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  modelling Quality (11   1 2)
Hello What is  modelling Quality ? And how to make it 100%
has anyone figured out the smtp server address on the mt4? ive tried the and few other combinations but ain't working. Im trying to get text alert on my phone but this seems to be on the way. Any suggestion? cheers
how to copy trades from MT5 to MT4 account? MT5 to MT5 it seems to be working. But in MT4 I cannot find my signal by using MT4 "search" on the upper right corner. MT5 search works.
Dears, Hope you are doing well. I believe lots of people asked this question before, but i couldn't find any answer for it. I was using different platforms on my phone and i could get the difference between the total buy and sell but i couldn't find this feature in MT4 for mobile. you can have the...
I have lost the alerts bar at the bottom of the screen. How do I get it back?
Hi all, I am getting many alerts for the same trade... over and over again. Been happening for a while now? Anyone else had this before?  Anyway to fix it so it sends only one? Cheers Jonathan.
How can I shift my signal subscription as well as virtual hosting subscription to my current account to my other trading account?
Hi Been using mt4 App on phone for a few months - all ok. Last week I noticed it couldn't find 2 currency pairs when I searched for them - GBPCHF was one.  Today - I go on an open trade to try to close and it comes up with - invalid entry (as though I had put a sell entry on for a different pair) so...
How do I get rid of the numbered events that are shown atthe bottom of my charts, because they obscure tick volumes?
Hi everybody, some days ago i download an MT4 EA that seems to do this job : close the open position after a determinate number of seconds. I need this EA for my MT5 Account but i am not a programmer and i don't want to spend money because this is not a real EA, just a test that i would try to do....
can a standard account copy a Micro account signal using exactly the same Risk / Reward of the micro account , to have the exact ration , the Equity % to be used by the signal needs to be set to 1% while the minimum is 5 % , how to resolve thia 5 times Risk / Reward that must be taken to copy the...
Horizontal oscillator Is there an indicator that recognizes horizontal movement?
Unable to load EA2018.09.01 07:51:45.952 Unable to load 'C:\ Users \ admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ MetaQuotes \ Terminal \ 1DAFD9A7C67DC84FE37EAA1FC1E5CF75 \ MQL4 \ Experts \ Market \Scalper.ex4' 
  EA (3)
Hi, Could you please suggest the best EA ( fully automated robot ) for trading?
I can't add tools(objects) in strategy tester visual mode. Also when using indicators which are drawing objects that can be selected and edited in live charts - can't be selected and dragged or edited in strategy tester. All these things could be done in MT4 strategy tester,this is driving me mad :(...
Hi i wanna get X Y mouse move (On Tester), But not working with OnChartEvent() ,which function is useful Or Import Dll?
We are glad to announce that the website will soon feature even more interesting trading topics since the well-known trader's portal is migrating to it. The merging of the two popular communities will provide a synergistic effect and benefit all traders as all necessary...
how can i get my own data feed
What is the best way to make back test 99%
Hello -- I´m an absolute newbie for MT4/5 and an oldie for software. My "oldie" is years of experience and (let´s say) Visual Studio VC++ 2017. I´d love to gain access to functioning MT5 code that would allow me to interface my VC++ code to MT5 for just simple stuff -- Buys and Sells, nothing more....
I can not see Historical center, I have a demo account. Any idea what it could be ?
I have posted this issue before to the forum, but nobody give me any feedback. Probably because I didn't expose the issue in a way right. When you start to deal with classes, it's common to have conflicts in the class names like CParam or CManager. It's not difficult do have many modules of a...
hello  Can anybody tell me this work could be done ? i  want to import a series of classes and functions into mql5 or mql4 programming how could i write *.mqh files so i can call functions from *.DLL ? a simply example of  a class  can be very useful. tnx
Does anyone know how I can attach a MS Word or PDF for the description with pictures for a Job description . I tried using screen snap shot, but the graphs are very Fuzzy.
Hi In mal5, who can I make the bars vanish so that I have all the room to put buttons, text boxes and labels? It needs to be in such a way so that dragging the chart or price does not change the appearance. I remember in mt4, some settings with chart Properties > and play around with the color and...
  VPS Hosting (4)
Hi, I would like to inquire whether your MQL VPS may now trade and allow EA which has external webistes "Allow WebRequest" options such as  "", ""? I am asking so because I would like to purchase an EA that is sensitive to news. Please...
doing a back test, everytime it forgets the typed initial deposit and it sets 5000.
Basically I want to expose that mt5 performs backtest that is a disaster, here they have it MT5 has historical data errors... just check the data where the losses are.  You will see strange things :-)
Can anyone tell me how to activate the expert every tick function, in the mql5 expert advisor wizard?