrade some condition which improve the quality of signals.  still there are some signal providers( i suspect those are working on broker or their close buddys) those are manipulating the signal...
Hi, Before my current subscription ends , is there a way to change the subscription plan to a better deal (eg, from 3 months to 6 months subscription fee) for the subsequent renew (if yes, how) or even better, with the current subscription that is expiring soon. Thanks.
How do you subscribe to paid signals, without allowing the signals to automatically copy the trades to Metatrader? I wish to simply manually follow the signal. 
  EventSetTimer frequency (13   1 2)
If you have a timer event with EventSetTimer() frequency set to 1 second and the task behind it takes for instance 3 seconds to run, I then presume that the timer will wait for the task to be finalized and not break after 1 second for next OnTimer to be executed. Please if anyone can confirm. Thanks...
I just recieved a script I purchased for a modified PSAR with Stops. I tested it today and it seems to be ok but with some minor issues that Ill speak to the developer about. But I am wondering how these results are calculated below : When I downloaded it to a spreadsheet I found the Profit figures...
  market watch (4)
Sorry for such a basic question, but I haven't been able to find out how to do this. How do you bring up the market watch. Thanks for help. -Matthew
  best ea! (24   1 2 3)
Hello, Give me the worst ea you have (the code .mq4 file) and i will change it to a good ea.
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How to download the RSIMFI Adaptive indicator on the metatrader 4 for a Mac?
Hello Anyone have do mt4 or mt5 for microsoft lumia windows phone 10 for download? Anyone develop this plataform?
If Daylight Saving Time correction is YES, when will time Zone be changed (exactly time please)?
It comes to my mind a number games. I want to make an EA based on a simple moving average crosses If there is no Open Order... If the fast moving average crosses above the slow moving average, it will execute buy position using i.e 0.01 lotsize. OR If the fast moving average crosses below the slow...
Does MQL5 have a software app to download so I can run a Touch - No touch binary trade? If so, is it in your applications available? Or do I just need to do it online and then load it into my MQl5 platform.
Hi, I was hoping someone here would be able to help me modify my attached indicator. Basically all the indicator does at the moment is plot an arrow for a cross of 2 moving averages. That being, plot a green "buy" arrow when the 3 ema crosses above the 10 sma, and plot a red "sell" arrow when the 3...
Hey Guys Can someone provide links or inform how we can take account statements data and convert it graphical to help better understand trading history thanks
ut seems the trading robots are for forex trading I'm looking for a trading robot for gold trading only  can anyone point me to one?
Hi I generate this script by Stochastic indicator but i want to add level like 20-80 to use it as condition for sell or buy . can any one help me to do this ? this is a file of script >>>> https://goo.gl/mdBdp2 Ziad AR
Hi everyone, I am sure anyone who has used MT4 often especially to do long backtests knows how big the log files can get ! I have coded a batch file which deletes the biggest files from MT4 (you need to close the program first) thought I would share it... Just place it in your metatrader folder and...
I have not been able to find any way to open market orders with hotkeys, my way of operating requires that the operations be open and closed at the exact moment you decide (scalper very fast), doing it with the mouse and clicking below the small arrow is something impossible. Is there a way to open...