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Hi, The results of the demo far exceeds my expectations I was running STI on a bunch of currencies... I'm pretty sure the account should actually be far into negative territory (at least 400 pips) because I had been running STI on it for weeks across all currencies. But I was surprised to see the...
Hi Everyone: This Forex trading is brand new to me. I was a stock and options trader a while ago. Took a big hit from 2000-2003 (wiped me out). Now I am trying to get back in the trading environment. If you could please advise me how to get started with Metatrader 4. I would like to get my "feet...
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I'm moneyline and it's good to meet you. I just joined today and I have an interest in learning MQL4. I hope to be able to code my own EA's and though it looks quite complicated, I hope for the best. moneyline
Currently this is what I'm trying in my EA to update me via email about the health of my account: if (Hour()==23 && Minute()==00) SendMail("DLMod1", "Account Balance is-"+DoubleToStr(AccountBalance(),2)+"_Account Equity is-"+DoubleToStr(AccountEquity(),2)+ "_Account Profit...
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Hi everyone, I am new on this forum. I have a simple question: what is Metatrader 4 ? I use and compute my systems on TradeStation 8.0. I never heard about Metatrader 4 ? If someone could post some info. Thx in advance
If "Allow DLL imports" is left unchecked and the program calls a .mqh file to be included, then no warning can be given to the user as <stderror.mqh> also requires "Allow DLL imports" to be checked so as to operate. Have I missed something? Thanking you in advance.
  Copy object (1)
Is there a way to duplicate an object that I've drawn. IE copy a rectangle etc?
Does it exist? Do you have available a list of brokers for commodities? Thanks
I want to publish the Detailed Report, DetailedStatement.htm, instead of the regular Statement.htm
Does anyone have an expert that gives off a sound alerts when a trend line placed on an indicator window is crossed ? I saw something like that on this forum very long time ago, but couldnt find it. Thank you very much for all your help.
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hi Please, is it posible to set an alarm to Step RSI (every time the yellow and magenta lines cross)
I coded the Ecal EA, but I'm not that cluedup to to the right things. Can someone please help me with the code that will force the expert only to put in the number of trades I requested. The EA will only trade when the market conditions match. Like the day is equal to 3 the time is 13h and the...
The MQL4 Templates seem not working in the case of creating Expert Advisors and Scripts from templates. If I typed in the <expert> tags type=EXPERT_ADVISORtype=SCRIPT_ADVISOR It will not appear in the list of "Create from template" in the New program wizard. It works only with Indicators...
Hi All Can you help me ? i wanna to know how to write a code that can make my EA able to open more than one trade (not in the same pair) on a different pairs at the same time if the condition is valid the following code is the MACD sample EA i wanna to know what is the code that i should channge to...
Dear sir, I would like to create new symbols on the history and fill them with ascii data. can you please advise if it is possible by a script or any othe means? Thanks a lot
I have an I-mate JAS JAR running WM 5.0 I have an account with Interbank FX. Does your : "Mobile Terminals" MT4 run on WM5, if not then when ???? Note pocket pc is not a PDA. Windows Mobile 5.0 = WM5 Please advise ...
Suddenly today I cannot connect and the status bar shows &quot;Invalid account&quot;. Does anybody else have the same problem?
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I dont know what happens, but this expert take million in forex markets in daily charts... use it . this experts works in mt3
During maintenance operations on our demo-server we have made rollback of users and orders bases to 3 o'clock by server time on March 29, 2006. We apologize for the inconveniences.
first post first program uses SAR in conjunction with 2 ma plus a candlestick signal ps how do you get better backtesting data am using mt4 with internbankfx and it only has data going back for euro usd. on 4hr period
Hello everyone. I am curious to know how all of you are doing in your trading regards to how many trades you take per day and how much is the pip profit you make on each trade e.g 10-20-30-40 ---100-100+ and what about swing trading is there any one who does swing trading and what should be the...
Guys, I need some help. Does anyone know how to create "custom symbols" in MQL4. or instance how to create a 'spread' symbol for the EURUSD and GBPUSD. Would also be useful for ratios. Occassionly, one can use such customised symbols to detect early signs of a price move of the actual traded...
In the documentation of ArrayCopySeries it sais: "There is no real memory allocation for data array and nothing is copied. When such an array is called, the access is redirected. Excluded are arrays that are assigned as indexed ones in custom indicators. In this case, data are really copied." Well...
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The function has been omitted in Build 188 (12 Jan 2006). Could it please be re-included in the library. Thanking you very much in advance. Take care.
Hi, I have a buffer which I created by a call to ArrayCopySeries in a custom indicator. It is declared as double buffer[]; I want to pass it to a dll but in the dll I get a null pointer. The function is declared as: in the custom indicator: #import "somedll.dll" double func(double...
This is a major element for meta4. How we can establish point and figure charts??? tks
Can someone PLEASE tell me where to find a full description of the MLQ4 programming language ? I have reade the online guide etc. but where can I find a desciption of the standard functions to SEND ORDERS etc. ? Thanks for any help.
Does anyone know if you can use tick data to back test on MT4, or if there is any way to get the modeling quality up to 100% Some versions of MT4 I've been able to get my Modeling Quality to say 90%, but never greater than that and now I can't even get it to say 90% anymore! Anyone know more about...
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Hello! Does someone have this indicator? Jackson Zones Best Regards Holger