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Hello. In some cases, a negative balance (loss) may occur on trading accounts, I had it once when I opened a deal with a very large volume and got into a strong gap. The question is whose loss is it: a client, a broker or a broker's liquidity provider
Hello, Could someone enlight me over a following matter: I have tried to copy a paid signal signal from the mq website and and it says "start copying in Metatrader" but it does not make any connection with my MT4 real account application. When I tried to make a subcription for signal from MT app, I
How to install the EA advisor to my mt5 chart. Pls new i promise
Dears, I am a newbie in MT4 and trading too. I would like to know if there is a way (I hope an easy way) to customize the terminal window. For instance, using MT on Android Profit & Loss are displayed in red and cyan. How to do the same on PC? It would be very helpful when severals items are listed
Hallo; My EA used on VPS do not send notification. After I use for example command SendNotification("Spr"); I obtain: 2019.09.18 09:52:27.197 Notifications: failed send request [0] failed. 2019.09.18 09:52:27.197 Notifications: 'Spr' not sent to '.........'. On local terminal
I would like to know what is difference between 4 digit broker and 5 digit broker and also give your views which broker is good 4 digit or 5 digit?
The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, December the 13th, 2019. The update features important additions and fixes based on the feedback we have received after the previous MetaTrader 5 build 2265 major update: Terminal: Fixed a bug which caused inability to delete an Expert
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen I don't know why my vps rental from mql5 place order without ea. How do I resolve this problem. If I put my EA into chart. I will have these order and new order from new ea too. I don't understand. Give me right way please. Thank you so much
  USD/JPY Analysis (981   1 2 3 4 5 ... 98 99)
Well, the asset moves as I’ve predicted. I think that I can earn even more on USD/JPY! Definitely, the show must go on =) 
Hi everybody Is it possible to add a custom pair among the symbols which does not exist among the available pairs? MT5 user. Cheers
I am developing an EA that plots a moving average along with another indicator in a separate window. When I place it on the chart it is correct, but on the backtest the moving average is shown on the main chart. Are there any ways to change that? I want the moving average to be shown in the same
Is it possible to get a refund of a purchased robot and not used yet
Hi all I want to make a panel which has ability to show the list of all open charts and open positions which let me navigate through them by clicking the list items. How can I do that easily
There is too large jumps in the y-axis zoom in/out! For example Metastock, Amibroker, Tradestation, Advanced Get, have much smaller steps. It would be a huge improvement in Metatrader if the zoom in/out steps were much smaller. Best would of course be if the zoom function is stepless. Then the user...
Hi. Can anyone assist? I do not have securities like gold and brent crude as standard on my MT5 trading platform
Hello I now have set up and already had a few 'passes' on my contribution the MQ Cloud The question I have is what do the orange and green bars mean on the attached chart (taken from MQ4 stats page)? I'm trying to understand how busy my 'server/s' may be in the coming weeks / months Many thanks in
Would anyone know why I don't see Tick data suite anymore in MT4? I can access both Tick data manager and MT4 fine but don't see Tick data suite in MT4 anymore. Thanks
I programmed a trading expert who works great on backtest But when placed on a server that is not at a high speed, it is normal and does not perform some commands sometimes Once the matter is executed and once not
I need to add on my EAs, internal SLs so they don't appear on chart or with broker. Is anyone here who can fix it
Hi, I need a MQ4 to MQ5 Converter, anyone have? Been looking for this since two days now... Want to test a strategy on MT5 Multi threaded strategy tester, thanks everyone..
Hello traders I am new to MT4, so far going good. Having problem as stated in subject. Pl help with a solution or direct me to any existing thread. Thanks in advance. Rgds
Hello, How can I contact a modetor to complaint against a user that is sending me injuries with private messages? Kindly tell me how, or should I make a denounce to local authorities
  Index buffers (3)
Are numbers of index buffers created with SetIndexBuffer() same for whole Chart? For example if I have Indicator 1 and Indicator 2 and they both set index buffer 17 they both share this same memory
I am sort of getting tired of having to apply my custom template to each chart each time I start the program. Is there a way to set a custom template to be the default? Another poster here said to just save the template with the name "default", but that doesn't work. It's just a different name,...
i have been connected on mql5 servers for 2 years now , today my mt4 platform is having A FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER ERROR. see screenshot below
Can not figure out what is the difference in MT4/Mt5 chart properties colors tab. Seems to me that colors for bear candle bull candle have no effect. Please enlightened me
This may sound like a stupid question, but what is the definition of a good strategy? The ultimate fantasy would be a strategy trades at a massive Profit Factor, with almost 0 drawdown, that has many trades, and works on all Forex pairs on multiple timeframes. But is that realistic? I have found
Hey all! How to answer politely to the "I give you my strategy for free, you code it for free"? I just want to hear some opinions about coding EAs and well, I do understand why a straight no is the answer to a proposal like that from a "client". You can't ask for a free meal at a restaurant just
Dear Trader I am trying to find one correct word to describe the fractal propertyof Elliott Wave or something like "Smaller patterns inside bigger pattern". Ideally, smaller patterns can be identified within bigger patterns. In this sense, Elliott Waves are like a piece of broccoli, where the
my money has been locked because my wallet does not ready last time 11:20 but now it is ok, so mql5 still locked my money. and I was asked on service desk but no one reply 11:21 plz check for me