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I have noticed that the MT4 can manually insert objects and plot object trend lines (ray option) into the future (-i) bar and can open "Pending Orders" However, unless I am missing something, the MT4 has no ability to read "ray" value at the future time Time(-i). It would be good idea if you would...
Renko_v1 indicator.
Logic Statement Check: ma3_0 = iMAEx(27,MODE_LWMA,0,PRICE_LOW,0); If Close[1] < ma3_0 then . . . Question: is Close[1] proper in this statement??
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The are a lot of envelope's EAs. Please find an other one. You may use this EA with eurusd m5. Settings are attached in zip file.
Hi, I have a custom moving averages indicator but it doesnt have the 'levels' option which i use. What i need is one with levels or the code for that option, also the ability to shade the area between the two levels so that it forms a shaded band across my charts. Please help me with this if you...
I've just updated to the latest version now when I try to open MT4 I get an error starting progam, box comes up that says A required.DLL file.PSAPI.DLL was not found I can't open the software. I updated two versions and the same thing has happened on both.
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Please can you tell me if its possible to add a stochastic on the price window instead of a separate data window in MT4. I've dragged it onto the main chart but it reverts to another window. Also is the standard stochastic a slow stochastic or do I need to download one from somewhere?...
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If I have two or more positions open in the same time. How to close them all whith a single click on the mouse. Or do I have to close them one and one? With for instance &quot;grid trading&quot; it is important that it is possible to close all in the same time.
Firebird document. Some explanation about firebird EA (see download area).
David C. Stendahl. The Volatility Index.
You may close all the orders on selected time.
Hi, I wish to shade the area inbetween the two outer bands of the bollinger indicator to use it like the cloud of an Ichimoku. Could you write the code for this histogram type shading, I have the Bollinger code already but do not know how to write this. Many thanks, Napeharm
Mostly it uses in Firebird EA (see respective area to download). But it is very good indicator to use in any other systems.
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I have some funny idea. Do you know that many forex teams from many countries tried to develop the zigzag system? Yes, it is the true. But everybody knows that indicator (zigzag) can not be usable for the forex at all. So, What did they develop in this case? Next week we will start to develope our...
Hello, Does anyone know how I could, from the expert advisor code, stop a backtest that has reached a certain criterion? Any help would be welcome. Regards, Hugh
Hi, I spend some time to setup chart goups with the indicators and saved them into profiles. It worked for me just fine until one day I am getting my profiles with "waiting for update" messages. I have tried all I know like deleting some ini files and some other commonly known tricks to fix it. No...
hello, I would like to "expand" the historical data by the "import" feature but i wanna to clarify some points before doing so: 1. if there's some "overlapping" periods in the current data and the file to import , will it produce error ? or which part will be covered ? e.g. current history :...
Please can anybody comment on this system? Bars in test 4289 Ticks modelled 87547 Modelling quality 90.00% Initial deposit 10000.00 Total net profit 34679.50 Gross profit 150697.50 Gross loss -116018.00 Profit factor 1.30 Expected payoff 37.45 Absolute drawdown 5399.00 Maximal drawdown...
Hi, I have tried using the following step below but there isn't any LGD (London Gold). Kindly advise. Thanks. &quot;File -&gt; New Chart -&gt; Forex -&gt; Gold&quot;
Hi everybody, I 'am a new user of Metaquote, so I want to know : How I can to create a expert-advisors with the indicator TRIX? The idea is go Buy when the Trix go upwards and cross-up the Signal line, and go Sell when the Trix go downwards and cross-down the Signal line. Here I include my firts...
Modifications include: 1.) allow for trading on multiple pairs/charts in same account 2.) User Variable TimeBegin & TimeEnd for (re)placing stop orders 3.) User Variable TimeDelete for deleting unexecuted orders at end of trading day. on 5m GBPUSD data from 8/30/04 & 1m GBPUSD data from 6/16/04...
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I tested MC v058. It generated a lot of orders and margin are going to be zero. I think the broker will close those orders (because if margin).
Hi gurus I am new to MT4 and I really like the exportable historical data. However, I can't seem to find a way to do it in an automatic way via script or function. Can this actually be done or not ? Thanks SD
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Poundsterling now si going down.......!!!!!!1 but i think poundsterling is to be bought at 1.7250.... it is time to make alot of money
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How i can change sounds on experts alerts and/or indicators alerts??? mny tks
hi, why is possible Daily AccountProfit Limit in MQL ? if(AccountProfit()&gt;=DailyPipLimit) return(0);
Found at An article discussing: 1. How to create MTS that uses Neural Networks. What to use as inputs, how to avoid pitfalls. 2. How to export the (resulting) NN to MetaTrader script. I have tried an example script they provided (at the very end of the...
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Firebird seems to be the hot new "EA of the moment" over in the Yahoo group. Anyone have any experience with it or do any testing?
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Very interesting EA For more imformation regarding divergence style go to: