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If I copy a signal which has 1:200 leverage, and my account has 1:500 leverage, if the master signal has a drawdown of 25%, will the drawdown on my account be 10%? Thanks
Hello, i need your help, i have created a Custom copied from an original one to get personnalised trading hours on the chart. i have created the custom session hours   But when i open the chart window, i still got the overnight bars on the chart. How should i do to display only the bars i need on...
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please help I want Exebert to delete all outstanding transactions just every day at 20hrs
Good day Wonderful traders, I would appreciate your assistance in this : I am building an EA, Inside of the EA, I am using 2 indicators but I want to make the indicators to appear on chart once I insert the EA. I also need assistance how to change the color on indicator displayed on the chart...
Payment for product 'ScalpelFractalAdaptiveMA' 1 month rent
Hello everyone! I'm trying to code a hedge position when the price goes against me certain amount of pips. I've tried two different ways, but I'm not achieving it in a right way. The first of them is opening a pending order when a position is open: void openTrade(int typeOfTrade)  {...
Is anyone with an indicator which draws or plots quarterly and/or half-yearly pivot points on the charts of MT5? It would greatly appreciated. I looked everywhere and could not find one. Thanks in advance.
There is so much garbage in the Market that it is difficult to identify reliable experts.  Have you found some experts that actually work?  If so, please share the names here:
This is the error code I get when I put my two expert advisors on the VPS.  The experts work fine on my desktop computer but when I put on vps I get that code for buy or sell.  Please help?
Hello everyone, I am looking for or want to create an indicator to have the variation of all forex pairs (grouped by currencies, for example, all crossed pairs with EUR and then all crossed with USD ...) in all TF. Can you help me ? Thank you guys
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  I need help finding an indicator that will give me a signal at the highest or lowest point. 
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Hello, I have developed an indicator that should change the color alternately with every candlestick, but the color remains the same all the time. I would be very grateful for any help....
Hello all anyone can tell me about Rent VPS  here i want to know VPS spec  and how to rent  HDD RAM CPU Thank you
I have done everything requested for accessing the EA after I paid $25 dollars to rent it. Looks like this is a MQL site issue because there is nothing left to do on my end.  Allen 
We continue to improve the personal messages system in, and now you can enable automatic removal of old messages in chats. All messages older than specified period will be deleted automatically. For this simply turn on the timer. If the timer is enabled only by one of the dialog...
Hi guys since a couple of days i have 2 of my Pairs are not updating anymore GBPAUD and GBPNZD.And all remaing Pairs are working properly .Any Advice ?? 
Searching high and low for a non broker connected version of MT4 . Supreme if possible . Metaquotes certainly seems to be of no help apart from blatentley misleading links . I as I'm sure many others don't want to be opening new windows just to change brokers . please help !!! 
Hi. I just wanna know is that possible to subscribe into a cent account signals whilst I have normal account with USD balance? Can they work together with the same performance as signal?
In order to mt5 be used at stock market, need a year chart.
New to using MT4 and I see a few of the indicators have the following checked on the indicator: Allow external expert inputs - Is this safe if it is checked ? Allow DLL imports -Is this safe if it is checked ? Thanks
Hi All, we are trying to create an EA using some strategy with Bollinger band indicator. we are showing up and down arrow on candle sticks when candle sticks values goes out of Bollinger band upper line. it is working correctly on most of the candle stick but on few candle sticks it is showing...
Hi,     I have been able to download in the past when I had just one broker. I set up a second broker for ECN scalping testing and broker testing, but every download went to that (new) MT4 platform (both brokers use their own version of MT4). I have then tried to delete testing (second) MT4 platform...
If we sell program on Market, does we should use MQL5 Cloud Protector before?  I know mql will automatically encrypts while uploading program.  But I want know, if we use it ,Is it safer more ?
I want to know how to bind programs to computers, like in the MQL5 market. Is it possible to use this Licennse_FUll function
Hi all! Pls advise me how i can download historical binary option quote data for long period like 1year, 2 year on MT4 binary option such as Go market, GDMFX? I tried to download but it was only shown short period history about 1 month on mt4 binary broker. On other forex broker still ok
hi, can anyone please advise of which of these indicators either free or paid one works real well? Thanks!
If you rent a vps, attach a ea and synchronize All then you log out and close mt4. If you launch it again and say you switch to a different accounts or remove EAs will these actions automatically replicate in the vps and affect the first status of the vps or does synchronization only happen when you...
Can someone help please? I've written the attached code but it looks back at the total trade history rather than the history since the EA was loaded. I need the EA to allow a trade but then close if the stop loss was triggered. Any help appreciated. for(int i = OrdersHistoryTotal()-1; i >= 0 ; i--)...
I know there are some websites that offer a way to add individual backtest made in Metatrader 4 and analyze as a portfolio. Is this possible to do it in Metatrader 5? As of my understanding, this is something MT5 is missing. I know Quant Analyzer, but it's pretty expensive, hope someone know a...
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Hi, My EAs do not have the option "FREE DEMO". in other words, buyer cannot test my EA for free for 1 month. Why that? thanks Davide